Cricket Gift Ideas for a Cricket Fan

It can be a very trying task to choose a gift for your near and dear ones, especially when you really want it to be very special. And what if the person is a cricket fan? And what if you know little about Cricket? This article is aimed at overcoming this struggle to a great extent.

List of Cricket Related Presents – What to Get Someone that Likes Cricket?

For someone passionate about cricket, a gift related to cricket will hold a special and long-lasting impression. Let’s explore various cricket gift ideas here.

1. Cricket Beginner’s Set

A cricket set is always a perfect gift for any cricket lover. If you are looking for a gift for a kid who loves cricket, you can go for a Cricket Beginner’s Set such as Gunn & Moore GM Diamond Cricket Set. Such a set comes with a bat, bowl and stumps.

The cricket set designed for beginners includes GM’s cricket bat, a soft Tennis/Cricket ball, 4 stumps and a bail along with a durable bag to carry the set. It’s an excellent choice for young cricketers starting their journey in the sport. This range of products is endorsed by England’s star All Rounder and World Cup Winner – Ben Stokes. You need to be careful though and not use hard cricket balls with the set, and only use the ball provided with it.

2. Cricket Book

They say books are our best friends. So, what’s better than a Cricket Book to gift a true follower of the sport? A cricket book can some useful information about the sport, tips and guidance to improve your game.

We recommend this book named “Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Your Game”. This is an apt choice to gift a teenager or an adult cricketer who is trying to learn cricket and seek useful tips. It covers all three aspects of the game – batting, bowling and fielding. In this book, you can read comments from Merv Hughes, Brad Hodge, Cameron White, David Hussey, Belinda Clark and other great players.

3. Cricket Socks

Cricket Socks can be an excellent gift to a cricket lover for any occasion. If you want to give cricket related gifts on Christmas or any other occasion, you can go for Cricket socks. You can gift this item even when you just want to express how much you care.

For your reference, you can buy these Cricket Lover Socks. It comes with 2 pairs of unisex socks made of 77% Combed cotton, 20% cotton fibre, and 3 % Spandex. It’s a perfect pair of socks that comes in one size which fits most people. And at the bottom of the socks, you can see a cool phrase – “I’d Rather Be Playing Cricket”.

4. Cricket Ball

A cricket ball is always a great choice for gifting anyone who plays or follows cricket. It’s also largely useful when it comes to spending time with limited players as they can try simple or high throwing as well as catching practice. One can also place the ball in a sock and hang it with a string to practice various strokes.

We recommend Cricnix Gold Red Leather Cricket Ball for practising and training. It’s an apt choice for net practice, and for women and junior cricket. This ball is made with two-piece good-quality leather. Made in Pakistan, it has a 14-day money-back policy as well.

5. Cricket Cap

A cricket cap is one of the coolest gift ideas you can try. As cricket is an outdoor game ensure that it’s made from sweat-wicking fabric for more comfort during play. Caps are always very useful gifts for cricket lovers. Passionate cricket fans also prefer to wear cricket caps while watching matches.

KD Sports’ Cricket India Cap is one such cool cap available in the market. Along with the stylish look, its sweat soaking fabric gives comfort during long matches under the sun.

6. Cricket Wall Clock

Wall clocks do not fit in the list of common cricket gift ideas, but that’s exactly what makes it a unique idea. A customized wall clock made specifically for cricket is an excellent gift option for cricket enthusiasts.

Lepri4ok brand’s Cricket Vinyl Record Wall Clock can be presented on any occasion. It’s a great gift to enhance the home decor with this clock which is made out of vintage music vinyl records. So with this cricket gift, you will also get a wall decor that comes with a history.

7. Cricket Cufflinks

Another gift idea for a cricket lover is Cufflinks. Though, it’s primarily meant for adults and those who love to flaunt styles. Cricket cufflinks come with the design related to cricket equipment, a batter or a bowler.

MRCUFF’s pair of cricket cufflinks showing a batter bat is a highly recommended gift item for the groom, father, husband, boyfriend or boss. It’s a perfect cricket gift idea for weddings. It blends well with formal or business attire. It comes in a hard presentation box and includes a microfiber polishing cloth.

8. Cricket T-shirt

Among this list of cricket related presents, a cricket t-shirt is the most common, most desired and easy-to-get gift item. Such jerseys may come with printed country names and cricketer’s jersey numbers too to show support to your team and your most-loved player.

