What are the Best Wicket Keeping Gloves?

A wicket keeper is the only one from the fielding side to wear gloves on the field. His job is to collect the ball as the batsman misses one or when thrown towards him. Wicket keepers use specially made gloves. However, while batting, they use a different set of gloves as there is a vast difference between a batsman and a keeper’s gloves.

Right from the fact that the thumb and adjoining finger area are attached in a keeper’s glove and it is much bigger than a batsman’s gloves. The surface area of the keeper’s glove is bigger than a batsman’s as they require a larger portion to collect the ball comfortably no matter what pace it is coming at them.

In the remainder of the article let us review the top 10 best Wicket Keeping cricket gloves in different categories. Let’s start with the one from Adidas – the Pollera 3.0 – in the inner gloves category.

Best Inner Gloves for Wicket Keeping

Adidas Cricket Wicket Keeping Pollera 3.0

As everyone is aware, Adidas Cricket is by far one of the most trusted brands in the field of cricket and it recently launched a mind-blowing set of wicket keeping gloves called the Pallera 3.0 with XT 1.0 wicket keeping inner gloves.

It consists of premium PU used in the back of the gloves with octopus rubber in the palm which provides one heck of a grip. In addition to this, the lightweight PU fingers have fibre inserts on the top two fingers for extra protection which ticks out the additional finger protection aspect.

The added Inner gloves are one of a kind. Made up of sheepskin leather with metallic colour synthetic material, many professionals prefer using these and have made it their top choice. Not to forget its unique and comfortable design which provides great protection for long hours. It also provides the player with a long and durable towel wrist grip that gives a comfortable feeling with or without wicket keeping gloves and additional finger protection that helps during practice.

CW IKON Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

CW IKON is one of the top-rated brands on Amazon which provide you with some excellent quality cricket wicket keeping gloves and long-lasting durability.

One of them is the white-red wicket keeping gloves along with protective Inner gloves. The keeping gloves are made from premium quality leather to prevent rubbing and provide security from shock absorption by giving a comfortable grip on the ball.

It has a generous-sized catching pocket to provide a secure area that gives a strong grip to avoid missing catch. The gloves are also well padded from the inside and give added protection to the fingers with the help of comfortable cushioning inside the gloves. These gloves are comfortable for youth as well as adult players due to the high-quality natural cup and palm design.

In addition to the features, the gloves are available at a doable price on Amazon. So hurry up and get your pair of comfortable gloves now.

CW Crown Wicket Keeper Gloves with Inner Gloves

CW Crown Wicket Keeper Gloves are one of the highest selling ones on Amazon and they provide the players with features Similar to CW IKON wicket keeping gloves.

They’re made of high-quality leather which points towards the excellent durability of the gloves and long-lasting nature. The gloves have an extra layer of protection padded on the inside of the gloves for better cushioning as well as better protection during gameplay.

One of the major advantages of buying these pairs of gloves is that they have rubber cups on the inside of each finger for a good grip as well as to protect them from any untoward impact. In addition to all the marvellous features, they’ve cushioned cuffs with leather on the front face of the glove for perfect grip on the ball while doing wicket keeping.

One of the top recommended products online and a must-buy for budding cricketers across the globe.

Best Quality Wicket Keeping Gloves

SS Catcher Premium Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves, Men’s Size (Blue)

SS is one of the top manufacturers of cricket equipment and they’ve reached that level by providing top quality material in every cricket equipment they make. One of their finest makes is the SS Catcher premium wicket keeping gloves.

They’re made of premium quality leather and can be used at any level, be it club or county. They consist of PVC covered pre-shaped plastazote fingers which have fibre inserts on top of two front fingers for extra protection and rubberized palms for a better grip and unique design.

Blue in colour and 350 grams lightweight, these gloves are available for both left-handers and right-handers. Receiving a rating of 3.7 stars from its consumers, this is a perfect fit for budding cricketers.

Whitedot Camo Wicket Keeping Gloves

Whitedot has introduced a unique pair of wicket keeping gloves by adding a touch of camouflage as a printed design on the gloves which makes it look smart and irresistible while also being a durable and effective pick.

