How Do You Loosen Cricket Spikes? – Guide to Spike Maintenance

Cricket spikes play a crucial role in the usage of cricket shoes in a match or a during training. Removing cricket spikes in general or installing new ones instead is an integral part of maintaining cricket shoes. However, a lot of athletes are unaware of the proper procedure which then results in causing damage to the shoes.

This article will cover all the specific details of and around cricket spikes and how to remove them without any damage possibilities.

What are Cricket Spikes for?

Cricket spikes are usually put on to add additional grip potential to cricket shoes and help in improving player performance. They are featured on the outsoles of the shoes and they are most compatible for wet and greasy conditions wherein the utmost grip is required for a player to perform freely. Whether it is a wet or a dry outfield, cricket spikes always provide extra grip and are a no-brainer.

Are Cricket Spikes Removable?

Cricket spikes are removable. You can change your cricket spikes in most cricket shoes but it depends on the manufacturer and the product. Cricket spikes are similar on most occasions, however, can differ from different brands. In cricket, different conditions may require different types of spikes in the shoe, hence, they can be replaced to make the cricket shoes suitable for the conditions. Cricket spikes are also removable on occasions when you need a lighter shoe to play with or the venue of the cricket pitch is switched to a synthetic surface.

How Do You Remove Cricket Spikes without Tools?

Cricket spikes are installed near the delicate part of the shoes and need to be handled carefully while removed without tools. First and foremost, clean the area of the spike; remove the shoe sole and gently tap around the spikes which will certainly help loosen the spikes. Following that, you may try to remove spikes using a key, a cleat wrench, or a nail clipper. You need to insert your pair of needle-nose pliers into the holes that are in the body of the spikes and turn it in a clockwise motion to pull them out gently.

The reason you apply gentle taps around the perimeter of the shoe’s sole is to avoid a great deal of force, as you need not require a lot of pressure to help shake spikes loose from their sockets. In addition to the mentioned process above, spraying lubricant or WD40 may also help loosen any stuck spikes.

cricket shoes spikes

What is a Cricket Spikes Key?

Cricket spikes are very delicate and need a piece of equipment to be removed/installed in a cricket shoe. For that job, we have a cricket spikes key which is a small tool designed to remove spikes from sports shoes. Its role is not only to remove the cricket spikes but also used for fit modern-day metal and rubber spikes in cricket shoes.

Cricket spikes key comes in different shapes and sizes and is manufactured by multiple brands. One of the most trusted ones is the performer cricket spikes key available on amazon. It’s one of the most reliant keys on the market and its round steel grip at the mouth of the key allows a comfortable grip while installing or removing the spikes.

What is a Cricket Spikes Tightener?

Cricket spikes tightener is not too different than a key as it is just different in shape. As the whole cricketing world is aware, Slazenger is one of the most trusted cricketing brands ever to exist. They have also been the hands behind manufacturing the cricket spikes tightener which is available online at your disposal.

Their job is to tighten the spikes in your cricket shoes so they don’t loosen up easily after being used excessively. Spikes usually loosen up after taking in a lot of pressure applied by the players. This tool avoids that by tightening it and pushing it further in and helps the players play without any hesitation of the spikes coming out mid-game.

Spike Maintenance

Maintaining the spikes is of utmost importance after using them vigorously. You must avoid leaving shoes/spikes in direct sunlight as it can be of great harm to the material and affect its life expectancy. You must be careful of how you clean your shoes; be sure to dry your shoes before storing them inside your shoe bag etc. While using the key or tapping the perimeter of the shoe to remove the spikes, don’t ruin the spike sockets. Spikes are of vital use and must be handled with great care as they are easy to lose because of their small shape.

Avoid applying water on them as they will quickly catch rust. With that being said, clean your spike sockets and the sole of the shoe often so that the spikes can be used for a longer time. Not taking care of your shoe can result in the spike getting rusty and making it almost impossible to remove from the socket. Hence, maintenance is important.


These were some of the important aspects of a cricket spike. They are quite valuable for a sportsperson, cricketers especially. We hope this article provides you with all the necessary information on how to replace, take care and maintain your cricket spikes.