Cricket Spike Conversion – How to Put Cricket Spikes in Trainers?

The very purpose of spikes in cricket, or any other sport for that matter, is to provide the desired comfort and additional grip while running. Spikes also happen to help athletes run fast on uneven terrain such as wet and harsh conditions. The extra grip helps transfer more force forward improving the stride. Spikes add minimal weight but help in enhancing the performance of the athletes.

Let’s see how to convert normal trainer shoe into cricket spiked shoes.

How to Put Cricket Spikes in Trainers?

Before installing cricket spikes to your trainers, make up your mind to dedicate that particular shoe for this purpose wherein you cannot undo the drilling. One of the easiest ways to install a spike on your shoes is with a power drill or driver along with a 1/4th inch hex socket.

For the convenience of the user, a magnetized hex socket is included in every cup. After this decide on the pattern you want for your shoe spikes. It is necessary to check the material of the shoe, a softer material will lead to spikes coming off. On the other hand, shoes with a denser material will hold the spikes.

Once satisfied with the shoe quality, drill the holes and screw the spikes into the shoe sole If you do not have a power driver the spikes can also be added by hand with the Goat Head Sole Driver or any ¼ inch socket tool. Make sure to apply enough pressure so that the spike is completely inserted into the shoe. A few things that needed to be avoided losses while applying spikes are as follows:

training shoe cricket spikes

  • While applying the spikes, do not overturn. This will lead to the stripping of the sole material, making it harder for the sole to stay in place.
  • If your shoe already has spikes on it and you want to add new spikes, do not use the preexisting hole. You can always offset the spikes by a minor distance and then install it.
  • Avoid installing spikes on high flex areas of the sole as the material tends to stretch more in these areas.
  • Be prepared to lose one-two spike on account of being applied on the softer side of the shoe. Under such an event keep extra spikes handy with you.
  • Lastly, avoid repetitive removing and installing of the spikes to maintain the grip of the hole.

Can Spikes Be Added to Normal Trainers?

For spikes to be installed on normal trainers, one needs to consult a trainer spiking service to have the shoes equipped with spikes if they do not want to do this manually. One can certainly experiment with different patterns but ideally, shoes meant for spikes should only have them installed.


With this, we conclude that shoes specifically made for spikes should only have them installed. If a person tries to install spikes on ordinary shoes, they might end up damaging the spikes as well as their shoes. It could also lead to injuries since the shoe is not made of material to support the heavy spikes. For the best experience, buy quality cricket shoes that have spike sockets.