The glove is available in Boys (Junior), Youth and Adult sizes on Amazon. It is one of the newest on the market and has become a hot seller in no time. The gloves are made from the finest leather with tricolour power grip rubber in palm facing and high-quality PVC cuffs. It may be one of the newest of the lot, it does have a lot of durability and potential and the product quality is exquisite.

SG Tournament Wicket Keeping Gloves Men’s

SG is the finest of the lot as their cricketing equipment is used and preferred worldwide over any other brand in the field of cricket.

They’ve come up with a brand new SG Tournament Wicket Keeping Gloves for men. The major advantage of this pair as compared to others is that it is as lightweight as 200 grams and the feel of wearing gloves is taken to a whole new level.

They’ve padded cushions on the inside of the glove with a cup on every finger top to avoid any damage during keeping and provide extra protection. The palm is made of premium quality leather to provide a safe pair of hands so you don’t miss out on an all-important catch during a dire situation in the game.

Best Budget Wicket Keeping Gloves

RMAX Unisex Rubber & PVC Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

As light as 200 grams with a colour combination of green and purple, RMAX brings you the likes of Unisex Rubber & PVC cricket wicket keeping gloves. They are one of a kind.

It has an elasticated wrist with touch and close Velcro fastening and gives you hard foam protection for the dominant hand thumb. It has increased ventilation like no other gloves for the palm along with a perforated design.

These gloves are comfortable to wear and are available in hand orientation for right-handers. They have received a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, which speaks volumes. And the best part about the gloves is they can be used by both men and women.

TotallyCricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

These gloves by TotallyCricket have been in the market for almost a decade now. They’ve been a reliable source of experience for Wicket Keeping Gloves in the market and their product quality takes responsibility for that.

Unlike the others, it had an octopus suction rubber in the palm area which provides an excellent grip for the wicketkeepers during a game. It has PU construction and rubber fingertips which provides maximum comfort and protection so a keeper doesn’t have to worry about any injuries or vigorously taking a catch by driving around.

It has a cotton lining from the inside which soaks in the sweat and keeps your hand dry for most of the game to let you have the best experience while keeping the wickets. Maybe not the best of the lot but surely it is a secure choice.

SG Wicket Keeping Gloves – RSD Prolite

Not every day do you wake up and see yourself being listed as the #5 in the swelling ranks of wicket keeping gloves. SG continues to provide the best quality cricket equipment, now in the form of wicket keeping gloves known as the RSD Prolite.

They’re intermediate level wicket keeping gloves which are ideal for ages 15 and above. They’re soft and flexible and have an extra PP sheet for extra ball grip during keeping. Along with the extra protection it has on offer, they are lightweight and easy to slide your hands in. They are specially designed to fit into the hands of cricketers so they don’t need to keep lifting and fixing the fit during gameplay.

It has received a marvellous 4.1-star rating and a lot of big names in cricket have chosen SG as their companion in their journey to glory. What are you waiting for?

Kookaburra Unisex’s SC 4.1 Wicket Keeping Gloves, White/Blue, Adult

In a running competition with SG is yet another excellent quality brand in the name of Kookaburra. They are too among the most reliable brands in cricket and they present you with Unisex’s SC 4.1 Wicket Keeping Gloves in multicolour for adults.

They have a shortcut grade for your palm with premium PU lining for the palm that allows effective use of the glove. The backhand has a premium PVC with a K-Flex Support Patch that probably makes this product the pick of the lot. Apart from the sheer comfort you receive from the super-soft brushed cotton lining, there is a Web – strap compliant with law 40.2 with a unique setting to enhance catching and make your experience with the gloves even better. The foam padding on the inside is the cherry on top that makes this pair of gloves a perfect buy.

Apart from these magnificent features, it consists of the Kookaburra ‘standard’ rubber palm for efficient grip on the ball.


All-in-all, these were the top products under cricket wicket keeping gloves which fit your budget, are best in quality and come with a combo set of Inner cricket gloves. We hope this article helped you make your ideal pick for cricket wicket keeping gloves with all the information and features necessary being mentioned above.