What Is A Bet Builder?

Every once in a while, something new enters the world of betting that is a game changer. It is fair to say that the Bet Builder concept is one of those things that has revolutionized the way that punters bet.  

The Basics of a Bet Builder 

At its very base, a Bet Builder is a betting opportunity typically supplied on a single match by a bookmaker. The rise of same-game multiples picked out by the bookmakers was a game changer, but nothing like the concept of a punter being able to pick out the options themselves. The bookmaker still produces the prices that it wants, but the punter is in control of the entire process when it comes to the selections that create a Bet Builder.

Crafting Your Custom Bets 

Football is the most common sport to find Bet Builders on. The options are all stats-related, such as Player X having Y shots on target. Odds are variable depending on how many selections a punter picks. At least two selections must be made, typically eight or 10 being the maximum a punter can put into a Bet Builder. The stake is limited only by maximum payout amounts.

The punter being able to choose precisely what selections they want to bet on provides enormous flexibility. Over/under on corners, cards shown, and goals can be combined with players scoring, assisting, having shots or committing fouls. 

Odds can multiply fast as different options are added. For example, a punter might like over 2.5 goals in the game, Player X to score, Player Y to assist, over 12.5 total corners and over 3.5 total cards. With a Bet Builder, they can put them all into one bet to personalize their experience. 

The Rise of Multiple Bets in a Single Match 

The Bet Builder is a recent addition to the betting world but has quickly become popular with punters who enjoy their stats. There are so many niche in-game events to choose from that those who do a deep dive into the numbers from prior games can excel.

Markets like first goalscorer have always been popular, but they generally had to be done as multiple bets across several games. Now, there is this way to have combined bets in a single game, which is perfect for team supporters or those heading to the stadium to watch in person.

Advantages of Using a Bet Builder 

When it comes to being successful, nothing beats research into games and matches before having a bet. This is where a Bet Builder comes into their own as a punter can use their knowledge and create a bet that best suits that knowledge. 

Not only is there a vast amount of betting flexibility with a Bet Builder, but the addition of selections can enhance bet odds for the punter. Some sites even allow for a Bet Builder in play with real-time betting odds being used. 

Potential Pitfalls & Considerations 

Lack of knowledge and preparation are an issue for any betting strategy, especially for a Bet Builder. Any multi-selection bet becomes more and more challenging to win as selections are added to it. While it is tempting to see the odds going up and dreaming of what that could bring, fewer well-researched selections will always produce better results in the long run. 

Navigating Different Markets with Bet Builder 

A Bet Builder provides the punter with a wealth of betting options. With so many different match stats that can be used to bet upon, it allows the punter a never-before-seen level of bet slip customisation. 

As we spoke about above, there are endless options for punters to dig into and combine to make their perfect Bet Builder from goal handicaps, a penalty to be given, a red card to be shown to whether a player will score a goal with a header or from outside the area.

Given the above, it is unsurprising that player statistics dominate the Bet Builder markets. Finding a player who has an excellent record against a specific team or will benefit from how the opposition plays will always influence what selections a punter adds. 

Popular Sportsbooks Offering the Bet Builder Feature 

Most bookmakers have quickly seen the benefit of offering Bet Builders to their customers. We have got six of the best below with information about their betting platform and a betting guide to what is on offer.

Sky Bet

Prices are not always the strongest selling point for Sky Bet, but the volume of options when building your bet goes a long way to making up for it. They have an easy-to-use platform for Build-A-Bet, as they call it, with all the options separated on their drop-down tabs. 

Skybet Bet Builder


There is plenty of volume to be found in the Ladbrokes Bet Builder markets, but perhaps the best part of what they offer are the stat packs that can be found for the bigger games. Figures for the two teams are there, from goals and shots on target to the number of crosses and fouls that players have committed. Having stats at your fingertips makes building bets easier.

Ladbrokes Bet Builder


Rather than Stoke, Texas should be home to bet365 as everything is bigger there. A founding father of the Bet Builder movement, they have just about the broadest range of options for creating a custom-built bet. Loved by users worldwide, they lead the way regarding the Bet Builder. 

William Hill

As you would expect from one of the oldest and most prominent names, their Bet Builder is top-notch, with many options for punters. You can make multiples out of your Bet Builder selections for different games, adding an extra element of interest and giving even more flexibility to punters. 

William Hill Bet Builder


They are better known as a casino group, but they have taken an excellent first step into having a sportsbook, and their Bet Builder offering is solid. There are enough markets to keep punters happy, though other sportsbooks are slightly easier to find what you are looking for. That said, they are well worth keeping an eye on.

Grosvenor Bet Builder


Rhinobet are a newer bookmaker, so it is no surprise that their Bet Builder is a little on the basic side. Despite that, the odds on offer are strong compared to their peers, making them a good option for those not looking for too much in the way of niche markets. 

Rhinobet Bet Builder