How to Clean a Cricket Bag?

Do you remember the last time you washed or even wiped your cricket bag? It’s not your fault, though. Generally, players just ignore this simple aspect of maintaining the cricket bag while following their passion for playing cricket. It is equally important to keep the cricket bag clean just the way we frequently clean clothes, shoes and towels.

Cricketers should inculcate a habit of cleaning the cricket bag regularly, not just from outside, but also from the inner side. Don’t forget to remove the straps, if any, before using the washing machine or before the handwash. It is very important to dry the cricket bag completely before using it again.

Let’s take a look at some of the simple steps you can follow to clean your cricket bag or your gym bag. Why not start with the simplest one – consistency.

Steps to Keep Your Cricket Bag Clean

A cricket bag serves to hold all your cricket batting gloves, your cricket bat and many other pieces of equipment. By performing the following maintenance steps, you can make sure that your bag serves you for a long time.

Clean Your Bag Out Regularly

After playing days of cricket, the cricket bags naturally get dirty. The dirt, dust, the moist or sweat present in cricket gears can affect the bag from inside. Just like regular washing of bed sheets, towels, shoes, it is advisable to clean the bag frequently.

Regular cleaning will prevent unwanted smells, also, this way, the bag’s overall look, feel as well as hygiene can be preserved. A clean bag can also help give a better vibe to the cricketer.


Turn the Cricket Bag Inside Out

It’s not just the outside of a cricket bag that needs cleaning. The inner side is even dirtier and needs to be cleaned well. An oil based stain may require extra spot wash. A cricket bag contains various cricketing gears including cricket bats, cricket pads, batting gloves, helmets, guards, shoes, jerseys that make the cricket bag messy and smelly from inside.

A simple way to do this is to turn the cricket bag inside out before washing. This will also make sure that you have removed all the gears, cricket gloves, etc. before cleaning. So don’t forget to turn the cricket bag inside out next time you are about to wash it.

Remove any Straps During Washing

This is a precautionary step if you are going for a machine wash for your cricket bag. If your bag has detachable straps, it is recommended to take them off, otherwise, just make a knot with the straps so that the bag does not get tangled up due to the straps inside the washing machine’s spinning drum.

Also, if the straps are not detached or tied up, it could cause damage to the inner part of the washing machine drums. You can also try adding towels or sheets of similar colours, which might act as a cushion for the inner drum.

Wash the Bag on a Delicate Cycle

You should wash using cold water, and try using ‘delicate cycle’ if this option is available in your washing machine. And, a half cup of vinegar along with a regular chunk of washing powder, as vinegar has odour fighting power. Of course, you may also use any of your favourite liquid cleansers as well, if you like that better.

Hang Dry the Cricket Bag

Once the machine round is over, take out your cricket bag, untie the straps (if they were tied), and hang the bag in an open area to dry it up. In a few hours, you are ready to use your seemingly new bag.

Remove Dirty Stuff

In addition to regular cleaning of the cricket bags, you must also ensure that dirty cricket gears are not kept in your bag for too long. Batting gloves and cricket pads collect sweat which can get smelly after some time.

Once you are home, take out the dirty shoes, pads, etc. to avoid the smell and bacteria building up inside your cricket bag. This will also help to keep your bag cleaner for a longer duration.


Handwash Instead of Machine Wash

You need to know if your bag is fit for machine wash. For some bags, machine washing could be harmful. In such cases, ‘handwash’ is the only way to go. But this should not bother you or elongate your cleaning frequency.

In fact, handwashing is equally effective and not too difficult. For handwashing, first pour some washing powder or mild soap into a bowl of warm water, and then dip a towel or a rag or a soft cloth into the diluted mixture and wipe the inner and outer surface of the cricket bag with the damped cloth.

As the next step, take another clean rag or towel, soak it with clean water, and wipe the bag. For extra clean effect, you may try Lysol spray which can help to kill bacteria in addition to removing the bad odour.

Sprinkling baking soda may also help to remove unwanted smells or dirt.

Read the Washing Instructions

Usually, cricket bags come with washing instructions on a label or in a booklet that comes along with the bag.

Please be careful and read those instructions to have a better cleaning experience and to avoid any unwanted damage to the cricket bags. An online sports store usually features these information, so you can read them before buying the cricket kit.

Pay Special Attention to Leather

Using a leather cleaner is great for leather surfaces. If your cricket bag has leather sections too, you should pay extra attention to them, since leather is a material that is quite sensitive to water and dampness.

In that case only handwash is possible for the rest of the bag, and apply a dedicated leather conditioner or leather cleaner to your favourite cricket bag. Leather wipes are also designed to keep your leather materials clean and in top shape.

Use Compartment Functions

If your cricket bag has different compartments or pockets, that comes with many benefits, and you must use them to keep different pieces of cricket gear, cricket shoes, batting gloves, pads, etc.

It will avoid cluttering, also, dust and smell can be restricted to small pockets of the bag, instead of spreading it in the main big portion of the bag. Remember to clean these compartments and pockets as well.

Final Thoughts on How to Clean Cricket Bags

Hope this article provides you with enough insights about how to keep the cricket bag clean and free from smell and dirt and also explains how simply taking care can be achieved.

It’s a matter of getting into the habit of cleaning the cricket bag regularly with the methods mentioned above, as some hot water and a soft cloth helps most of the time.

Remember to use leather conditioner if you need to, and stick to your routine as much as possible to lengthen the life of your cricket bag.