5 Best Cricket Shoes for All Rounders in 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Long afternoons on the field warrant good-quality cricket shoes fit for all-rounders, and this guide takes you through the best cricket shoes for excellent performance and a comfortable playing experience.

5 Best All-Rounder Cricket Shoes

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a specialist all-rounder to buy this shoe. Unless you’re playing the game professionally or at an extremely advanced club level, you probably won’t want to buy more than one pair of cricket shoes.

For that reason, the majority of shoes that are manufactured currently are all-rounders which cover the most important aspects of general play.

They will offer a good combination of protection and movement and can be used in all situations.

1. Gunn and Moore Original All Round Cricket Shoes

The Gunn and Moore cricket shoes for all rounders have a stunning design and exceptional construction, making them one of the best cricket shoes on the market. They are highly functional and have a two-tone TPU outsole, which gives the shoes a gorgeous outlook. These shoes have an athletic design free of bulk, giving you much more flexibility to move around on the field.

They have a lightweight upper with a three-dimensional comfort lining for better fitting. Plus, the molded TPR heel cradle locks your feet in place to provide protection and maintain the product’s integrity.

Being compression-molded, the EVA midsole is almost weightless. This offers superior, lightweight cushioning for a comfortable playing experience.

The midfoot shank is injection-molded and provides stability throughout the foot arch to reduce fatigue in long matches. Furthermore, the rubber sole and studs improve overall grip and stability and prevent slipping.

2. Puma Spike 19.2

The upper construction of the Puma Spike 19.2 is a mix of mesh and synthetic material, which offers exceptional durability and allows multi-directional movement.

The midsole has a good amount of cushioning, making the shoes quite comfortable to wear. The outsole is well-designed with carefully positioned cricket spikes that provide stability, enhanced traction, and extra grip on the field.

These spike cricket shoes have a stylish and bright outlook with an eye-catching design. Plus, they are easy to clean and are backed by a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty.

3. Kookaburra Men’s KC 3.0 Spike Cricket Shoes

The Kookaburra KC 3.0 spike cricket shoes have a lightweight upper, which supports your feet so that you can be responsive and fast on the field. The upper is made from a combination of action leather, mesh, and PU, making them more flexible than PVC upper shoes. Plus, these shoes are waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about getting your socks wet.

The mesh vents allow cool air to seep in and keep your feet dry and cool. Plus, the EVA midsole uses Durafoam, which offers excellent shock attenuation. The midsole also has sufficient cushioning to support the heel and forefoot so that you can face balls coming at high speed with ease.

These Kookaburra cricket shoes have premium-quality cricket spikes on the outsoles that provide you with exceptional grip on the pitch. The metal spikes provide the stability needed for good performance, so you can quickly run between the wickets or through the field to catch balls. The overall outlook of the unit is quite stylish, with a clean and straightforward design.

4. DSC Men’s Beamer Cricket Shoes

The DSC men’s beamer cricket shoes have a stylish and durable build with an innovative design that adds to your performance on the field.

They are affordable and the perfect option for those looking for high-performing shoes on a budget. Plus, these shoes are available in multiple colors that you can pick from based on preference.

The product has EVA sock liners, a soft foam layer for resting the foot. These liners cushion your feet and prevent fatigue from affecting your performance on the field.

The carefully designed outsole has rubber studs that provide support, prevent slipping, and offer grip and traction on the field. The upper part of the shoes has ventilation holes that keep your feet cool and dry.

5. SOLM8 Cricket Shoes for Men

The SOLM8 cricket shoes have an innovative design that offers stability, comfort, and efficiency on the field. The insole provides sufficient arch support, and an 8 mm heel bounce to prevent fatigue bowlers usually experience in their lower leg.

Thanks to the flexible upper, this lightweight shoe has a really comfortable feeling to wear. The upper consists of ventilation holes to help keep your feet cool and dry. Plus, it has an abrasive toe guard and TPU stiffener to protect your foot against incoming fastballs while you bat.

The shoes are equipped with fastening straps to give you a secure feel while running around on the field. Furthermore, rubber cleats at the bottom provide exceptional grip on a rough pitch or one with a thick grass overcoat.

Our Testing Criteria for All-Rounder Shoes

Cricket Spikes

All-rounders expect their shoes to provide stability and speed. Fielders need shoes with an anti-skid sole to battle a slippery field, which is why some cricket shoes are equipped with spikes.

Rubber studs, on the other hand, are flexible and durable. They offer exceptional traction and hold well in the field, making them great as bowling boots.


Uncomfortable footwear may be affordable at first, but it can cause injuries and affect your performance in the long run, so it’s not a good investment. To give your very best performance on the field, comfortable cricket shoes are your best companions.

Cricket matches last for hours, so a cricket shoe’s comfort is an essential feature. If you tend to use the same shoes for every role in the match, it is best to opt for shoes that fit you right and are comfortable to wear.

All-rounders especially require shoes that can handle constant movement and provide comfort simultaneously.



The shoes need to have enough foot arch support and space to reduce the force players experience at the inner ankle, knee, and hips throughout the game, especially during bowling. The absence of sufficient arch support causes injury and discomfort, resulting in poor overall performance.

Sole and Padding

On average, a cricket player runs 2 to 5 kilometers in a match, which means they put a lot of pressure on their knees and ankles. The sole should have enough padding at the middle and inner region to reduce the strain from constant running.

Batters face high-speed balls, which can come at them at speeds of up to 90 km/h. Proper padding helps protect your feet from any injuries that can be caused due to fast bowling.


On the cricket field, your shoes can significantly impact your performance. This guide helps provide a detailed look at the best all rounder cricket shoe options available on the market. The above mentioned shoes combine the features of a batting, bowling and running shoe to make the most of it in all situations.

Taking care of your cricket footwear by regular cleaning is a necessity. In our recent guide on cricket shoes maintenance we thorougly discussed every aspect of keeping your cricket shoes always ready for action.