Finding the Best Cricket YouTube Channel

When there’s no live cricket on the television, we can enjoy our favourite game via other sources. There are some top cricketing YouTube channels out there and here are some of the best.

Top Cricket YouTube Channels


If you’ve ever searched for cricket news or stats then you’ll already be familiar with CricBuzz. Their website is full of information and their YouTube channel is one of the busiest online. It can tend to be dominated by the biggest events of the time and, when the IPL is on, there is not much else to see.

However, there are many posts each day so there’s lots to enjoy on one of the most active and popular video sharing platforms around.

Cricket Country

Cricket Country is a great site for big match previews. If you want to stay informed over the latest team news and form guides for all the major games, this is the place to be.

There’s also a great deal of highlights so, if you miss out on the action initially, it’s easy to catch up. Cricket Country also posts multiple videos every day.

cricket country youtube

Cricket Classics

As the name suggests, this is the place to be if you enjoy watching great cricket action from the past. Cricket Classics focuses on the big games and the big names as it delivers the best highlights from yesteryear.

The frequency isn’t as high as some of the channels on this list but, if you love your cricketing nostalgia, it’s all worth waiting for.

For cricket fans in Australia, this is the best YouTube channel to follow. This is the official website of the governing body in the country, and it gives extensive coverage to news and action from games around Australia.

There is a good balance of test and state cricket here. It’s one of the top cricket YouTube channels if you’re following the Australian team from anywhere in the world. Updates are more frequent during the season but there’s always something new coming along.

England and Wales Cricket Board

For English cricket fans, the England and Wales Cricket Board is the best channel for accessing news and highlights of the game in this particular country. The international teams get extensive coverage but the counties also come fully under the spotlight when the season begins.

It’s also one of the busiest YouTube channels with several updates a day during the summer and a regular stream of videos in the winter months.


This is one of the best cricket YouTube channels for coaching videos. Those that run it will often take a bowling machine and using strategically placed cameras, they will show you what it’s like to face all types of bowling.

It’s both fun and educational and weCricket is a great channel no matter where you happen to be with your own particular game.

Which Cricketer has a YouTube Channel?

Akash Chopra

When you ask which cricketer has a YouTube channel, there are many but some are better than others. Akash Chopra was a respected Indian international and many will be familiar with his commentary and analysis of the game.

Because he was such a respected figure during his playing days, Akash Chopra gets really close to the players and his YouTube channel therefore carries some of the most insightful interviews around.

Shoaib Akhtar

The lightning-fast pace bowler known as the Rawalpindi Express has his own YouTube channel and it’s immensely popular. There’s a good mix of everything here, starting with plenty of highlights from Shoaib’s distinguished career.

There’s a little bit of coaching too and, not surprisingly, a lot of it is about bowling fast. Cricket analysis and previews of Pakistani cricket can also be found on this varied channel.

Snehal Pradhan

After enjoying a brief career in women’s international cricket, Snehal Pradhan now has a popular channel. It’s one of the top YouTube channels covering the women’s game but it’s also a varied site with something for all tastes.

Coaching is covered extensively and you can also get some great previews and insights into both the men’s and women’s games.

Pat Cummins

Australia’s test captain is a busy user of social media in all its platforms. He’s frequently seen on Twitter but he also has an active and popular youtube channel. Cricket fans from all over the world can enjoy its content.

It is mostly there to highlight Cummins’ life as a cricketer and that will be especially interesting for any young player hoping to get involved in the game. His family life is also touched upon. He’s an interesting and likeable character and this is why his player’s YouTube channel is highly recommended.

Brad Hogg

A colourful character who played the game into his 40s, Brad Hogg also has the type of respect that allows players to get close to him. He became a commentator once his playing days came to an end but he now seems to focus on one of the top YouTube channels around.

Along with those interviews, Hogg also provides expert analysis and it’s a thoroughly thought provoking set of videos.

Can I watch Live Cricket on YouTube?

Yes, there are lots of channels around which will live stream cricket for free. It’s easier to find games that aren’t picked up by the live TV broadcasters so, for example, you should find that each English county will stream their games on YouTube.

The same principle applies for state sides around the world. As for the bigger broadcasters on YouTube, keep an eye out for Cricket World, the European Cricket Network, England and Wales Cricket Board and Windies Cricket.


YouTube is an important social media tool, and it remains the most powerful platform in terms of video sharing. As we have seen while working through this round up, there are many ways in which cricketers and cricketing associations can harness that power.

It’s possible to use YouTube in all sorts of ways. Match previews, highlights, coaching tips and general news stories are among the most popular. You can even use it to live stream cricket matches in the present day. It’s the biggest and the best and it gives us greater access to our favourite sport.