Cricket Practice Net – Find the Best Net to Improve your Cricket Skills

Finding a place to practice your cricketing skills has never been an easy task. Keeping in mind your daily struggles, we have brought together a chunk of information and suggestions for DIY or pre-manufactured cricket nets which are available on amazon.

As the net increases safety during practice, especially personal training, we bring to you some of the most budget-friendly and authentic portable cricket net cages for you to build yourself and practice in.

Let’s take a look at some of these Cricket Net Cages

Best Cricket Practice Nets Reviewed

Fortress Mobile Cricket Cage

The Fortress Mobile cricket cage is one of the best finds ever and will prove to be very handy while practising. It is covered from the top and sides which reduces the chances of having to run behind and fetch those big hits during practice. The biggest advantage of the cage which it proudly boasts is its 6x heavy-duty anti-tamper wheels for simple portability across any type of playing surface. This cage is widely suitable and used for cricket and baseball.

The dimensions of the cricket cage are 24ft x 10ft x 10ft / 7.3m x 3m x 3m. This netting cage comes with a cage that offers complete resistance to rust & weathering thanks to its premium 2.5mm steel construction. It has also been galvanised for obtaining more strength and longevity.

CW Cricket Batting Practice Net Cage

CW cricket net cage is a fantastic choice for regular training for outdoor backyard sports. It is super sturdy and heavy and is made of high-top quality nylon which boasts its long-lasting strength and durability. The cricket cage is covered on both sides; on the back of the player and the sides. The dimension of the sports net is 100 ft{30.3m} x 10 ft {3.03m} x 10 ft {3.03m}.

It’s the only practice net cage which is covered in wooden poles. Not only is it covered on both sides, but it also increases the level of safety during cricket training sessions. This piece of equipment also helps you by providing a limited area to fetch the practice ball and not waste any time chasing a run-away ball. You get all of these supreme qualities for the most budget-friendly price you could find.

Fortress Cricket Net Cage

If you are a cricketer looking to make your career out of the sport, this is the ideal cage solution for you. The best thing about this is the flexible dimensions (i.e), 20ft or 32ft or 52ft or 70ft long x 10ft wide x 9ft high.

Sold entirely together, this master blend includes a one-piece drop-in net (with roof), poles, guy cords and ground pegs. No wonder it is called ‘The Ultimate cricket net’. The structure of the net makes it safer to use as the poles can be easily dismantled into 4 sections.

To keep it stable, the guy cords are PVC-coated steel for the best support to the poles possible. The support poles are made of 1.6in steel and an 8-inch ground spike to keep the net tight and impact. The netting is made of a thick green mesh which makes it more irresistible. All-in-All, your perfect pick for training.

XLX TURF Artificial Grass Tiles

These are Interlocking artificial grass tiles which make it look really like you are training on something as lush and soft as a natural lawn. This is not quite necessary to be put below your netting cage but it’s quite practical. It’s mostly recommended for kids who are just starting as its being soft helps avoid any mishaps or injuries to budding players.

The design of drainage holes on the bottom of the astroturf helps make it easy to dry out the water. Not only is it wear-resistant and non-slip but also has passed the Durability & Fire resistance test, so never mind insolation and frost. The grass is made of heavy-duty plastic which is intact, quite easy to assemble and doesn’t wear out easily. These also work as a fancy dressing to the scene but most importantly, does the job of being highly credible while practising.

Cricket Nets FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to Build Cricket Nets?

Cricket nets are usually budget-friendly but not affordable for everyone. To most of the consumers out there, it costs around ₹1,000/ Piece = 10 GBP/net; 100 feet x 10 feet. The above product prices for the complete cages are 2000 USD (~1500GBP), $129 (~100GBP), and 720USD (~550GBP).

Usually, the amount of cricket net price depends on several factors; size, if the cage is mobile/portable, if there’s astroturf, etc. 500 GBP is a good average price, but there are cheaper and more expensive options, too. It depends on what you are looking for at the end of the day and how much you are willing to spend on it. Astroturfs, artificial grass or a bowling machine can usually make it more expensive than normal.

How Long Should a Cricket Net Be?

On average concerning the above-mentioned cricket net cages, practice cricket nets should be around 20m long and 3.6m wide, with back and side walls 3m high.

How Do You Assemble a Cricket Net?

Before you begin with the process, make sure you first lay out all the components on the ground in front of you. Following that, with the help of the strong locking system, assemble the poles and you will be left with six main poles for your net.

After that, spread out the net on the ground which helps you identify which end is in front and where are all the corners. Then connect the two poles with the help of a 10ft wire cable and spread the net over the connected poles. Now simply locate the corner of the net and attach the 2 guy ropes to both the poles.

After all four guy ropes are properly connected, make sure they are placed 10ft apart and then insert into the ground. Now repeat this procedure for the rest of the frame and you will have your cricket net assembled with ease.

How Do You Build a Cricket Net in Your Backyard?

For making your cricket nets in the backyard, the least budget, to begin with, will be 25K rupees for this project = 250GBP.

For starters, check the area. You must look around if you need construction permits to build your training nets. If you have the green signal, clean the area where you want to setup up the net.

Following that, measure and level the base and get equipment accordingly. Then, prepare the base coat or astroturf for the smooth processing of your training. Later, assemble the poles and the sports nets with the help of the above-mentioned procedure on how to assemble your net.

This is possibly the cheapest option in the bank for you and certainly will help you kick off your training for a long period.


With respect to the above-mentioned details, these were some of the most budget-friendly and high-quality cricket net cages available for purchase. We hope this article helped you with all the necessary information about how to make your own cricket net in your backyard.