Cricket Betting Terminology

Like all sports, cricket has its own dictionary when it comes to betting so let’s take a moment to consider some of the more common language used.

List of Cricket Betting Terms

1st Over Total Runs

This is a bet on the number of runs that we think will be scored in the first over of a match.

The bookmaker will set a line, possibly 5.5, and the bettor can stake Above or Below that line.

1st Wicket Method

This is a bet on the method by which a first wicket in a game will be taken. Bookmakers will list the more common dismissals, Bowled, Caught, LBW and Run Out plus another option for any other method.

Absent Hurt

If a batsman leaves the field while batting they will be marked in the scorecard as ‘retired hurt’.

If, however, they can not make it to the crease at all, they will be noted as ‘Absent Hurt’.

All Out

When a batting side loses all ten of their wickets, they are considered to be ‘All Out’.


An all-rounder is a player who is equally effective as a batsman and bowler.

Arm Ball

An Arm Ball is a spinner’s delivery that doesn’t turn. There is no spin and no movement off the pitch so it’s said that the ball goes ‘on with the arm’.


Away Swing

A delivery can swing in the air when it leaves a bowler’s hand. When there is away swing, the movement takes it away from the batter.

A Fifty or a Hundred to be Scored in First Innings

This type of market relates to the batters in a team. When this bet appears, we are looking for any batsman on either side to score fifty or a hundred in the first innings of a test match.

A Fifty or a Hundred to be Scored in the First Match

In One Day Cricket, instead of staking on first innings, the bettor is now speculating on whether or not a batter from either side will score a fifty or a hundred in a match.

Batsman Matches

With batsman matches, the bookmaker is selecting two players from each side and asking the bettor to stake on which one they think will score the most runs.

Dead Heat

A dead heat can apply to batsman match markets but it could also appear whenever there is a tie.

If a market is tied with no clear winner, the bookie’s dead heat rules apply.

Draw No Bet

As the name suggests, this is a cricket betting market where the draw is taken out of the equation.

Your only options now are to bet on a win for Team A or Team B.

First Ball

This is a market where bettors can speculate on what will happen on the first ball of a match.

Options could include one run, two runs, four, six, wicket, wide or no ball.


Futures betting in cricket generally involves betting on an event that is taking place some time in the period that lies ahead.

For example, you could take a futures bet in advance of the IPL, the World Cup, the Ashes or any series where markets are quoted.


A googly is a delivery that is specific to leg spinners. It is bowled with a classic leg spinner’s action but it turns the other way, like an off spinner’s delivery.


Hedging is a practice that is carried out in all sports betting. It involves taking a second bet, against the original stake, which will guarantee some form of return no matter what the outcome.

Highest Opening Partnership

This is a bet on which side will make the highest opening partnership in a match. This is another market where dead heat rules could apply.



A lock is supposed to be an easy winner. Obviously, there are no guarantees in any sport but this could involve staking on a full member ICC nation to beat an associate side in a World Cup.

Man of the Match

The majority of cricket betting sites will have a market where customers can bet on which man or woman will receive the Player of the Match award.

Most Match Sixes

Quite simply, this is a bet on which of the two teams involved will hit the most sixes. Rather than having a dead heat rule, there should be an option to bet on the tie.

Most Run-outs

With this option, we are staking on which team will suffer the most run outs in a game.


This market relates to total runs scored by teams in a match. Bookmakers will list a number of lines and the bettor has to stake Over or Under that line.

Point Spread

A point spread is a winning margin so, in cricket, you could bet on how many runs or wickets that a team wins by.


Series Score

This is a bet on the correct score in a series. If, for example, there is a three-match series, there will be options to stake on every permutation from 0-0 to 3-0.

Team to Make Highest First 6 Overs

The first six overs in T20 are referred to as the Powerplay. Most bookmakers have a market to see which team scores the most runs in that powerplay period.

To Score A Century

This is a bet where bookmakers will list a specific batsman and ask whether or not they will score a century in the match.

To Win the Match

This is the match result market where bettors stake on which team they think will win.

To Win the Toss

This is a simple bet on which side will win the toss. There are just two options – Team A and Team B.

To Win Outright

This is another win market which is available for tournaments. So, as an example, we could be looking for the outright winner of the ODI World Cup.

cricket betting Top Match Batsman

Top Match Batsman

Top Match Batsman is a market where batters are listed from both teams and the bettor has to decide who will make the highest score.

Top Team Batsman

This is similar to the above market but this time we are betting on the highest scoring player from an individual team.

Top Team Bowler

In this market, we are still betting on a team’s players but in this case, it’s the bowler who we think will return the best figures.


The underdog is a common betting term and it relates to the outsider – the team or individual who seems less likely to win.


Value is a term applied to an event that has a better chance of occurring than the odds suggest. As an example for cricket, the toss has a 50% chance of going either way so there would be value if the odds quoted are longer than Even Money.

Closing Thoughts

Some of these terms may have been self-explanatory while others are more complex and I hope this has cleared up some of the more common cricket betting terms. If you want to familiarise yourself with cricket betting and get to understand some of the more complicated terms, I recommend you read some of the best books on cricket betting.