Best Odds Guaranteed: A Punter’s Guide to Maximizing Betting Value

The Best Odds Guaranteed can be a confusing promotion offered by bookmakers. 

Sure, betting sites can claim that they’re offering the best odds – but who or what are they comparing it to? It gets even more confusing when learning about the early price, starting price and how different bookmakers treat the promo period. 

In this article, we’ll define what “Best Odds Guaranteed” means. We’ll then detail the top bookmakers that offer Best Odds Guaranteed and how they’re used in both football and horse racing. Finally, we’ll cover the potential downsides, share betting strategies and discuss the future of the Best Odds Guaranteed feature.  

What is Best Odds Guaranteed? 

Best Odds Guaranteed, also known as “BOG”, is a betting promotion, typically offered on horse racing, by top bookmakers. The offer means that bookies will pay out at the starting price (the price at the race start) if the odds are greater than the odds initially accepted by the bettor. 

For example, you place a wager on a horse to win at 7/1. At the race start, the odds of your pick have changed to 9/1. If your horse wins, you will receive a 9/1 payout with the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion. 

Unlike price boosts and enhanced odds, the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion is automatically applied. But be aware that some bookies will require bettors to opt-in (free of charge).

The Best Odds Guaranteed promotion may be restricted when placing accumulator or multiple bets. This depends on the chosen bookmaker. Always read the terms and conditions.

Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers

Bettors don’t need to worry about fluctuations in price or bagging the best deal. With the promotion enabled, they’re guaranteed to get the best price from the time the bet is locked in.

Check out some of the top bookmakers that offer the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion: 

BetVictor Best Odds Guaranteed

BetVictor offers the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion on horse racing from 09:00 UK Time on race day. The BOG promo is about the standard that we’d expect from a top UK bookmaker. It can be applied to most markets, but cannot be used with early cash-outs, in-play bets or ante-post bets. 

BetVictor Best Odds Guaranteed

Bet365 Best Odds Guaranteed

Bet365 now only offers BOG from 08:00 UK Time on race day, an hour earlier than at BetVictor. The offer applies to singles, multiples, Bet Boost and Showcast bets placed on Win and Each Way or Win Only Fixed Odds markets only. All other markets are excluded from the offer. 

Ladbrokes Best Odds Guaranteed

Available from 08:00 UK Time on race day in all UK and Irish racing, Ladbrokes Best Offer Guarantee is another great option. Bettors can place bets on early prices, board prices, singles and multiples with the offer. There is a maximum payout of £2,500 per bettor per day. The offer does not include Ante-Post, Tote/Pools or Faller Insurance markets.

Ladbrokes Best Odds Guaranteed

Paddy Power Best Odds Guaranteed

The Paddy Power Best Odds Guaranteed offer is available from 08:00 UK Time on race day and offers a fairly standard promotion. The BOG offer applies to singles and multiples on win or each-way markets only. There is a low maximum payout to any one bettor of £1,000 per day.

Paddy Power Best Odds Guaranteed UK

Betfred Best Odds Guaranteed

Betfred Best Odds Guaranteed opens its doors at 8:00 AM UK time on the day of the race and applies to all UK and Irish Horse Racing. Single win and each-way markets and covered with the promo. Multiples are not supported. 

Sky Bet Best Odds Guaranteed

Available after 9:00 AM UK time on all UK and Irish Racing, the Sky Bet Best Odds Guaranteed is a great example. The offer is available for all bet types but does exclude any Money Back as Cash and Extra Place Races. The promotion is capped at £50,000 per bettor per day for horse racing.

Sky Bet Best Odds Guaranteed UK

Parimatch Best Odds Guaranteed

The Parimatch BOG promotion, available from 9 AM UK on race day, offers another good example of the promo. Both each-way and win bet types are covered, the offer does not t does not apply to ante-post bets or any extra markets. There’s a maximum cash benefit of £25,000 per bettor per day. 

Parimatch Best Odds Guaranteed

Betway Best Odds Guaranteed

The Betway Best Odds Guaranteed promotion follows the pattern created by most other bookies. The promotion opens at 9 AM UK time and is offered on each-way bets, win bets and multiple bets. 

Betway Best Odds Guaranteed

Horse Racing and Best Odds Guaranteed

The Best Odds Guaranteed promotion is, and always has been, most popular with horse racing. 

The promotion gained traction due to the changing prices of runners in the build-up to an event. Punters became frustrated when their price would be beaten at the race start. In response, bookies created the Best Odds Guaranteed offer – ensuring that all bettors would be happy with the final outcome. 

Punters can leverage this promotion in horse racing markets by selecting the promo (if it is not automatically applied). This ensures that they will always have the best possible price. Place bets early on race day to maximise the benefit of BOG.

Football Best Odds Guaranteed

Although there is a demand, there are no football Best Odds Guaranteed promotions that we are currently aware of. The offer is exclusively reserved for greyhound and horse racing markets. 

What are the potential downsides of “Best Odds Guaranteed”?

There are very few downsides to the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion. The most prevalent downsides of the BOG promotions are:

  • Low maximum BOG payouts by some bookmakers (Paddy Power, etc.)  
  • Bettors are encouraged to place bets early in the day

Bookmakers will often automatically apply the BOG offer to encourage bettors to commit and take an early price. With any major downsides or drawbacks, bettors would be unlikely to respond positively to the promo. 

Strategies for Punters

There is no real strategy for the Best Odds Guaranteed promotion. There isn’t really any downside that negatively affects punters. 

Instead, the only strategy would be to always take the BOG promotion where possible. 

Beyond ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’: Other Promotions to Consider

There are a small number of similar promotions to the Best Odds Guaranteed offer – such as a risk-free bet. 

Risk-free Bet

A risk-free bet is often, but not always, offered as part of a welcome package to new bettors at a bookmaker.

Typically, bettors must open an account and deposit a minimum amount to earn the risk-free bet. Similar to a BOG offer, there is no downside. Punters should, however, keep an eye on the wagering requirements to avoid any nasty surprises.

The Future of Betting Promotions

The future of betting promotions is all about personalization powered by artificial intelligence. 

Consumers love personalization. Whether it’s your name written on your custom drink at Starbucks or a tailored phone plan suited to your data, call and SMS needs. But customization is rare, and at best – very basic, in sports betting. 

With radical developments in AI, we’re predicting highly personalized offers in the sports betting world. Maybe you have a favorite horse, jockey or trainer. Regularly bet on a Sunday afternoon. Or only look forward to the Cheltenham events – with a data-driven approach, bookies may use your data to offer the best possible promotions for you.

The only question is whether this type of highly personalized sports betting will be restricted by the UK government.