What are the Best Cricket Bags?

As a cricketer, you need to have a fine cricket bag with enough space for all of the equipments such as cricket bats, balls, gloves, chest guard, thigh guard, shin guard, and a helmet. Additionally, you also require space for carrying shoes, towels, a water bottle, and an extra pair of clothes. All these items together take up a lot of space and weigh around 4 to 6 kilograms. Hence it is recommended to go for a cricket bag that is large, strong, and have some compartments to place the small gears like gloves or water bottles etc easily and conveniently. This huge bag should also have strong straps to carry the weight of your entire kit. Also, bags with wheels would be an added advantage.

With so many parameters and such a huge selection to choose from, it could get confusing while selecting a cricket bag. To help you find quality products, we bring you the brief review of some of the best cricket bags available in the market.

6 Best Cricket Bags Reviews

1. Gunn & Moore GM 707 Premium Cricket Kit Bag

Gunn and Moore GM 707 Premium Cricket bags are one of the finest we have in the market. You can get these bags in Black colour with patterned linings and designs on them. These bags come with large and strong wheels that are good enough to be rolled on the ground with thick grass. These bags are made of 600 Denier polyester. With the kind of fabric and strong straps, you can carry the load of up to 30 lbs (~13.6 kilograms). They come in two variations – “Duffle bags” and “Wheelie bags”.

a) GM 707 Duffle Bags

The size of a Gunn Moore 707 Duffle bag is 76 CM x 36 CM x 31 cm. It has a dedicated show tunnel and 2 adjustable padded shoulder straps. It also has two integrated bat pockets to accommodate 2 cricket bats.

b) GM 707 Wheelie

GM 707 Wheelie comes in 89 cm x 31 cm x 32 cm that fits entire cricket gear with multiple bats (2 or 3 bats). As the name goes, Wheelie bags have a specially designed wheels system that works on all terrain.

2. SS Premium Camo Duffle Cricket Kit Bag

SS Premium Camo Duffle Cricket Kit Bag is manufactured by, Indian Manufacturers Saren Sports, commonly known as SS, a well-established Indian company. SS manufactures numerous cricket gears including world-class cricket bags, gloves and kit bags. The Camo duffle kit bag is one of the best cricket kit bags, ideally made for professional cricketers. It comes with 1 main compartment, 2 external sleeves for bats, 1 large external pocket in front, and 1 dedicated compartment for the shoes. The bag’s size is 28 L x 12.5 w x 12.5 H inches.

SS Camo Duffle cricket bag comes with full premium padded lining, and it has base pads too for better ground clearance. The kit bag also has an extra waist belt and a double shoulder pad. Like other duffle bags and SS gears, this is another quality product from the manufacturers. It comes in multiple colours and it is made from Kashmiri Willow.

3. SG Combopak Cricket Kit Bag with Wheels

Another impressive name on this list is SG’s Combopak Cricket Kit Bag, available at a very affordable price. The kit has large pockets to hold cricket equipment and other useful stuff. It is made of premium PU coated material and heavy-duty nylon tapes with reinforcement. It has two heavy-duty, long-lasting wheels with plastic strips for easy and better portability, balance and extra stability. The kit bag also has an extra durable base sheet and premium quality zips for better durability. It has one additional big outside pocket and a dedicated shoe compartment. It comes in varied designs and colours. The size of the SG Combopak cricket kit bag is 36 L x 11 W x 4 H inches. It’s a perfect cricket bag for professional level players.

4. MRF Warrior Kit Bag

Preferred by professional players, this excellent value MRF Warrior Kit Bag is one of the largest bags available in the market. The bag is made from premium PU material and top quality Tetron, and it comes with a heavy-duty integrated wheel system which makes it easier to transport and last longer. The MRF Warrior Kit Bag comes in blue and black, with the size of 30 L x 12 W x 6 H inches. The bag is provided with a big U shaped zip at the top for accessing the main compartment to store large equipment like cricket bats, stumps, etc. Once you open the top zip, you can see two thickly padded bat caves. It has a few zipped compartments at the front and sides, which can be useful for conveniently placing small gears and other equipment separately. It also has a dedicated shoe compartment, padded handle, moulded rubber handles and carry-straps. At the base of the bag, there are three plastic railings to protect the gears inside from getting damaged with the elevation. The kit bag is very thickly padded overall, making all your gears quite secure from damage during transportation.

