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How to Bet on Cricket – Strategies for Beginners

Cricket has always been a popular sport to bet on, but its recent rise in popularity has increased the number of options. With bigger competitions appearing across the world, there are more cricket markets available now than ever before.

This guide will explain the most common cricket betting options while listing some strategies that can be applied.

What type of bets can you make on cricket?

From the toss of the coin to the final ball, cricket offers a plethora of betting opportunities. Delve into the diverse world of cricket wagers and discover the bets that best suit your style.

Match Winner Bet

The most popular type of cricket bet. Here, we are looking at the two teams in contention, and deciding on which of them will win.

Tied Match Bet

In test and other forms of first-class cricket, it is also possible to bet on the draw. In limited overs matches, some bookmakers will offer an option to bet on a tied match.

Total Runs Bet

Total runs markets can usually be found for any format of cricket. There could be options for each team, or there could be a market for the total combined runs in a match. Bookmakers will list a number of lines, and it’s up to the bettor to stake Over or Under one of the lines.

Top Batter Bet

This is one of the most popular side bets. Bookmakers will list all of the batters in a side, and the customer decides which of them will score the most runs in the innings. In the event of a tie, dead heat rules will apply.

Top Bowler Bet

Similarly to the top batter market, the task here is to decide which of the bowlers in a team will return the best figures. Ties are rarer for this bet, but dead heat rules can apply here too.

Team of Top Batter Bet

This is a market to decide which of the two teams will produce the highest scoring batter in the match.

Team of Top Bowler Bet

A market to decide which team will provide the player with the best bowling figures.

Player of the Match Bet

In the bigger games of cricket, there will be an award for the Player of the Match. It’s decided by an independent panel, and it goes to the player who makes the biggest contribution in the game.

For those matches, the best cricket bookmakers will have a market for the Player of the Match.

Century in the Match Bet – Yes or No

This is a market that generally only appears in limited overs matches. It asks whether or not any batter from either side will score a century in the game. There will be two options to consider – yes or no.

To Win the Toss Bet

Most sportsbooks will list a market based on which team wins the toss. It’s a 50/50 call on the pitch, and it’s over to the bettor to pick between the two sides.

Most Sixes Bet

This is a market for the team to hit the most sixes in the game. The two teams will be listed and there should also be a third option for the tie.

Most Fours Bet

Similar to the above market, there will often be a most fours option for the big limited overs matches. The two teams will be listed along with the third market for a tie.

Total Sixes Bet

Markets are usually in place for the total sixes hit during a game. The bookmakers will publish a set of lines, and the customer can decide whether to go Over or Under one of those lines. A separate Total Fours bet may also appear.

Futures Markets Bet

For the big tournaments such as the World Cup and the IPL, there will be markets available for the teams in contention. The bettor looks to predict which sides will win.

There may well be other markets too, but these can be obscure and a little ‘niche.’ The above bets are the most common cricket betting options, and the ones that you will see most often.

cricket betting options

How do you read the odds in cricket?

Odds tell us two things about the betting market that we are considering. They underline who are the favourites and the underdogs, and they also tell us what we will be paid if our bet wins.

There are three odds formats:

● Fractional
● Decimal
● Moneyline (also known as American odds)

We’ll use fractional odds for this example.

Let’s say that Sri Lanka are playing England in a One Day International, and Sri Lanka are priced at 3/1 to win the game. When we compare this with England’s odds, this will also tell us that Sri Lanka are the outsiders here.

The figure of 3/1 also tells us how much we stand to win. In this example, the bettor needs to stake one unit to win seven units. So, if they stake £10 and the bet wins, this calculation takes place.

£10 x 7 = £70

The bettor also receives their stake back, so the total return is £80.

In England’s case, the price may be an odds on figure – we’ll use odds of 1/2 in this example.

The bettor now needs to stake two units in order to win one unit. With £20 as a stake we win £10, and our stake is returned, so we have an overall profit.

There will be many different figures shown across the cricket betting markets, but these calculations can be applied to each one.

