Best Cricket Shoes Brands for Batting, Bowling and Fielding Shoes

I always advise taking time and care when choosing any piece of cricketing equipment. Cricket shoes should last across more than one season so it’s essential to find a brand of shoes which you trust.

Best Cricket Shoe Brands of 2024

Find below some of the best brands for cricket shoes, along with a couple of international cricketers and their favorite cricket shoe brand and model.


They are one of the oldest sporting brands around and they’ve built up a reputation for quality. In fact, the Adidas brand has been around since 1949 and they are heavily involved in cricket in the present day.

Most of the shoes I’ve seen from Adidas come with full spikes and there’s a good range of prices from around £60 to £100 and above.

adidas logo

Chris Gayle

The West Indies power-hitter wears his own customized “Gayle-Force” cricket shoes, namely Adidas ZX750 Gayle-Force.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma also wears a pair of Adidas shoes. The Indian opening batsman was also a brand ambassador back in 2013, but he is also known to occasionally refashion his cricket shoes for a cause. As seen in the 2021 IPL season, he wore cricket shoes with the message “Save the Rhino”, then later “Plastic Free Ocean”.


The brand name is almost exclusively linked with footwear and Asics are producing a good range of quality cricket shoes. In fact, they are responsible for producing a material called SpEVA, which has a ‘bounce back’ factor and has even been compared to memory foam.

If you’re serious about cricket and play at a high club level then it’s worth checking out this brand.

New Balance

New Balance offer a good, all round cricket shoe and they have one of the biggest ranges around. They cover shoes for batsmen and bowlers and are a good choice for all rounders too.

I was pleasantly surprised by the pricing of New Balance cricket shoes which seemed very reasonable from £40 upwards.


Joe Root

The English cricket captain wears the latest 2022 New Balance CK10 BL4 cricket shoes.

Dale Steyn

Former fast bowler Dale Steyn also wore New Balance CK4040AV cricket shoes.

Steve Smith

The former Australian captain also wears the latest line of New Balance cricket shoes.


Payntr may not be so well known as a brand but that deserves to change. They produce a wide range and specifically state on their website that they can cover bowling, batting and all-round cricket shoes.

The designs are striking, they look extremely comfortable and the price range is also reasonable with shoes starting at around £44 per pair.


Like Adidas, Puma are a well known brand and, in their case, the name first appeared in 1948, They produce a lot of sporting footwear and that may be why they are not the first brand that you think of when it comes to cricket shoes.

I would suggest that you consider them seriously: They have very bright designs so you will stand out on the field but they are also comfortable and offer great protection.

Virat Kohli

Captain of the Indian cricket team and a prolific batsman, Virat Kohli always wears Puma from head to toe. As one of the Indian brand ambassadors, Kohli wears one8 PUMA 19 cricket shoes named after him.

Yuvraj Singh

Being a brand ambassador of Puma, Yuvraj Singh also wears Puma shoes, like the Puma EvoSpeed Cricket Rubber 3.2 shoes.



This is another brand that will ensure you stand out on the field thanks to their brightly coloured design. Nike are supplying footwear and other equipment for most sports so this is now an established and trusted name.

Reviews suggest that Nike produce spike cricket shoes that are well balanced. There is comfort and durability while long spikes are perfect for necessary grip.

Ajinkya Rahane

Vice-captain of the Indian Test cricket team, Ajinkya Rahane also wears a Nike and often endorses the brand.


This might be a new name for some but it’s worth checking out Nivia products online. They carry a classic design and provide excellent stability.

To balance out that comfort, they may not be the most durable cricket shoes on the market but these could be perfect for long days in the field for those who don’t tend to bowl lengthy spells.

Gray Nicolls

Unlike some other manufacturers on this list, Gray Nicolls specialise in cricket and they have a much wider range of shoes as a result. They are here to supply all players including batsmen, bowlers and fielders and there is a selection to suit all budgets.

No matter what you’re looking for, this is a good place to start.


A brand that emerged from Australia, Kookaburra cricket shoes are now widely available all over the world. What surprised me here was the price. Their bats can carry high sums but the shoes start at relatively low figures and can rise to suit all budgets.

There is another huge range here so you can find shoes to suit batsmen, bowlers, fielders and those who do a little bit of everything. Comfort and durability are nicely balanced.


Gunn & Moore

Gunn & Moore also focus on cricket shoes and there is another big range here. This is a brand that I’ve personally used for over 20 years both as a batsman and a bowler and I find the shoes give me a good mix of comfort and lengthy use.

I’ve even used their rubber soled boots for training and walking so I hope that’s a useful personal endorsement.


This was a new brand for me but I’m really pleased that I tried Jazba out. One of the real benefits here is that they are budget friendly and carry some of the lowest prices of any show on this list.

They offer good value for that money too as they are comfortable and lightweight, while reviews suggest that you should also find them hard wearing.

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the best cricket shoes are often very different depending on its purpose, whether it is specifically for batting or (fast) bowling. Also many club cricketers opt for all rounder shoes making a compromise between functions. Find our favorite shoes in these categories below:

  • Our favorite batting shoes including brands like Adidas, Gray Nicolls and Payntr.
  • The most popular choices for fast bowling shoes similarly include Adidas, as well as superb Asics and Puma cricket shoes.
  • Finally, we wholeheartedly recommend the following all rounder cricket shoes for anyone who wouldn’t buy multiple role-specific footwear. These include Gunn & Moore, DSC and Kookaburra.