Who Will Win ICC T20 World Cup 2022? – Tournament Prediction

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world. It started at the beginning of the 17th Century in the southeast of England. In the initial days of this sport, it was just known in England, but its popularity kept increasing worldwide, especially in the pieces of land, ruled by Britain. Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and South Africa, are one of the biggest cricket-playing nations. There are three formats of International Cricket, Test Match (5 Days Long Match, 2 Innings per side), One Day International (50-50 Overs Each), and the fastest format of all which was introduced as a festival match but because of the quick result and more boundaries.

First T20I (Twenty – 20 International) was played in 2005 when Australia & New Zealand faced each other off. Then this format got so hit that just in the next two years, ICC Launched a World Cup of this specific format. The First T20 world cup was played in 2007 and staged in South Africa. It is still remembered for many other reasons, just like the thrilling finale, where India and Pakistan faced each other off, a match of rivals. India made history by beating Pakistan in that nail-biting match.

In the second version of it, Pakistan won it. With the popularity of cricket increasing, the trend of bookmaking in cricket matches is also increasing. Betting in T20 format is more famous and common because it is highly happening. More boundaries mean more opportunities to bet on the spot. Ball to Ball bets and most of all, a quick result with high rewards if you are lucky enough. The betting trend is on top in the T20I world cup, so if you want to bet on cricket matches at Lottoland here are a few predictions that you have to keep in mind for the T20I WorldCup 2022.

As we are talking about the upcoming T20I world cup 2022, which will take place in October, and November in Australia. Before predicting who is going to win it, let us first discuss what could be the possible result of a few very important matches.

India vs Pakistan

The arch rivals, faced off last year in the T2OI World Cup, in which Pakistan was able to beat India in the tournament for the very first time, with a historical 10 wickets win, on the other hand, India just defeated Pakistan in the game of Asia Cup on a pitch which is known as the home ground for Pakistan. Both sides will be equally invested and trying their best to win as it is a very important and one of the most important matches of Super 12. With a few new additions to the Indian & Pakistani line-up, this match is going to be a treat for the cricketing fans. Our prediction for this match is after a nail-biter, India to win!

Australia vs New Zealand

This match is going to be another important and big match of the tournament. These two sides are also neighboring countries just like India & Pakistan, and their residents enjoy this face-off. Both teams are always playing good cricket and have produced amazing players and quality sportsmanship. It is also a treat for global cricketing fans. In this face-off, in the Super 12 world T2OI Cup 2022, both sides are having an equally good quality of players and game, but according to us, Australia is going to take the lead on the scoreboard and win this match.

South Africa vs Bangladesh

These two cricket-playing nations have a history of good cricket, recently both of the teams were going through a downfall and were not having good luck even though they have been performing well, but the results were not in their favor. South African and Bangladeshi teams have been struggling with their games but recently bounced and started to prove themselves as producers of a fine game of cricket via their rising stars. These two sides will be facing each other in the Super 12, and our prediction for the game is going to be a tough one, even though the South African team has an upper edge, after a tough match, we predict, Bangladesh is going to win this face-off.

Tournament Winner

We discussed some of the very important matches and their possible results, but now talking about the tournament, all the teams are going to give their best to win the World T2OI Cup 2022, and it is going to be a very tough competition, no one can be declared favorite. The competition is going to be very tough but we predict that, with the analysis and views of the cricketing experts, and bookmakers as well, Australia is going to win this year, it is a sport, and all are here to win, so stay tuned and let’s hope, the best one wins.