We suggest KD’s Cricket T-shirt – World Cup 2021 Supporter jersey, which can have a customized name and number. Uniforms of all the international cricket teams are available. It has Dri-Max 100 per cent Polyester for better moisture-wicking. Its Poly-Mesh Material also allows faster cooling and easy breathing.

9. Cricket Mug

The simplest yet most suited cricket gifts are cricket mugs. To the one you gift, his or her everyday breakfast would turn into a cheerful experience as it would highlight their interest in the game. Such cups can be customized, to have a photo, a quote or a funny phrase.

Explore this cricket mug gift item from the Q.PaddyShops brand. It looks like an ideal choice to gift to a husband, boyfriend or father. The quote on this cup just emphasizes one’s passion for the game of cricket. The mug has a capacity of 11 ounces. It’s microwave-safe and suitable for both machine and handwash.

10. Cricket Art

You can get a variety of themes and styles in cricket art, and it can be gifted to a true cricket lover who is also an art appreciator. It’s a kind of gift that enhances the recipient’s home decor.

One such gift option is Cricket Player Watercolor Wall Art which shows a male batter playing his shot. There are other themes and styles available too. The art is 12*15 inches in size, framed and ready to hang. Made with good quality colours, it’s a very nice gift option for parents, friends, relatives, colleagues, partners, neighbours and children.

11. Cricket Sticker Book

A cricket sticker book is a very nice way of introducing younger kids to various aspects of cricket like rules, fielding positions etc. It’s a brilliant gift choice for the kids who are learning or just started getting familiar with cricket.

This Cricket Sticker Book comes with 450 stickers and pages on the rules of cricket. Younger cricket fans would love to dress the bowlers, batsmen and fielders in their cricket gear, and organize them on the field. All this can be done with this cricket sticker book. It’s a perfect combination of learning and fun.

12. Cricket DVDs

For a true cricket lover, who does not even skip matches highlights, or is passionate about historic cricketers and their records, a set of Cricket DVDs can be an excellent choice.

We recommend this Legends of Cricket Box Set that comes with 7 DVDs about 50 Greatest Cricketers. You can find 100 minutes of recording in the first DVD related to Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Garfield Sobers, Sir Vivian Richards and Shane Warne.

In the second DVD, Sachin Tendulkar and Imran Khan are highlighted. Contents on Sunil Gavaskar can be seen in the third DVD, while Graeme Pollock and Malcolm Marshall are part of the fourth DVD. Greg Chappell and Sir Frank Worrell made it into the fifth DVD. Sixth media features Wasim Akram, Kapil Dev, and Steve Waugh. Allan Border and other legendary cricketers are highlighted in the last.

13. Cricket Flashing Stumps Kit

Cricket Flashing Stumps Kit

Flashing cricket stumps can be gifted to your friends, kids, and family to make their game more thrilling. An ideal cricket gift, this set comes in bright colours with sparkling stumps and bails. It is suitable for age groups 5 to 14 years as well as for adults and seniors.

Check out this Proto’s Flashing Stumps Kit, which is an ideal replacement for traditional cricket stumps due to its illumination and special battery mechanism. The stumps have unique LED lights which are powered by hidden low voltage batteries, and they light up as the ball hits the stumps.

14. Cricket Refrigerator Magnet

If you wish to give someone memorabilia related to cricket, a cricket refrigerator magnet is a very good option. You can try such refrigerator magnets from Makoroni – on which it’s written – EAT SLEEP CRICKET. It can be used on Refrigerators, Locker, Cubicles, Tool Boxes and many other places. These cricket memorabilia are perfect gifts for passionate cricket followers. Makoroni’s novelty magnet is made with fine quality ink colours and the graphics are made from weather and water protective materials, making it a unique gift for men, women, and students.

15. Test Cricket Pocket Sports Game

There is one more in this list of cricket related presents – Test Cricket Pocket Sports Game. Such a sports game offers the thrill of Test Cricket. In this game, there are 8 custom dice. Two dice are for pace bowling and spin bowling. Two dice are meant for batting styles, 1 each for fielding, running, umpiring and the DRS (Decision Review System).

Enjoy the heat of Test Cricket as you make the effort to get your man out! With the package containing 8 custom dice, experience two bowling styles (pace and spin), two batting styles, fielding, runs, umpire and the new DRS die.


The gift ideas are endless. But now you must have got sufficient insights into the possible cricket related presents, including some of the most suited and best-in-market gifts or memorabilia. Hopefully, you will be able buy exceptional cricket gift for your special ones, with ease.