How Does An Accumulator Bet Work

Accumulator bets offer some of the most exciting and dynamic action for sports betting fans. But the added excitement of placing an accumulator bet is exactly what makes understanding them so tricky. 

Placing a successful bet, calculating potential returns, and tracking multiple selections can be overwhelming – especially when navigating betting apps. So how do accumulator bets work and how can you place one? 

In this article, we’ll define an accumulator bet, cover the basics, and cover the different types of accumulator bets. We’ll then discuss how to place an Acca bet, the advantages of the bet type and tips for successful bets. To finish, we’ll cover the common terms and jargon that surround accumulators. 

Understanding the Basics Of an Acca Bet

To fully understand an accumulator bet we have to go back to the basics of the Acca. 

Definition of an Accumulator Bet

An accumulator bet (also known as an Acca) allows bettors to combine multiple selections in a single bet. 

BetUK Accumulator Bet Calculator

Selections in Accumulator Bets

Bettors choose multiple, complementary outcomes under a single wager. The bets cannot overlap with contradictory outcomes (e.g. a horse to both win and lose). 

For the bet to win, all bets must settle as a win. A single loser in the selections and the whole bet settles as a loss. 

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The Role of the Bookmaker

Most bookmakers allow bettors to place an accumulator bet in one way or another. Often times these may be referred to as “Accas” or “Bet Builders”, depending on the bookmaker of choice. 

When building an accumulator bet, bookmakers combine the odds of the single selections to offer larger payouts. It’s the equivalent of taking all winnings from Bet A and placing them on Bet B (and so on). 

Bookmakers love accumulator bets and will often advertise promotions, special offers and odds boosts to entice bettors. 

Types of Accumulator Bets

In total, there are 13 different types of accumulator bets including the standard all-or-nothing bet type. 

Bet Type  Description 
Accumulator  The standard accumulator. Bettors can place between 4 and 30 sections. Each selection must win.

£1 Stake = £1 

Double  Two selections. Both selections must win.

£1 Stake = £1 

Treble  Three selections. Both selections must win.

£1 Stake = £1 

Trixie  Three selections equating four bets (three doubles and a treble).

A minimum of two selections must win for a return. 

£1 Stake = £4

Patent  Three selections equating seven bets (singles, doubles and a treble).

A minimum of one selection must win for a return. A minimum of two selections must win for a profit.  

£1 Stake = £7

Yankee Four selections equating 11 bets (doubles, trebles and a 4-fold accumulator).

A minimum of two selections must win for a return.

£1 Stake = £11

Lucky 15 Four selections equating 15 bets (singles, doubles, trebles and a 4-fold acca).

A minimum of one selection must win for a return. A minimum of three selections must win for a profit.  

£1 Stake = £15

Canadian Five selections equating 26 bets (doubles, trebles, 4-folds and a 5-fold acca.).

A minimum of one selection must win for a return.

£1 Stake = £26

Lucky 31 Five selections equating 31 bets (singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds and a 5-fold acca.).

A minimum of one selection must win for a return.

£1 Stake = £31

Heinz Six selections equating 57 bets (doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds and a 6-fold.).

A minimum of two selections must win for a return. A minimum of four selections must win for a profit.

£1 Stake = £57

Lucky 63 Six selections equating 63 bets (singles, doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-fold acca.).

£1 Stake = £67

Super Heinz Six selections equating 63 bets (doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds and a 7-fold acca.).

£1 Stake = £120

Goliath  Eight selections equating 247 bets (doubles, trebles, 4-folds, 5-folds, 6-folds, 7-folds and an 8-fold acca.).

£1 Stake = £247

Table: The 13 different types of accumulator bet

The Mechanics of Accumulator Bets – Practical Examples

One of the easiest ways to understand the mechanics of an accumulator bet is by using practical examples.

Combined Odds

Accumulator odds can be calculated by multiplying the individual prices from each selection.

For example, if four selections are paid at 2/1 (3.0), the accumulator would pay out at 80/1 (81.0). 

Including the initial stake, the calculation would be 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 = 81.0

Calculating Potential Returns

To calculate potential returns from an accumulator bet, bettors should use the combined odds and their stake. 

Using the above example and the payout of 80/1, bettors can multiply their stake (S) by the payout (P) to calculate their return (R). Don’t forget to add the initial take with the following formula. 

(S x P) + S = R

For example, if betting £0.50:

(0.50 x 80) + 0.50 = £40.50

Stake and Payout

The stake can dramatically change the payout of an accumulator bet due to the inflated payout when adding multiple selections. 

Using the above example, changing the stake to £10:

(10 x 80) + 10 = £810

The initial stake is increased from £0.50 by just £9.50 to £10 but the payout transforms from £40.50 by more than £750 to £810. 

How to place an Acca Bet – Understanding Betting Slips and Bet Placement

It’s quick and easy to place an accumulator bet with most bookies allowing both in-browser and in-app support. 

View our step-by-step guide on placing an accumulator below:

  1. Navigate the betting app to visit your chosen sport (e.g. horse racing)
  2. Select the bet types that you’d like to add (e.g. a horse to place)
  3. Make all selections, adding them to your bet slip
  4. In the bet slip, choose the “accumulator” option in the “multiples” section
  5. Enter the stake amount and choose “place bets”

All bookmakers have slightly different systems to place an accumulator bet. Most will follow this pattern or a close example. 

Grosvenor Accumulator Bet

Advantages and Risks of Accumulator Bets

An accumulator, just as with all other bet types, comes with inherent advantages and risks that bettors should be aware of.

The advantages of an accumulator include: 

  • Greater returns
  • More excitement than single selections
  • Regular promotions and bonus offers

The disadvantages/risks of an accumulator include: 

  • Higher risk 
  • Larger bookmaker profits

For serious bettors, accumulators are often ignored due to the higher risk involved. Instead, single selections are preferred for minimizing the bookie’s advantage and owning more control of the stake. 

Tips for Successful Accumulator Betting

Accumulators may not be recommended by professional and experienced bettors, but there are still tips to make the most of your acca. 

Use Bonuses and Promotions 

The majority of bookmakers will offer bonuses and promotions to entice bettors into placing an acca. 

With such fierce competition between bookmaker brands, typical offers are competitive. Bettors can take advantage of acca offers (price boosts, etc.) to maximize their profits if a win comes their way. 

Invest in Acca Insurance

Although not offered by all, Acca Insurance is an important tool that bettors should invest in when placing accumulator bets. 

Acca insurance allows bettors to pay a small additional fee on top of their stake. If their acca falls short on one of the selections, bettors will still see a return on the bet. The payout won’t be as much as if the final selection wins – but something is better than nothing.

Research Events 

There is no substitute for event research – even when betting with accumulators. 

Knowing your sport inside and out can give you a competitive edge in sports betting. It may sound obvious, but there’s a whole host of bettors out there placing wagers on events they know nothing about. 

To ensure that you’re not one of them – avoid betting on sports and events without in-depth knowledge. 

Common Terms and Jargon

Accumulator/Acca. A multiple bet of four or more selections. For example, a bet with five selections where the bettor aims to choose five placed horses in the first five races.

Acca Insurance. A promotional or bonus feature that covers the losses of the bettor when placing an accumulator bet.