12 Best Cricket Stadiums in Australia

Australia is a country which contains some of the most spectacular cricket stadiums in the world and I’m now going to take a closer look at the best of those grounds.

How Many Cricket Stadiums Are There in Australia?

In total, 12 stadiums have hosted cricket matches in Australia. In general, only six of those will host international cricket on a regular basis. There are many more cricket grounds in Australia used for first class cricket while many hundreds of minor facilities will be in place across the length and breadth of this vast country.

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12 Best Cricket Grounds in Australia

1. Adelaide Oval

In my opinion, the Adelaide Oval is the best cricket stadium in Australia. Opened in 1871, the Adelaide Oval was first used by South Australia for state cricket three years later while its first ever test match was fought between Australia and England in 1884.

Like a lot of major cricket grounds around the country, the Adelaide Oval is also used for Australian Rules Football. Rugby League and rock concerts have also been hosted so this is a very versatile ground.

Its current capacity is set at 55,317 but the record attendance here exceeded 62,000 for an AFL football match.


2. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Some would argue that the Melbourne Cricket Ground should be at the top of this list and there’s definitely a case for pushing it higher. It certainly has the history and, after opening in 1853, it held the first ever test match between Australia and England in 1877.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground also wins in terms of size. It is the largest sports stadium in the Southern Hemisphere and the 11th biggest overall. It’s capacity of 100,000 puts it second only to the Sardar Patel Stadium in India.

It’s really only the aesthetics of the Adelaide Oval that puts it in first place. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is pretty but not quite in that class.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground serves as home ground for the Melbourne Stars.


3. Sydney Cricket Ground

The Sydney Cricket Ground traditionally hosts Australia’s first test of the New Year. Opened in 1848, the Sydney Cricket Ground currently hosts cricket, AFL and both codes of rugby and its capacity is relatively modest at 48,601.

That small capacity holds it back on the overall top ten list but it could certainly be argued that the Sydney Cricket Ground could well be number one in terms of aesthetics. The stadium has retained its historic members and ladies grandstands and it is a truly beautiful location.

The Sydney Cricket Ground serves for the Sydney Sixers as their main home ground.

Sydney Cricket Ground

4. Brisbane Cricket Ground

Established in 1895, the Gabba – also known as the Brisbane Cricket Ground – is another of the smaller grounds with a capacity of just 42,000 but the atmosphere when the stadium is packed is electric. It is a historic ground which traditionally gets to host the first test match of an Australian summer.

The Gabba was also the venue when Australia played their first home T20 international in 2006. It is another multi-purpose stadium and it even hosted Olympic Soccer when the country held the games in 2000.


5. Bellerive Oval

The primary cricket ground on the island of Tasmania is the Bellerive Oval. Opened in 1914, it is the regular home of the Hobart Hurricanes and has also hosted international matches in all three formats.

Its small capacity of just 20,000 is balanced by its attractive design and that’s why it’s so high on the list. If it could somehow be bigger, a global audience would see just what a great facility the Bellerive Oval really is.


6. Optus Stadium in Perth

The Optus Stadium claims to be the most advanced multipurpose sports facility in Australia. It’s certainly one of the most expensive in the world and was believed to have cost some $1.6 Billion AUD when it was opened in 2017.

The Australian cricket team now play international games here having switched from the WACA (Western Australian Cricket Association). Despite being a modern ground, it is an attractive stadium which helps the Optus to appear high on this list.


7. Bradman Oval in Bowral

The great Donald Bradman has long been associated with the New South Wales town of Bowral. In fact, Bowral’s welcome sign carries a likeness of ‘The Don’ taking strike.

The ground itself was given the Bradman name in 2000 but it has been in existence since 1896. It ranks highly on this list because of its beautiful design although the capacity is small and only women’s international games have been staged up to 2021.

If nearby, one cannot miss the Sir Donald Bradman Museum just next to the legendary cricket ground.


8. Docklands Stadium in Melbourne

It’s not really the most attractive ground in Australia with its modern engineering but the Docklands Stadium is an impressive site. Opened in 2000, it has a capacity of over 55,000 and is a regular home for the Melbourne Renegades.

It’s also multipurpose with football, AFL and rugby being played here. The Docklands hasn’t held an international cricket match since 2006 so perhaps Cricket Australia have moved on.


9. Stadium Australia in Sydney

Specifically designed for the Sydney Olympics in 2000, Stadium Australia has since gone on to host a number of top-class sports, including cricket. It remains one of the most diverse cricket grounds in the country with rugby, AFL and soccer also being held here.

When the Big Bash comes to town, the Sydney Thunder play their home games here while New South Wales feature in State cricket. The regular capacity is now 82,500 but a massive record crowd of 114,714 crammed in here for the Olympics Closing Ceremony.


10. Manuka Oval in Canberra

The Manuka Oval in Canberra has stepped in as a neutral ground during the Big Bash T20 tournament. As of 2021, it’s hosted just one test match but it has been more frequently used for ODIs and T20is.

Opened in 1929, the Manuka Oval has a very small capacity at just 16,000 and that keeps the ground down in tenth place. It’s nicely designed and is used for AFL too.


11. Junction Oval in Melbourne

It may not be a familiar name but the Junction Oval in St Kilda is one of the most important locations for women’s cricket in Australia. Tests, ODIS and T20is are played here and this is also the home for the Victoria men’s team.

Opened in 1856, it has the history and is also very diverse with AFL played here. However, with a capacity of just 7,000, it is one of the smallest professional grounds in Australia.


12. Devonport Oval

Another ground in Tasmania, the Devonport Oval is chiefly known for its association with AFL but it’s also widely used for cricket matches. Opened in 1937, the capacity is relatively small at just 14,000 but it’s expertly designed and there’s a great atmosphere when the stadium is full.

Just one solitary ODI has been played but the attractive ground deserves more international attention in the future.


What is the Oldest Cricket Ground in Australia?

The oldest stadium of all is the Sydney Cricket Ground. Opened in 1848, it beats the Melbourne Cricket Ground into second place by six years.

What is the Biggest Cricket Ground in Australia?

Cricket grounds in Australia are renowned for their vast playing surfaces and big boundaries. It’s not uncommon for batsmen to complete all-run fours during test matches and first class games.

In terms of capacity, the largest cricket ground in Australia is the Melbourne Cricket Ground which has that incredible limit of 100,000. It’s the largest sports stadium of any kind in the entire southern hemisphere.