How to Get Stains Out of Cricket Trousers? – Techniques on Removing Grass, Mud or Ball Stains

Cricket whites are usually, well, white. However, during a course of a cricket game or a practice session, they tend to accumulate a lot of mud, grass stains etc and especially for bowlers, who shine their ball on their thighs. To maintain the sanctity of your cricket trousers especially, we have mentioned a few stain removal tips as they accumulate the most dirt which is unavoidable if you play cricket regularly.

Let’s have a quick look at the techniques on removing the stains out of cricket trousers.

How to Get Grass Stains Out of Cricket Trousers?

There are more than one ways to remove grass stains from your cricket trousers. A few of the cleaning agents like Vinegar or Lemon Juice, Methylated Spirits or Alcohol and Laundry Detergent & Water are used. However, we’ll take a walk through removing stains with the help of Vinegar and lemon juice as it is one of the highly popular ones.

At first, you have to mix a little white vinegar/lemon juice and water and dab the mixture on the grass stain, making sure to soak it all the way through. Following that, leave it on for a few minutes for better effectiveness and then wash as you normally would to remove the stains and collect your cleaned pair of trousers.

How to Get Stains Out of Cricket Trousers? - Techniques on Removing Grass, Mud or Ball Stains

How to Get Mud Out of Cricket Trousers?

An important point that a lot of budding cricketers don’t know is you must not try to remove mud while it’s wet, you only smear it into the fabric.

You must let it dry first and then gently brush it away to avoid any harm to the material. Then, soak it nicely into a water-detergent mix which will then be followed by a machine wash which will hand you neat and clean trousers, ready for your next practice session.

Cricket Ball Stains

Cricket ball stains are usually accumulated by bowlers or fielders when they shine the ball vigorously on the thigh region of the trousers.

To remove them, use a white soap and rub the stained areas well but gently so no damage is done to the trousers. Rubbing the soap will make it easier to clear out the deep stains.

Following that, use Vanish or any colour removers meant for laundry like Ariel Stain Remover, Ace bleach, Woolworth or others etc. After having done that, leave it for a good overnight soak for the trousers to loosen out all the stains accumulated.

Air Dry

After you are done washing the trousers, don’t use a dryer. Line-dry them in the sun as it helps to whiten the fabric and helps naturally bleach out the stains. Always prefer drying your cricket whites/trousers naturally than with a tumble dryer.

Things to Avoid

One of the major flaws in a rather excellent stain removal process is a lack of knowledge and focus. Avoid ironing over the stains as it may make it even more difficult to remove them and make your work twice as difficult as it already is.

The stain removal process also depends on the kind of stain or fabric and concerning that, bleach may not be the most effective agent to remove stains. So it’s always important to check the fabric, followed by checking what kind of stain is present on the trouser.


These were a few of the methods to help you in your stain removal process. We hope this article gave you a gist of the procedure and helped you pick your convenient method. Try one of these methods; you may always contact a professional if not familiar with stain removal.