Best of Cricket Games Ever Played

Digital gaming has been the root cause for sports to make its base in the Esports market and ever since their arrival, it has been a huge success. Numerous sports have made it to the big leagues including our beloved sport, Cricket.The game has been around since the 16th century and ever since its leap in digital streaming, it has helped connect a lot of cricket fans to a lifelike experience of what it’s like to be playing out there.

From kids to adults, on a regular basis, they’d all play cricket as & when they got to march downstairs with a bat and ball in hand. However, the pandemic had different plans for them as not only did they not get to play but couldn’t enjoy the live action. In this duration, the ever existing cricketing games took a huge gain of traffic as everyone resorted to being in touch with the crazy cricket fanatic inside them by playing these games all day. With that being said, here are the best cricket games ever played across all the platforms available to a gamer.

Ashes Cricket

As the name beautifully suggests, it is the officially licensed video game of one of the biggest rivalries to have ever existed in the history of the game, England versus Australia. It is one of the finest games developed by Big Ant Studios and is one of the best cricket games of all time. Thanks to its mind blowing photogrammetry technology, you get lifelike Australia and England’s men’s and women’s teams and a cricketing experience like never before.


The game allows you to bat with a 360-degree view so you can enjoy every angle of the ball you just smashed right out of the park. You also have the option to start as a rookie in the deep career mode and lead yourself from club level to international level cricket.

It also has the officially licensed stadiums of the 2017/18 ashes tour. You get to create your own stadium, logos and when it comes to battle it out, you can play with or against players in one of the most competitive cricket games yet. This game gives you the lifelike experience as if you were out in the middle playing it out for yourself.

Big Bash Boom

The Big Bash League is not only the domestic league of Australia but also one of the biggest Twenty20 tournaments to have ever existed. Big Bash Cricket is a representation of the league in the form of a cricket game which is developed by Big Ant Studios in collaboration with Cricket Australia.

You can play with your favourite BBL or WBBL teams with even the club mascots putting up a little show for you as you progress through your game. The most exciting thing about the game is the powerups. There are hilarious items that are to be earned to bling out your team and give a tough look in the eyes of the competitor.

Right from batting with a potato as the ball to obtaining a power up that shrinks your bat to the size of the stump, Big Bash Cricket has you all covered for the excitement. The game is available on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox etc.

Shane Warne Cricket

Originally known as Brian Lara Cricket, the 1998 Playstation and PC cricket game was released as Shane Warne Cricket in Australia and New Zealand, endorsed by the legendary Brian Lara. The game has several game modes which include quick match, World Cup, world series, knockout tournament etc. and plenty more. It allows you to play against an opponent or computer as per your comfort and entertains you with commentary as you play your game.

You are allowed to pick from the Nine test playing nations at that time. However, six associate teams are also available at your disposal but only in the World Cup mode. The game can also archive data and progress of up to 20 players and record certain records for both the formats of the game. On top of that, net practice is also accessible in the game.

Don Bradman Cricket 17

Don Bradman Cricket 17 is one of the best cricket games ever played. As the name suggests, the game resembles one of the finest batsmen in the history of cricket, Sir Don Bradman of Australia and the title of the game rightfully does justice to the marvellous features it beholds for the gamers.

You can bat like a professional with the help of the new additional cricket shots like Helicopter shot, scoop and reverse sweeps. You can either start as a rookie or a seasoned pro in the deep career mode in the game that also offers motion captured first-class and female cricketers for the first time ever in all cricket modes. You are even allowed to download and play from one too many communities created players, umpires, teams, stadiums etc. Don Bradman Cricket offers you the best cricket simulation experience ever. With a minimum of 4GB RAM and 11 GB space with an i5 processor, you are good to go.

Real Cricket 20

Sanjay Manjrekar brings to you in his own voice, a wide array of commentary packs when the gamers choose Real Cricket 20. Real Cricket 20 is among the best cricket games ever played especially when you can not only play against opponents and your friends but also spectate by streaming your friend’s live matches in any of the multiplayer modes.

You also have certain additional features such as women’s commentary, player auctions for RCPL, authentic stadiums to play in, several competitive tournaments, etc. You have the likes of hotspot and snickometer that makes gaming more realistic for you while also the availability of Pro Cam that allows you to play from the eyes of the batsman while you experience a fiery delivery coming at 90mph at you. Real Cricket 20 provides you with exquisite cricket simulation.


Cricket Captain 2020

Cricket Captain 2020 is your go to game if live cricketing action is what you have been missing out on. There has been a new tournament added to the game which is the 100-ball competition of England. The game also has an updated database of over 7000 players (including all the legendary international players). The introduction of the Rain delay and DLS method has been brought into light in order to calculate run-chase targets.

You can access current and previous competition stats alongside playing in the tournament mode and also reliving historic scenarios of the past in the history of the game. It has made several enhancements to its match engine and has made heaps of improvements to the weather simulation of all the match types. This game could be yours with just the requirement of IOS 8.0 and later.


The above mentioned are the best cricket games to have ever been played across several gaming platforms and to all the cricket fans and lovers, these are your go to games. This article has been put up to provide all you gamers out there or fans who are just starting out to play cricket games, with the information, to make your best pick and enjoy exhilarating cricketing action digitally.