Top 10 Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram

It’s a powerful social media tool but which cricketers have harnessed Instagram the best? Here is a round up of the players with the most followers.

Who is the Most Followed Cricketer on Instagram?

As of October 2022, India’s Virat Kohli is the player with the most followers on Instagram. The former captain of the national team is at the very top with an incredible 217 million followers.

Cricket fans all over the world have helped to put Virat at the very top of the list.

10 Most Followed Cricketers on Instagram

Virat Kohli – 217M followers

When you look at how far away the other players are, it puts Virat Kohli’s achievements into some context. 217 million followers on Instagram is a scarcely believable number, and it is made up from supporters of India, Royal Challengers Bangalore and cricket in general.

He’s not just there on reputation alone: Virat provides an entertaining and active account with lots of updates.


MS Dhoni – 39.6M followers

India’s inspirational leader for many years, MS Dhoni finds himself in second place on this list. He’s a long way behind Virat Kohli, but 39.6 million followers is a significant amount by anyone’s standards.

He’s recently retired from international cricket, but he remained active in the IPL as of 2022. Dhoni’s legion of Chennai Super Kings fans have helped to boost his numbers.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni, 2007, T20 World Cup

Sachin Tendulkar – 36.3M followers

He may have retired from the game but the great Sachin Tendulkar still maintains a healthy Instagram account. That’s not exactly a shock considering his brilliant career which featured 200 test matches and no fewer than 100 international centuries in all formats.

In fact, the only real surprise here is that Sachin’s number of 36.3 million followers isn’t even bigger.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar

Rohit Sharma – 25.4M followers

The new captain of India has some work to do if he is to catch up with his predecessor Virat Kohli. Despite the difference between the two, Rohit Sharma’s list of 25.4 million followers on Instagram is still an impressive figure.

While he’s still involved in cricket, Rohit’s figures should continue to climb. He is, however, at the veteran stages of his career and time is running out if he wants to catch those at the top.

ENGLAND - June 15 2013 - Rohit Sharma
EDGBASTON, ENGLAND – June 15 2013: India’s Rohit Sharma batting during the ICC Champions Trophy cricket match between India and Pakistan at Edgbaston Cricket Ground.

Hardik Pandya – 23.4M followers

In contrast to his international captain, all rounder Hardik Pandya’s India career should now be at its peak. After a spell out of the national set up, he rediscovered his form while leading Gujarat Titans to their first win in the 2022 IPL.

Based on that victory, Hardik Pandya’s list of Instagram followers has swelled to 23.4 million and there’s plenty of time to add more.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya

Suresh Raina – 21.5M followers

A team mate of MS Dhoni at CSK for many years, Suresh Raina was an important member of the team. While his colleagues may have enjoyed a higher profile, Raina went quietly about his job.

The left hander was a big accumulator of runs and was also one of the best fielders in the IPL. He may have headed towards retirement but that list of 21.5 million Instagram followers underlines his popularity.

Suresh Raina
Suresh Raina

AB De Villiers – 19.2M followers

While he may be the only player from outside of the country to feature on this list, AB De Villiers is fondly remembered in India as a key player for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

He’s popular all over the world, but there’s no doubt that his performances for RCB have helped to boost his Instagram following to 19.2 million.

AB de Villiers

Yuvraj Singh – 15.4M followers

Yuvraj Singh was a key all rounder for India for many years. He achieved global notoriety when he hit Stuart Broad for six sixes in an over during a T20 international.

Yuvi could sometimes be a controversial figure but, in terms of social media, that isn’t always a bad thing. It would have certainly helped to build his Instagram following up to an impressive total of 15.4 million.

Yuvraj Singh

KL Rahul – 13.2M followers

There’s been a battle to become India’s recognised opener in all three formats and KL Rahul appears to be winning it. After a period of injury, Rahul is back in the squad and looking to stay there.

He has 13.2 million Instagram followers at the time of writing, but he’s another player with time to add to his list.

KL Rahul
KL Rahul

Shikhar Dhawan – 11.5M followers

Shikhar Dhawan can still be effective in limited overs cricket. His time as an Indian international may be coming to an end, but he will likely play in the IPL for many years to come.

As a powerful and stylish opening batter, Dhawan has a following beyond India, and that’s helped to boost his Instagram following to 11.5 million.

Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan


I’m not surprised to see Indian players dominate this list. The fans inside the country are fanatical about their cricket and the best players are treated as true heroes.

Social media platforms are also huge in India as followers are keen to interact with the latest posts. As with all round ups of this kind, it will also be interesting to see how the numbers build and whether any players can break into this list moving forward.