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Sydney Cricket Ground – SCG

Anyone travelling to Australia to watch cricket will want to take in the Sydney Cricket Ground. Based in a vibrant city with so much to see, it’s at the top of most cricket fans’ lists.

It’s a lively and attractive venue, but how much do we actually know about the SCG?

History of the Sydney Cricket Ground

The SCG describe themselves as the original home of Sydney sport. Cricket has been played in the area since the early part of the 19th century, while the current Sydney Cricket Ground was established in 1851.

This means that the SCG is older than the Melbourne Cricket Ground which was opened two years later. The original tenants in Sydney were a section of the British Army who used the ground as a garden and cricket facilities for its soldiers.

At the time, cricket was developing as a sport in Australia and it wouldn’t be long before domestic teams began to use the stadium. The New South Wales state side first used the Sydney Cricket Ground in 1878.

International cricket would soon follow. The first test match took place here in 1882 as Australia hosted a touring English team. One Day International cricket followed in 1979, while the SCG held its first T20 international in 2007.

It’s now a regular venue for both men’s and women’s international games, while the Sydney Cricket Ground continues to host domestic matches.

Sydney Cricket Ground Capacity and Dimensions

The official capacity of the Sydney Cricket Ground currently stands at 48,000. In the past, the capacity has been bigger and the record attendance here was 58,446 for a test match between Australia and England in 1928.

With the capacity now reduced, it’s unlikely that the record will ever be broken.

The SCG has a large playing area. The entire grass surface is 156 metres long by 154 metres wide, but the boundaries will be brought in, especially for limited overs matches. On the square side of the ground, those boundaries will typically come in at around 75 metres for T20 and One Day games.

The straighter boundaries at the SCG are the longest here are they could measure up to 80 metres. In first class and test match cricket, the playing area is likely to be extended beyond those measurements.

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How to Find the Sydney Cricket Ground

The Sydney Cricket Ground is located in the Moore Park suburb of Sydney. This area can be found in the east of the city and is close to the main centre. There are good rail and other transport links for anyone travelling into Moore Park for a game.

The ground is also close to Centennial Park which is a major tourist attraction.

Tickets and Seating Plan

Two of the stands at the Sydney Cricket Ground are heritage-listed. This recognises their history and architectural design and it means that any renovations that are required must be in keeping with the original plans.

The two stands in question are the main Members’ Stand and the Lady Members’ Stand. Other parts of the ground are named after Australian sporting heroes, so we have the Bradman, M.A. Noble and Dally Messenger Stands.

The Victor Trumper Stand is straight behind the wickets and ideal for those who want to be behind the bowler’s arm. For those who prefer to be side on, the Brewongle is recommended.

Tickets should be purchased in advance for the big matches, and these can be accessed from the SCG main website. For minor domestic fixtures, particularly first class cricket, it may be possible to walk up on the day and gain entry via the ticket office.

Owners, Operators and Tenants

The Sydney Cricket Ground is owned and operated by Venues NSW who are a New South Wales government agency. Venues NSW were formed in 2012, and they took over responsibility for the SCG from the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust.

The agency operates several sporting facilities across the state including Sydney Football Stadium and Stadium Australia which was used for the 2000 Olympics.

While the SCG is a regular venue for the men’s and women’s international teams, it continues to host the New South Wales Blues in first class and limited overs cricket. When the Big Bash begins in December, the Sydney Sixers will make use of the SCG.

Other Sports Played At The Sydney Cricket Ground

The Sydney Cricket Ground hosts a number of additional sports when the cricket season ends. Like a number of cricket venues across Australia, Aussie Rules Football is also played here, and the stadium is host to the Sydney Swans.

Rugby has also been played here at domestic and international level. In previous years, tennis, motor racing and even an official game of Major League Baseball have been played at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

other sports played the the sydney cricket ground

Sydney Cricket Ground Records

The highest individual test score at the Sydney Cricket Ground is an undefeated 329 by Michael Clarke. This marathon effort came in a test match between Australia and India in 2012.

The most prolific test batsman overall was Ricky Ponting who made a total of 1480 runs here between 1996 and 2012.

For the bowlers, the best figures in a test innings are the 8/35 by England’s George Lohmann against Australia in 1887. Lohmann is also in second place on this list with his figures of 8/58 versus Australia in 1892.

The current leading wicket taker in tests is Shane Warne who claimed 64 victims between 1992 and 2007.