How to Choose the Best Cricket Bowling Machine?

Do you have a cricket match coming up, and you’re looking to practice your shots? Well, you should get yourself a cricket bowling machine to help you hone all the batting techniques. This article will discuss multiple bowling machines to suit various needs.

List of Best Cricket Bowling Machines

All cricket bowling machines reviewed below are highly efficient and can be operated seamlessly. Choose any of the following depending on your practicing routine and needs.

Best Value Cricket Bowling Machine

If you are looking for a high-quality bowling machine that offers an exceptional playing experience, you should get the Leverage The Amazing iWinner Advanced 2.0 bowling machine. It comes with highly optimized features and is easy to operate. Additionally, its smart, sensor-driven wheels enable advanced digital operations.

The bowling machine’s portability allows you to take it anywhere with you. It offers speeds of up to 130 km/h. You will notice a change in the speed with the increase of every kilometer. Depending on the nature of your practice, you can play around with spin deviation and control swing.

To stay updated regarding the current operational mode, just look at its display screen. This machine is made from highly durable plastic, making it long-lasting. In this build, you can use the regular tennis ball to create your cricket simulator.

Affordable Cricket Bowling Machine

Joe Root R66T Academy Cricket Ball Feeder - One Size

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For those who have recently started playing cricket and are looking for an affordable auto-ball feeder or cricket bowling machine, the R66T Academy Ball Feeder is a great fit. It does not have a hefty price attached to it, but that doesn’t mean it compromises quality.

Make cricket practice a piece of cake with this auto-ball feeder, as it will consistently throw balls in your direction so that you can practice and perfect your batting techniques. Depending on your need, you can adjust the toss height and distance.

You can plug in this machine or use it after inserting 4 D batteries. After every 8 seconds, this machine pops up balls. The package includes 1 power adapter, 8 balls, and 1 ball feeder.

Mini Cricket Bowling Machine

Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Machine - One Size

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The Feed Buddy mini cricket bowling machine is perfect for users who want to save some space while working on their cricket skills. You can use this bowling machine to practice and then store it easily when you are done.

The machine is built for sponge, light bowling, and tennis balls. It stores at least 10 balls in one go. A ball shoots every 5 seconds and can travel at least 3 to 4 meters at a time.

This machine is an ideal fit for players looking to practice gentle feeds and just want to practice their skill set. If you are looking for a high-speed ball-feeder machine, this might not be an optimum fit for you.

Manual Cricket Bowling Machine

The Freebowler manual cricket bowling machine is like a catapult. It does not operate on batteries or electricity. You can insert actual cricket balls in this machine, and they shoot out of it at the speed of 140 km/h. This cricket bowling machine has a straightforward setup with a do-it-yourself design and does not require extra manpower.

You can fold the machine and store it away when you are done using it. It is super lightweight, so you can carry it back and forth from practice fields. Get your hands on this machine if you want to polish your timings, power strikes, or concentration level. Wear your best kit, grab your gear, and get ready to practice in front of the best bowling machine.

Portable Cricket Bowling Machine

The FIRE FLY portable cricket bowling machine is an excellent pick for schools, clubs, and outdoor settings. It is easy to transport and allows users to effortlessly move it around any space. This machine’s efficient design throws multiple balls so that players can practice consistently. A ball is released after every 8 seconds, making it perfect for batting catching practice.

Usually, machines of such build only weigh around 220.46 lbs and have dimensions of 9.84 x 9.84 x 15.75 inches. Its size, weight, and wheels make it easily portable. Plus, this cricket bowling machine is battery-operated and comes with a power adapter to last through long training sessions without any plugs, adding to its portability. It is excellent for adult men and kids.

Professional Cricket Bowling Machine

If you want to treat yourself to a professional cricket bowling machine, you need to get the Bola bowling machine. The latest device from Bola has a high-resolution display panel that makes it easy for users to manipulate and control speed, delivery modes, session timers, and the number of balls.

The machine’s feeder has also been electronically updated. You can adjust its delivery time from 5 to 13 seconds. Balls are inserted in a flexible tube, and when you set the machine for a spin, it uses the balls one by one.

Once the ball is released, the machine sounds a beep which you can silence. Other than this, the ball count also appears on the LED display. The brushless motor of these machines enhances optimized operation.

How Does Cricket Bowling Machine Work

Best Cricket Bowling Machine for Juniors

Who says cricket is not for juniors? Cricket bowling machines for youngsters empower kids to practice the sport as well. The BOLO cricket bowling machine is specially designed for juniors. Children can use it to practice their batting skills for hours. The machine only weighs 8 kg, and is super easy to set up and operate.

This machine is made from high-quality materials, including steel-fabricated chassis and plastic casings. Its brushless electric motors offer long-term reliability. All the machine’s parts are enclosed, and they work seamlessly together.

You can use this machine anywhere you want as it operates on a 12V battery. Depending on the speed and number of balls bowled, its battery can last up to 7 hours. The speed of the ball can go up to 64 mph, and for high practice stimulation, you can set the machine up to 16 yards. Other than all these factors, the two wheels of this bowling machine make it easy for juniors to move it around the field.


How Much Does a Cricket Bowling Machine Cost?

While exploring the market, you will find cricket bowling machines with different price tags attached to them. Most range from 9,000 to 80,000 Indian rupees, which equals US $120 to $1,100. Depending on your needs and budgets, you can make an optimum pick.

Cricket Bowling Machines Brands

If you are looking for a high-end cricket bowling machine, you can choose from Feed Buddy, Leverage, FireFly, iBot, iWinner, Yantra, Paceman, and Bola. Each bowling machine has valuable things to offer from price to features, portability differences, and so much more. Only finalize after looking at their features and capabilities.

Important Features of Cricket Bowling Machines

Let’s go over some of the must-have features of cricket bowling machines. This way, you can choose the best tool to brush up your batting skills and ultimately lead your upcoming match to victory.


Since it is a one-time investment, and you wouldn’t want to spend money on this again and again, it is better that you go with the cricket bowling machine that offers you all the features you need. Set aside a budget you are willing to spend on a cricket bowling machine. The more features the device offers, the higher the price.


You do not want to compromise on this point. Go for a cricket bowling machine that is easy to move from one place to another, in case you have to change your practice field. Other than this, if you get an easily foldable machine, it will be much more convenient for you to store it.

Power and Delivery Speed

The other things you should consider are power and delivery speed. If you have just started playing cricket, you should get a machine with a slow delivery speed to play and practice gentle shots. However, if you are a training professional, you need to get a fast-speed high-quality bowling machine. Usually, the second ball pops out after 5 seconds. But each device is designed differently and has distinctive capabilities.


Lastly, you need a cricket bowling machine that comes with easy-to-operate features so that you can control it seamlessly without any hindrance. A device with enclosed wheels will be easy to operate and maintain.


Choose any of the above professional and highly efficient cricket bowling machines to work on your batting techniques and practice different speed and length settings. Your shots will become perfect for the upcoming cricket tournament!

Also check out our guide on how bowling machines work, so you find the one best suited to your needs.