How Do Odds Boosts Work?

An odds boost is a mutually beneficial part of the online gambling industry. Fundamentally, the price of a horse, football team, boxer, etc., is increased. Punters get a higher price on a selection they wish to bet on, and the bookmaker attracts the business to their site. 

Odds boosts can come in a couple of different ways. The first is bookmaker-led, where they choose which selection has their betting odds boosted. For example, West Ham are 4/6 at home to Bournemouth, but a bookmaker boosts them to 1/1. These often come with a limited stake allowed or a limit on how many punters can take advantage of the offer.

The other is given to the punter to pick what they want to boost. Several sportsbooks will pass control to the punter on which selection they want to increase their potential return. If you like Harry Kane to score first, you might want to boost his odds from 2/1 to 5/2 so you can use an odds boost provided by the bookmaker to do that.

The Role of the Sportsbook 

A sportsbook is a business which is there to make money. Any business relies on bringing customers through the door – odds boosts are a great way to do it. Whether it is an addition to the odds of a popular selection or an individual one selected by a punter, odds boosts are an intelligent way to increase traffic.

This delicate balance has to be played by the bookmaker to ensure that they are a profitable business and bring in customers who want to use them in the future. It is a game of give and take that adds more boardroom strategy to an odds boost than most would realize. 

Each bookmaker will have a team of traders who price up the markets. They form an opinion using their knowledge and challenge punters to do the same. Often, they will have a favorite they don’t like and want to get in the book, which can see the odds boosted to tempt custom.

The Benefits for the Punter 

The most obvious benefit of an odds boost is that a punter gets bigger odds on a selection they think will win. That means that potential returns will be larger than if the bet was placed at a smaller price, which adds more value to a bet.

Value is subjective when it comes to betting, with varying people having a different idea of what exactly constitutes value. Any price higher than a punter believes it should be is a personal value, so that an odds boost will provide that.  

Taking every odds boost on offer is a quick way to put yourself on the radar of a bookmaker’s algorithm, so they are best used strategically. Find the ones that you, as an individual, believe have the strongest winning chance at a price well above what you are hoping for. 

How to Spot & Use an Odds Boost 

One of the best things about a bookmaker picking a betting market to add an odds boost is that they will tell you about it! There will be adverts on the banners and carousels on the site showing everyone what odds boosts are on offer.

Most bookmakers will have odds boosts on several sports, so it is worth clicking through some of the games on offer in whatever sport you follow closely to see what boosts will be found for that day. 

There will be a section on a bookmaker’s website with promotions. Again, these are found on a prominent menu, so they are always easy to spot. It is useless for a bookmaker to hide them away when they are trying to push for business. 

An odds boost will most regularly be found on a significant televised game, whether football, tennis, basketball or something else. Placing a bet on an odds boost is simple – click on the price to add it to your bet slip, add the stake that you want to put on the bet in the box, and it will show you the payout you will receive if your bet is a winner. Click the bet or place bet button, and you’re on.

Skybet Odds Boost

The Fine Print: Terms & Conditions 

As with all bets, it is essential to understand the rules and regulations regarding odds boosts. We are all guilty of not reading the small print from time to time, but if an offer has a maximum stake of £5 and we place £10 on it, and we don’t get the price, we will only have ourselves to blame for not reading the wagering requirements set out by the bookmaker.

Most offers will have a maximum stake put on them or a time limit. Some might only be open for 30 minutes or less if the bookmaker takes the limit they are prepared to lay at the price. 

All bookmakers must be licensed by the Gambling Commission and conduct business fairly and openly. If you have a problem with a bookmaker and can’t solve it with them directly, then IBAS can be brought in to try and broker a solution. In very extreme cases, a license might be rescinded by the UKGC. 

Grosvenor Odds Boost UK

Odds Boosts Risks & Rewards 

Gambling is a balance of potential rewards against the risks of losing. Every bet placed could be a winner or a loser. The shorter the price, the more likely it is to be a winner in percentage chance, but betting is rarely as simple as that.  

A bookmaker might not offer an odds boost to every customer. Those who have taken advantage too often in the past might find they have them taken away. Also, some bookmakers will look to boost the price of a favourite that their traders are keen to lay. It is a cat-and-mouse game regarding the sportsbook managing their risks on the bet. 

One of the most essential parts of any betting strategy is to control what you are gambling. All punters should know their limits on what they can afford to lose and always stick to them. We would advise you never to bet more than a couple of per cent of your bankroll on any one bet and never chase your losses.

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Odds Boost vs. Other Betting Offers 

All betting markets are subject to fluctuations. If a horse has been drifting in price all day and is then boosted in price, it might tempt some in, but a further drift could make the odds increase poor value in the long run.

Even with extra juice added to prices, there is still a house edge overall, with other selections in the same market taking money simultaneously. It is wise to use a platform to check the history of the odds before taking a price boost to get an idea of why it is boosted.

Enhanced odds are slightly different as they are much further away from the actual price and used as a sign-up offer. Arsenal to beat Bournemouth boosted from 4/6 to 20/1 for new customers only, maximum stake £1 are the types that you will see. 

These can draw new users in to take the other odds boosts in the future. All bookmakers will use similar promotions that see odds lengthened. Use your knowledge to pick the right ones at the perfect time for long-term success.