5 Best Cricket Batting Shoes in 2024

Batsmen and bowlers have different roles so, why shouldn’t they wear different pairs of cricket shoes? Here are our top selection of batting cricket shoes.

Best Cricket Batting Shoes

I always advise taking time and care when choosing any piece of cricketing equipment. These items should last across more than one season so durability is the first thing to look for.

Among the factors that are taken into account by manufacturers is the threat that the ball poses to the batsman. With deliveries up to and beyond 90 mph, a player can suffer serious injury if the ball were to crash into an unprotected foot.

If you want to know more about our testing criteria for batting shoes, scroll down for the details.

1. Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 Batting Cricket Shoes

The Gray Nicolls Velocity 3.0 have a breathable and flexible upper, which keeps your feet comfortable and enables optimum movement. Plus, the sock liner provides adequate padding necessary for long innings.

The midsole has cozy cushioning, enabling these cricket shoes to provide enough protection and shock attenuation to face fast balls confidently. A foam footbed optimizes energy transfer so that you can perform on the field at your best pace with maximum power.

Plus, the outsole is lightweight and has a strategic spike configuration for good grip on the field and stability, which is necessary to dash between the wickets and face high-impact balls with optimum force.

2. Payntr X MK3 Pimple Cricket Spike Shoes

The MK3 spike shoes provide enhanced performance by employing innovative features. They are lightweight and have a good grip due to carefully positioned cricket spikes so that you can have optimum power and control on the crease.

The upper is made from strength-tested polyurethane, which is highly durable and more flexible than PVC. These Payntr cricket shoes also have reinforced toe protection and raised anti-roll arch insoles that offer stability and safety to your ankles against balls coming at high speed with immense force.

These shoes have an ultra-lightweight midsole with responsive cushioning, so they protect your feet and offer comfort. Plus, they are ergonomically curved to maximize arch support, so your feet are in a natural position, and the pressure on your heels is reduced. This feature is great for long cricket matches.

3. Adidas SL22 Cricket Shoes for Batsmen

The Adidas SL22 have a mesh upper for increased breathability, so your feet remain cool and dry even during extended hours of practice. The shoes feature an Adiprene EVA midsole with lightweight cushioning for support. This allows you to be more efficient on the field and react swiftly to any opportunity to score better.

The spiked rubber outsole ensures stability and good grip on the field, so you can run without any danger of slipping. These Adidas cricket shoes have a lace closure to improve fitting. Overall, the outlook of these shoes is quite stylish, and they make a great addition to anyone’s collection.

4. Adidas 22 YDS Cricket Shoes for Batsmen

The Adidas 22 YDS shoes have a stunning design. They allow the batter to occupy the crease and perform with great force and stability.

The upper on this unit is designed to give you support, especially in the forefront area, for easy multi-directional movement. The insole is lined to reduce the stress experienced on joints and soft tissues and offer better shock resistance so that you can face fast balls with confidence.

The compression-molded midsole is lightweight and provides cushioning for a comfortable wearing experience, and adds to the cricket shoes’ shock attenuation. The cricket-engineered rubber outsoles and metal spikes offer excellent grip on hard pitches.


5. Newbery Performance Spike Cricket Shoes

The NEWBERY Performance Spike cricket shoes have a stylish outlook and are equipped with features that add to your performance on the field. These shoes have midfoot support, which provides comfort and offers a superior grip.

The insole is lightweight and compression-molded to provide enough cushioning to protect your feet from shock and protect them from injury and fatigue.

The outsoles of these cricket shoes are highly durable and strategically fitted with spikes for stability and grip. The exceptional grip works well on a wet field, which can be slippery and tough to play on. These shoes have an athletic feel, superior fit and are ideal for all surfaces, including indoors and nets.

Our Testing Criteria for Batting Shoes

Here are some aspects we considered when selecting the best cricket shoes for batting:

1. Rubber or Metal Half-Spikes

For batters, half-spikes are better as they are lighter and more responsive. Batters have to take into account how they run between the wickets. Batsmen are running on areas where there is less grass so they need to maintain a steady grip. They also need that grip to be precise when they turn quickly at the end of each run.

Batters generally opt for rubber or metal spikes, as they provide a good grip on the field to run more efficiently. The material of the spikes largely depends upon the pitch. Rubber half-spikes work best for synthetic surfaces, whereas, on turf, metal half-spikes are preferred.


2. Grip

The cricket shoes should have a sole that provides enough stability to ensure that you can sprint between wickets without sliding or slipping. Plus, your shoes shouldn’t be ill-fitted, as that also tampers with one’s performance and may cause you to trip or fall.

3. Lightness

The weight of the shoes is an important aspect to consider. Given that you have to run quite a bit on the field, lightweight cricket shoes work best. They allow you to move across the ground more efficiently and quickly. This is particularly essential for batters, as they need to respond swiftly to incoming balls and be active throughout their innings.

4. Support

Proper support and cushioning are essential features for batting shoes. Having sufficient cushioning not only provides comfort, which is necessary for playing long matches, but it also reduces the force and pressure a batter experiences on the lower legs while facing balls at speeds of 90 kph and higher. The arch support helps reduce pronation and stress on the inner ankle, hips, and knee.