Decimal Odds

It is much easier to read decimal odds. The equivalent price for Sri Lanka in the above match would be 4.0. All we have to do is multiply our stake by 4 so, if we bet £1, we receive:

4 x £1 = £4

That’s a £3 profit plus our stake returned.

Decimals may not always be shown as whole numbers, but the calculations remain straightforward. For example, odds of 4.2 mean that £4.2 will be returned for every £1 staked if the bet wins.

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds work slightly differently, as these can be shown as + or – figures. If a set of odds has the minus sign in front of it, this is the amount that we need to stake in order to win £100, if the best is successful.

Therefore, if the odds are set at -110, we bet £110 to win £100

If the odds have a plus sign in front of them, this is the amount we stand to win if we bet £100.

So, odds of +200 will return £200 for a £100 stake if the bet wins.

Of course, you can bet much smaller sums and work out the calculations accordingly. The figures are for illustrative purposes only.

How to place a bet on cricket

If you already have an account with a bookmaker, you can log in and complete this process. If not, simply follow the registration procedure, make your opening deposit, and you can proceed with these steps.

Step 1: Find the cricket section

Most bookies have their sports listed in an A-Z format. The cricket section should be easy to locate.

Step 2: Find the match you wish to bet on

The most popular, big games will be listed near the top of the cricket section. Simply scroll through until you find your preferred match.

Step 3: Click on the Odds

Each possible outcome will have a set of odds next to it. Click on the market that you wish to bet on, and a virtual betslip will open.

Step 4: Enter your Stake

Enter the amount you wish to bet: E.G. £10

Step 5: Check and Confirm

Check your betslip to see that everything is OK. Your outlay will be shown, along with your return should the bet win. If you’re happy with everything, click to confirm and the bet is placed.

Cricket Tournaments, Leagues and Competitions you can Bet on

The increased interest in cricket as a sport has given us more competitions in recent years. T20 cricket has revolutionized the game, and the biggest tournament in this format is the Indian Premier League.

The IPL began in 2008, and it now attracts the top players across two months of competition. Other major T20 competitions include the Pakistan Super League, Australia’s Big Bash, the Caribbean Premier League and the Vitality Blast in England.

Cricket has World Cups in each of the limited overs formats, and these are exceptionally popular. The 50-Over and T20 World Cups, rotate and there will usually be at least one of these tournaments every two years.

In international cricket, The Ashes series between England and Australia attracts the most interest. Every year, there will also be major test and limited overs series between other top world sides including India, South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka.

While the women’s game has been played for many years, there has been a recent surge of interest in women’s cricket. At international level, there are two World Cups, while big domestic T20 tournaments have been inaugurated recently.

The WPL, the WBBL and The Hundred are just three examples, and the top bookmakers are starting to list more markets for women’s cricket.

Cricket is a year-round sport and there’s always a big game in progress.

Factors to Consider Before Placing a Cricket Bet

Before you place a cricket bet, there are a number of points to take into account. Study these factors, and take time to think about where you are going to stake.

Do your Research

Don’t approach any cricket bet without carrying out some initial research. The odds tell you who are the favourites and who are the outsiders, but we all know that upsets can occur.

Start by studying recent form. Are the teams coming into the match on a long winning streak, or have they suffered a few losses? Look at any recent head to head games between the two sides and see if a pattern emerges.

This type of research can also be applied to player markets. Is the bowler or batter in good form? Do they have strong records against certain opposition and on certain grounds?

All of this information is readily available, and it’s a wise idea to make use of it.

Follow Tipsters

No tipster can possibly be right 100% of the time, but some have exceptionally good records. A quick internet search, will provide a list of cricket pundits, and it’s up to you to decide if you want to follow them.

A good idea is to study their records first without making any financial commitment. Follow their tips for at least two weeks and decide whether they can back up their knowledge with useful selections.

Tipsters can be useful in your cricket betting strategy, but you need to follow the right ones.

Take Advantage of Offers and Promotions

The majority of sportsbooks will list bonuses and promotions, and these can provide some useful extra value. Promos can come in many forms, but one of the most common is a free bet.

