Finding the Best Cricket Bat Grip – Most Recommended Grips on the Market

A cricket bat grip is something that helps batsmen play their shots freely and provides a comfortable surrounding when they pick up and hold the bat. However, there are plenty of cricket bat grips in different shapes, sizes and styles available as per everyone’s preferences.

With that being said let’s have a look at the different kinds of cricket bat grips available for purchase in the market.

How Often Should You Change a Bat Grip?

After about 3 months a grip should be changed to maintain your comfort and routine while playing a match or training in nets. Usually, a sliding grip is a sign of the need for replacement. If a grip starts to melt or tears out from places, it is time to get rid and place a new one instead.

Important Features of Bat Grips

  • Material – The material of the grip is one of the most important features. As per knowledge, rubber or leather grips have different properties and function differently. So, the material of the grip is always chosen as per the comfort of the batsman and how he likes playing his shots. His preference decides which grip material to purchase.
  • Weight – You must always gauge the weight of the grip properly. Always choose lightweight designs to get a lighter grip which helps you comfortably hold the cricket bat for long hours.
  • Size – You must always purchase a grip of an appropriate size for the handle. When you put on a grip on a handle, there is always some rolled-up grip left either at the top, middle or centre of the handle which will be too uncomfortable for any batsman. So, it’s always necessary to make sure the size of the grip is equally proportionate to the handle.

Reviews of the Best Cricket Bat Grips

SPORTAXIS Cricket Bat Grips

The Sportaxis cricket bat grips are one of the most credible grips available to purchase. They’re made of the most premium quality durable rubber for better shock absorption and also have extra cushioning for a soft feel when you grip your bat to play your shots comfortably. These are made of synthetic rubber and are an extremely good choice for budding cricketers who are just starting.

They have a variety of grips available such as the Ring Chevron grip, the Diamond grip, Hi-tech grip, multi-colour patch grip, Octopus grip and the scale flag grip, (i.e.) a grip with the Indian flag colours aligned on it. They have a massive variety that would help you choose your pick as per your comfort and preferences.

Their grips have made their space in the market by achieving a 4-star overall rating by its satisfied customers. Hurry and get yours now.

SG Players’ bat Grip 3 pieces

As every cricketer is aware, SG is the most trusted brand in the sport and has consumers all across the globe. In the field of cricket, SG as a manufacturing company is known as trustworthy and credible for its marvellous products.

Here, they have presented a three-piece pair of cricket bat grips. These bat grips may vary in colour and with a combo of three, you get them at a very cheap price as compared to their standalone price. These are the ever trustworthy Dynamic grips that will provide you with sheer comfort as you take guard in the middle.

They will not only make you feel lighter but the three different colours will also give an effective touch by matching your gloves. With yet another four-star rating product, this is a good pick. It’s budget-friendly and credible.

Gunn & Moore GM Dynamic Premium Cricket bat Grip

Yet another manufacturer which is quite renowned for its unique design and exquisite product quality. Gunn & Moore; GM is a beloved choice by people across the globe, especially in places like England and Australia.

They present to us an offer like no other. At a steal price, you get a pair of Dynamic grips in plain white colour with a slight ring of black or blue on top of the grip. The grip is made of leather and is very lightweight. The speciality of the grip is how light it makes the bat feel while providing a sumptuous grip when you go out to play. It doesn’t let the bat slip out too easily and keeps you going on a long day of cricket.

This product too has obtained a four-star rating from several consumers. Get yours now.

Pro Impact Cricket Bat Grip

Pro Impact brings you their ultimate cricket bat grip which comes with extra cushion protection for playing or training purposes. Made for optimal comfort, the specially designed grip allows you to have better control and more power when making your shots.

The best feature is the usage of thick rubber to make the grip. It allows you to strongly grasp the bat for long hours and provides you with long-term strength and use. As a result, the enhanced grip helps you with generating more power for your shots. It also reduces the vibrations when you play a hard shot with the bat. It not only absorbs the shock but also enhances control every time you play a shot.

To compliment your taste, Pro Impact has a wide range of colours available so you can personalize your cricket bat as you see fit. With a 4-star rating overall, this is the best of the lot with its vast range of features.

SG Chevtech Bat Grip

Yet another SG product has made it to the top five cricket bat grips list. SG brings to the young cricketers the Chevtech Bat Grip which is a combo of bat grips and comes in a pack of three altogether.

Not only do you get an enhanced rubber grip from the most trusted brand but also you get a massive discount when you purchase a combo of the three top-quality grips on the market. As per your preferences, you will receive the bat grip in different colours and you can choose to pick the ones going with your preference.


Grips are not that easy to pick as there are plenty of types and varieties available that ensure your safety and comfort while you go out in the centre to bat. We hope this article helped you with all the possible features and details to make your pick for a cricket bat grip.