Can You Knock in a Cricket Bat with a Rubber Mallet?

Once you purchase a new cricket bat there are some things to take care of. For example, it is necessary to oil the bat with linseed oil using either your fingers or a cloth (ensure the oil does not come in contact with the stickers). Once the oiling is done, the next step is to knock the bat with an ideal mallet. A rubber mallet is a good option but it carries its set of flaws. In our article below we will discuss which mallet is suitable for your bat.

Can I Knock My Bat with Rubber Mallet?

Yes, you can use a rubber mallet to knock on the cricket bat even though it is not designed for this purpose. This is because a rubber mallet, because of its properties, would absorb most of the impact when striking the bat instead of the actual bat. Therefore, using wooden mallets is preferred over rubber mallets for knocking on the cricket bat.

Rubber Mallet is mostly used to bend and shape sheet metal. It is useful to even out dents on the metal. Rubber Mallets can be put to use when one wants to make a blow softer than the wooden mallet.

rubber mallet for cricket bat

Can You Use any Mallet to Knock in a Cricket Bat?

No, we cannot use any type of mallet to knock a cricket bat. For example, if a hammer is used to knock the cricket bat, it might damage or even break it. But we should not use something as soft as a rubber mallet as well. That’s why one should always knock in the bat with something that is probably as hard or a little harder than the willow of the bat. Therefore, when it comes to mallets, a wooden mallet is the ideal choice for the purpose of knocking.

What Can You Use to Knock in a Cricket Bat?

A cricket bat can be best knocked with a wooden mallet, an old ball, or a ball with a handle. It helps in greater control during the whole knocking process. Many times, we see cricketers sticking their bats under their arms and knocking an old ball on their bat. An old ball is an effective way of knocking the bat apart from the wooden mallet. Remember, it can take up to 20,000 hits before the bat can take a hit and is ready to be used in the game. This can usually take a time of 6-8 hours.

Can You Use a Hammer to Knock in a Bat?

A claw hammer is a double-sided instrument that is usually used in carpentry. They help in driving nails or pulling them from the wood. A hammer is not advisable to use for knocking on the bat. The material that will be knocked on the bat will be hard metal which carries a lot more weight than the bat. Striking the bat with such an instrument can be harmful to the bat. Using a claw hammer can make craters on the bat. Theoretically, a hammer can be used for knocking in the bat, but practically it can easily damage the bat. Therefore, one should only stick to a wooden mallet for knocking.


We can now safely conclude that using a rubber mallet on your cricket bats will not damage the bat. But as mentioned above, we advise you to use a wooden mallet for knocking on your cricket bat. Hence, we now understand the importance of knocking your bat with an ideal mallet which is a wooden one. Even though it does not improve the bat, it certainly helps in increasing its life.