5. BSN Sports Team Equipment Bag

‎Team Equipment Bag from BSN Sports, a subsidiary of US-based company Varsity Brands is also a unique cricket kit bag with 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Team Equipment Bag is large with dimensions ‎26 L x 15 W x 3 H inches, and it comes in black colour, with a large logo on the front giving it. The kit bag has a sporty look and feel, and it can be used for almost any sport, not just cricket. It is very useful for players as well as coaches of various sports for matches or practice sessions. Due to one large opening at the top, you can easily use it for large gears like cricket bats or helmets or other equipment. The bag has dual handles making it simple to carry, and it comes with quality zips. However, it has no wheels, so it is more useful for regular practice sessions in local regions.

6. SS Elite Wheel Cricket Bag

Here’s another great option from Sarin Sports – SS Elite Wheel Cricket Bag. It’s an excellent kit bag made from tough polyester material with extra coating for durability. It’s a large size cricket bag with the dimensions ‎35 L x 16.8 W x 4.2 H inches. This strong and sturdy cricket kit bag is available in red and blue colours. The bag features wheels for easy movement, and it contains ample space for storing large equipment like cricket bats, stumps, helmets. It’s an excellent choice of bag for professionals, with nice weather-resistant material and heavy-duty zips. There is one big zip at the top opening into a large compartment for all the big gears, and a pocket at the sides of the bag for the cricket shoes. At the bottom of the bag, there are five rubber feet which provide decent protection to the gears inside. It has a rubber moulded handle at a side and padded straps which makes it quite portable. It also comes with a mesh-lined pocket for storing your keys, wallet and mobile while you are playing or practising.

Cricket Bag Types

As we saw in the preceding sections, the features of cricket kit bags vary from bag to bag in terms of wheels, padding, straps, pockets, materials and size. Primarily, the cricket kit bags are categorized into “Wheelie” and “Duffle” bags.

1. Wheelie Cricket Bag

It is one of the most commonly used cricket bags. Wheelie cricket bags or wheelies have wheels for easy transportation in flat terrain. While the wheels take the pressure off from shoulders and back, the wheelies also have handles to carry or lift the bag whenever needed. A wheelie bag makes it very easy to take the full cricket kit to the ground and back. So along with lots of space for all the cricket gears, and cricket equipment the heavy duty wheels in these bags provide stability and balance. Such bags come with modern designs with several compartments.

what are the Best Cricket Bags

2. Duffle Cricket Bag

Duffle cricket bags, commonly known as duffles are kit bags without wheels, and they are specially made to cater to the requirements of some players who prefer to carry the bags on their shoulders instead of traditional wheelies. The duffle bags is gaining popularity over the last few years. A duffle cricket bag is a better option when you are using it for practice, where you would be carrying fewer gears in the bag. The duffles are provided with stronger shoulder straps to make them easy to carry while using the stairs.

Important Cricket Bag Features

1. Storage Space

Unlike football, in the game of cricket, players need to carry a lot of gears varying in size and weight. For equipment like for batting pads or wicketkeeping pads, bats, a helmet, the storage space of the kit bag needs has to be large. For a player who regularly travels to cricket matches, a large cricket kit bag with a large main compartment or middle section will come in handy as it can store cricket kit, other kit, clothes and toiletries in one bag.

2. Compartment Pockets

It is always good to have a cricket bag with multiple compartments to store gears like gloves, shows, bats or balls separately. Also, compartments or side pockets or a front pocket for valuables like your keys, wallet and mobile can be quite useful too. A separate compartment for shoes is a must-have for easier cleaning, to avoid dirt and dust getting spread in the main compartment where you may also be keeping your clothes.

3. Wheels

One of the most distinguishing features in a cricket bag is the wheels system. The wheels make it very easy to transport the kit bag comfortably on flat surfaces on daily basis without worrying about the weight of the kit. The wheels can also provide the required balance and durability.

Best Cricket Bags Reviews

4. Materials

The cricket bags are made with very carefully chosen materials to provide maximum defense to the cricket equipment. The outer layer of the cricket bags is made of nylon which is a synthetic fibre. For waterproofing and durability of the cricket bag, a thin coating of PVS is applied over the nylon. For the pockets or inner bat caves, more or less thick padding or cushioning is provided using high-density foam. The wheels of the wheelie bags are made from plastic.


I hope this article will help you choose the perfect cricket bag which suits your requirements. Depending on whether you need one for the practice or matches, for travelling or local use, you can opt for duffles or wheelies. Don’t forget, apart from wheels and large space, the number of compartments, strong straps, waterproofing PVC coating and rubber railings at the bottom are equally important to keep your valuables and to protect your gears from damages.