This type of offer will usually ask you to make an initial, qualifying stake before the free bet token is released. You won’t get the amount of the token back as part of any winnings, but this is a quick way of finding some extra value.

Some bookies may also publish price boosts in the cricket markets. These may be attached to the bigger tournaments such as the IPL, the Ashes or the World Cup.

Matched deposits and loyalty programmes can also be found at times. Keep checking the promotions page of your sportsbook, and opt in for notifications to ensure that you don’t miss out.

Avoid these Cricket Betting Mistakes

While there is plenty of information here on cricket betting and its strategies, there can be no guarantees in terms of wins. However, by avoiding some common mistakes, you can boost the chances of making a profit over time.

Here are some essential tips:

Play it Safe

Do not play with an unreliable bookmaker. Before you open an account, remember to check their credentials and confirm that they are licensed and regulated to provide betting services in your region.

If the sportsbook is not on one of our recommended lists, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, as this is where details of licensing is usually kept. The information shown will be verifiable.

Look for reviews on the bookmaker to back this all up. Betting at an unreliable sportsbook is a big mistake, but it’s an easy one to avoid.

Don’t Simply Bet with the Favourites

Don’t bet blindly without a little knowledge. If cricket isn’t one of your main sports, take time to understand the game, and who the strongest teams and players are. While the odds tell us who the favourites are, it can be a common mistake to simply bet on the team with the shortest odds.

As we all know, upsets still occur in sport, so we don’t want to be caught out. Earlier in this round up, we offered some advice on how to do extensive research on cricket markets. You can also find a favourite tipster to follow.

Above all, don’t enter those markets, without any knowledge or research.

Compare Odds

Don’t make the mistake of settling for a bookmaker who provides low odds in the cricket markets. We all want value for money in all areas of eCommerce and betting should be no different.

Odds comparison sites can help in the initial stages, and you should get a feel for pricing as you move forward.

Manage your Bankroll

Poor bankroll management is another common cricket betting mistake. The bankroll is simply another term for your account balance and you should keep records of wins and losses if you are to take betting seriously.

While there are different theories on the subject, it’s generally recommended that you shouldn’t bet with more than 10% of your total bankroll at any one time. This keeps you in control and helps to promote responsible gambling.

How to Bet on Cricket Frequently Asked Questions

What is the safest way to bet on cricket?

The safest way to bet on cricket is with an established bookmaker who is licensed and regulated to provide betting services in your region.

Check for our recommendations and, if you are using your own sportsbook, check their credentials and confirm that they are licensed and regulated.

What are the most popular cricket bets?

Match betting remains the most popular form of cricket bet. It’s a straight choice between the two teams taking part in the match.

Other popular cricket bets include top batter, top bowler, total runs, most sixes and player of the match.

How to predict cricket match results?

Nobody will get every result right, but there are ways in which you can turn the odds in your favour. Firstly, do plenty of research into the two teams and don’t just blindly bet on the favourites.

Look at key indicators including form, head to head results and likely weather conditions.

You can also follow cricket tipsters, but make sure you study their records closely before following their suggestions.

Who is the most searched tipper of cricket?

The most searched cricket tipper is probably Ed Hawkins, who provides regular picks for a wide range of cricket matches. He has a strong record over a long period of time, and has also won cricket betting writer awards.

What is a fancy bet in cricket?

A fancy bet is a new style of betting that applies specifically to cricket. It concerns the winning margin market and, if you bet on a side to win a match, you get extra points based on that margin of victory.

● If a side bats first, the bettor gets a point for every run that the team wins by
● If a side bets second, the bettor gets 10 points for every wicket that they win by

A fancy bet involves predicting the winning margin in terms of those points.

Can you bet on live cricket?

It is possible to use in play betting on most cricket matches. This is a long game, so there are plenty of opportunities to stake on many markets once the match has begun. Any breaks in the match can be used to jump over onto other parts of your betting site of choice. So, whilst you take a break from the sportsbook you’re using, you can pop over to their slots or their live casino area; the likes of PowerPlay live casino is great for cricket fans watching from Canada.

The majority of pre-match markets will also be carried over into the in play betting platforms.