What is 3-Way Betting in Cricket?

Cricket betting, like other popular sports, carries its own set of terminology but what do we mean when we talk about the intriguingly named 3-way betting?

What is a 3-way Bet?

A three-way bet is available in a cricket match where there are three possible outcomes. The most obvious of these lies in test cricket where there could be a win for either side plus a draw.

In limited overs cricket, the markets will usually offer a win for each team. While there is scope for a tie within the game’s laws, the sportsbooks don’t tend to provide this as a betting option. Instead, they may look to apply their dead heat rules if the scores finish level.

In short, you should think of test cricket when analysing 3-way betting.

What Sports Enable 3-way Betting?

Any sport where a draw is a legitimate result can be open to 3-way bets. The most common example would be football where the draw happens on a more regular basis. Rugby union is another possibility but draws are much rarer here.

Occasionally, the draw is possible in individual sports. League formats in darts and snooker are examples but, in general, we’re talking about team sports.

To emphasise, your options in a 3-way bet for a match between Team A and Team B are

  • A win for Team A
  • A win for Team B
  • A Draw

cricket 3 way Bet

What to Consider When Placing a 3-way Bet?

Because of the name, some new sports bettors wrongly assume that they are making three bets here. In reality, you are just looking to pick one of those three options.

Remember that, in sports where there are three options, the odds for a win on each team will be longer in contrast to events in, say tennis, where only two possible outcomes exist.

Having decided that you’re going to take a three-way bet, you now need to do some research that would help you to pick out a winner. Cricket games can be influenced by a number of factors including form, head-to-head results between the two sets of opponents on show and any likely injury absences.

Remember too that we have the draw as a third option. Drawn games are becoming rarer in test cricket but what about the likely weather conditions? While we can’t rely completely on a forecast, the likelihood of rain can shorten playing time and increase the chances of a draw.

These are some of the factors that you need to consider if you are looking to get involved with 3-way betting.

What Does Match Winner 3-Way Mean?

Match Winner 3-way betting is simply another way in which to describe the type of 3 way bet that we’ve covered extensively in this round up. While the ‘match winner’ portion of that term may suggest otherwise, we have another three-way bet to consider.

Once again, those three options are for a win for either side or a draw. It’s another piece of betting terminology that is most commonly used in football markets and you could also see this listed as 1, X, 2.

To clarify:

  • 1 = a win for the home side
  • X = a draw
  • 2 = a win for the away side

It’s less common for this format to be shown against cricket matches but it can appear so it’s important to know what 1, X, 2 means.

In summary, Match Winner 3 Way is just another term for a regular 3 way bet.

Best Sites for 3-Way Betting in Cricket


3 Way betting can be a good place to start for anyone new to cricket betting. If we take away the terminology, it’s really a simple equation where the bettor has to decide on who will win, or whether the game will finish as a draw.

That third option on the draw means that there are more choices than there would be in a one-day game.

Bettors have mixed views on three way betting: Some prefer those 2-way games where the only options are a win for either side. The odds may be shorter but, with just two teams or individuals on show, there’s less exposure and when there’s a clear favourite, it may seem like an easier call.

The three way bets require players to think more about the game that lies ahead and, another potential benefit is the fact that odds can be longer. The draw also becomes a factor to consider and can be a valuable result in its own right.

Cricket is different from football and rugby in that weather conditions have a much greater chance of interfering with play. Lost hours in the game could make the draw a more likely option. Similarly, two sides with very strong batting depth might occupy the crease for longer and that’s another reason to consider a draw.

I personally quite like the 3-way bet for test cricket because it gives you more to think about. The scope for analysis is increased and there are far more factors to consider besides deciding on which is the best team.

Others will prefer the 2-way bet, but it’s always good to have a choice in terms of betting markets.