How to Bet on Cricket Sessions?

Cricket, and test match cricket in particular, are grouped into sessions. Commentators will often talk about the need to win sessions but did you know that you can bet on them too?

What are Sessions in Cricket?

A session is a defined period of play in a cricket match either side of a specified break. This doesn’t include any unscheduled breaks for injuries or other potential disruptions.

The brief pause for drinks does not define a session either.

How Many Sessions are there in Test Cricket?

During a day’s play in a test match, there are three sessions. There is the morning session, the afternoon session and the evening session.

In between the morning session and the afternoon session, players will take a break for lunch lasting 40 minutes. Between the afternoon session and the evening session, there is a 20-minute break for tea. Finally, following the evening session, the players finish for the day.

What Session Cricket Betting Markets can I bet on?

Pre-Match Betting Markets

Fall of First Wicket

This is a good example of betting on a particular session before the match actually starts. Here, you are required to stake on the number of runs that you think will be scored before the first wicket falls.

This is a pre-match bet which will likely appear on the morning of a game. Once everyone knows who has won the toss and will be batting first, you can assess the strength of the opening batsmen and stake accordingly. The sportsbooks who get involved in the Fall of First Wicket market will publish a series of Run Lines: 50.5 could be a good example and here, you need to decide whether more than or less than 50.5 runs will be scored before a batter is out.

Cricket sessions

Over and Under

Betting on session runs is another market that will be listed by the bookmakers before the game actually starts. In another guide, I’ve spoken at great length about the Over and Under markets which generally apply to the total number of runs scored in a match.

This market is similar except we’re staking on the number of runs that we think will be scored in a session. Bookmakers list a series of run lines and the bettor decides whether to stake Above or Below one or more lines.

In-Play Betting Markets

Fall of Next Wicket

As we’re learning more about how to win session in cricket betting, we come across an option that can only be found in the live markets. Fall of Next Wicket is an in-play bet that asks bettors to judge how many runs will be scored before the next wicket falls.

As with Over and Under betting, there are many possibilities here and it’s up to the customer to judge how the game is developing and how many runs are likely to be scored before that next wicket falls.

Other Markets

Batsman Runs

This is self explanatory and it’s a market that asks you to speculate on how many runs a player is likely to score in a session. It can appear pre-match, once the toss has been made and the sportsbooks are aware of which team is batting first.

Batsman Runs can also appear in the live cricket markets and this is where they are most common. As a wicket falls and a new batsman comes to the crease, the sportsbooks will post an option to bet on how many runs you think he or she will score across the remainder of the session.

Team Runs

Instead of focusing on one or two batsmen, this is a bet on the number of Team Runs scored during a session. It’s another market where a series of lines will be listed by the bookmakers and the bettor has to decide whether to go Over or Under one or more of those lines.

It’s worth noting that it doesn’t matter how many wickets fall during the session. All eleven batsmen can contribute to the total if necessary. We’re just concentrating on the number of runs scored by the team as a whole.

Next Man Out

The Next Man Out bet is a simple choice between the two players at the crease. It can be posted pre-match, before the start of the game, once the bookmaker becomes aware of which team is batting first.

Next Man Out options will continue throughout the game and will appear in each session. Whoever is at the crease will have odds next to their name and the aim of the bettor is to successfully stake on which one is dismissed first.

Bet on Cricket Sessions

Runs Scored in Next Over

Not all sportsbooks get involved in this one but those that focus on cricket as a whole and, specifically, betting on a particular session will publish a Runs Scored in Next Over market.

This is especially popular in the limited overs formats where there is scope for lots more runs than there are in the first class game. However, runs in next over bets can be found for test matches, one day internationals and T20 matches.

This is a market where analysis of the passage of play will be helpful. Are the batsmen scoring at a fast tempo or are the bowlers tying them down on a sluggish pitch?

How to Win Session in Cricket Betting Market?

Betting on a cricket session is a good option for those who are watching a game and are looking to analyse the passage of play. We’ve answered the question what are sessions in cricket so how do you stand a good chance of placing some winning bets?

Firstly, if you are serious about any aspect of live cricket betting, we suggest that you watch the game in progress. You can just follow the updating scorecard but it isn’t quite the same. Big internationals in all three forms and domestic T20 tournaments are all picked up by the live broadcasters.

For matches that aren’t shown by the major TV companies, it’s worth checking your bookmaker to see if they offer live streaming. Also, check on YouTube as the home team may provide their own live stream via this channel.

I’ve mentioned research at many points in this round up but it needs emphasising once again. Take a look into form, plus any head to head results, plus details of how each team and player performs at certain venues.

For live session betting markets, watch the game and study the passage of play. As a cricket fan and analyst, you can start to identify patterns that can help you to pick out some winners as that match progresses.

You’ll also need to choose the right moment to place your bet, particularly in live cricket markets where the odds can change very quickly. For that reason, you should also have a good internet connection and be able to bet on mobile in order to react and stake as fast as possible.

Closing Thoughts

If you like to think of yourself as a strong cricket analyst, betting on cricket sessions is worth considering. Conditions can change very quickly during a game and you have to react quickly with them.

The question how to win in cricket session can be answered in a number of ways but it can also bring the underdog into play. A weaker team may not win the match but they can win sessions and deliver at longer odds.