Who are We Here at ItsOnlyCricket.com?

ItsOnlyCricket.com is for everyone interested in this amazing sport. We launched the website in early 2021 and for now we are focusing on the basics of cricket, such as game rules and explanations. So if you are a newbie you will most definitely enjoy ItsOnlyCricket. Our resident writer, Matt Harris is not only an avid cricket fan but was also an active cricketer who has taken ECB recognised umpiring and scoring exams. We think this is quite a reason to follow us! Thank you for your visit and enjoy the content.

Rules of Cricket

Understand the famously intricate Laws of Cricket, all the rules and standards that make the sport both fair and challenging.

Cricket Guide

We tested and reviewed the best cricket gear and accessories to help you how to choose the equipment you need.


Find all the cricket skills and techniques broken into phases that are easy to follow. Improve your shots and deliveries with targeted drills and training.

Professional Cricket

Stats and records of the best international cricket players with a hint of cricket history.

Cricket Match At Hove Cricket Ground

Hove Cricket Ground

An attractive cricket ground located near the seaside resort of Brighton, Hove is the current…

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Cricket Betting

Take your chances, but first familiarize yourself with the world of cricket betting.

Cricket Fun

The world of cricket is wide and full of fun possibilities. Games, books and movies and all you didn’t know you wanted to know about your favorite cricketers…