Cricket Betting Markets

Cricket is a sport which is enjoyed by betting communities around the world but what types of markets are available to anyone looking to get involved?

What are Cricket Betting Markets?

Cricket betting markets are a variety of bets provided by the sportsbooks. They are listed ahead of every match and there will be markets in the bookmaker’s live section too.

Some bookies offer more coverage than others but the vast majority will publish the more common cricket betting options such as those listed below.

Most Popular Cricket Betting Markets

Match Winner

This is probably the most popular of all cricket betting markets and one where most punters will look to start. Here, we are just looking to stake on the team that we think is going to win the match.

In test cricket, there is scope for a drawn game while, in the limited overs formats, it’s down to selecting one of the two teams taking part.

Cricket Betting Markets

Top Batsman

In this market, we are looking to get behind the player who we think will score the most runs for his or her side. It’s one of the more popular cricket betting markets and, away from the match winner option, it probably gets the most attention.

Once again, there is a slight difference here between test cricket and the limited overs formats. In 50 Over and T20 games, each side bats just once and the task is to simply bet on the batsman who you think will make the highest individual total.

In test and first class cricket, teams are allocated two innings. The important point to note is that top batsman markets for test and first class cricket relate to the first innings only. If a second innings is required, it doesn’t count.

Note also that, if two batsmen are tied with the same highest score, it’s likely that the sportsbook’s dead heat rules will apply.

Man of the Match

This is an easy market to explain but, with 22 players in contention, it can be a tough one to call. Because there are many contenders, the odds in the Man of the Match betting are relatively long in comparison with others, and there can be some nice profits when we make the right call.

It’s a self-explanatory cricket betting market where we’re looking to stake on the man or woman who we think will be given the Player of the Match award.

Toss Winner

Before each match, the two captains will toss a coin to decide who bats first and who will take to the field. In this cricket betting market, the job is to bet on which team will win that toss.

This is a 50/50 call so you can expect the odds on both teams to be the same. The price will vary depending on which sportsbook you use but they will generally be in the region of 9/10 – or 1.9 if you’re using decimal odds.

Because of the fact that the coin has a 50% chance of landing on heads or tails, you may think that this isn’t a bet to get excited about, but it remains one of the more popular cricket betting markets around.

Series Winner

In international cricket, it’s rare to see sides take each other on in a one-off game. In general, there will be a series of matches, generally with a minimum of three matches between the two teams.

Series winner is a cricket betting market that allows you to stake on the team who you think will win the most games and claim whatever trophy may be up for grabs. Odds are available for each side and there can also be prices available for a drawn series.

To Score a Century

This is another individual market and it’s typical of the options that are available for the best batsmen in the side. The sportsbooks will list several of the batters involved for each of the two teams and the job of the bettor is to decide whether or not they will score a century.

There are two simple options here – yes or no: Based on current form plus other statistics such as a record against the upcoming opponents, it’s time to make an informed decision on whether that player will go past three figures.

Top Wicket Taker

This market works in a similar way to that of the top batsman. Here, we are looking for the bowler who we think will take the most wickets in an innings.

Once again, there are different ways to approach this depending on whether this is a limited overs game or a test match. In 50 Over and T20 games, there is just one innings where this bet will be decided. In test matches and other first class cricket where this market is available, Top Wicket Taker will apply to the first innings only.

First Wicket

There are a number of cricket betting markets attached to the first wicket. In most cases, when you see this term being used, it relates to the likely method of dismissal. So, the task in hand here is to bet on whether the first batsman will be out via Bowled, Caught, LBW, Run Out or by another method.

Most sportsbooks also have a separate market based on which of the two batsmen will be dismissed. Take a look at the two openers and decide on who is likely to be out first of all.

Finally, bookies are also known to publish markets based on which team will have the highest first wicket partnership. There are lots of different options here and, when you see a market being listed for First Wicket, make sure that you’re aware of which is being used.

Total Match Boundaries

This is one of the most active cricket betting markets for experienced punters who like to analyse the many statistics that are attached to the game. As the name suggests, the job here is to bet on how many boundaries that you think will be scored during the game.

The sportsbooks who declare in this type of market will publish a series of lines and, for this example, we’re going to assume that we’re staking on a T20 match. A common line may come in at 20.5 while there will be others – 18.5, 19.5, 21.5, 22.5 and so on.

Two different options – Over and Under – will appear next to each line. The bettor will then decide whether to go Over or Under that chosen line. Using our 20.5 as an example, an Over bet will pay out if there are 21 or more boundaries while an Under bet will return a profit if there are 20 boundaries or fewer.

Popular Cricket Betting Markets

Draw No Bet

This is an option in test and first class cricket matches where the draw is a possible result. With this type of cricket betting market, the sportsbook will simply take the draw out of the equation, leaving you with the chance to take a ‘win’ bet on either side.

This means that those odds for a win will shorten as we now have just two markets instead of three. However, it does make things simpler for the bettor and this is one of the more popular cricket betting markets as a result.

Top Competitions for Cricket Betting

T20 International Matches

The first game of professional T20 cricket was played in England in 2003 but the format was slow to catch on at first. The first international game was subsequently played between England and New Zealand in 2004 before the men followed in February 2005.

T20 wasn’t taken too seriously at first but it began to take off in 2007 with the first edition of the World Cup for the shorter form. Since then, it’s become the most popular format, both with spectators and with the wider betting community.

The World Cup is still running and it is scheduled to be held every four years. Between that major global tournament, there are many series held between all of the main cricket playing nations.

The scope for T20 cricket betting markets is much higher than other formats because the International Cricket Council (ICC) officially sanctions games between the associate nations.

The T20 cricket calendar is, therefore, much busier and there are markets in place for much of the calendar year.

One Day International (ODI) Matches

The first ever One Day International was played in 1971, nearly 100 years after the very first test match. Since then, the 50-Over format has expanded and there are many series and tournaments taking place across the calendar year.

The biggest competition of all is the ODI World Cup which debuted in 1975 and is now held every four years. As with T20 matches, there are other competitions such as the Asia Cup while all member nations of the ICC take part in regular bi-lateral series.

ODI cricket retains a loyal following among the betting community and there is always a busy set of betting markets at the sportsbooks. Interest will intensify around the time of the World Cup but there will be ODI betting options throughout the sporting year.

Test Matches

As of 2021 there are 12 test playing nations across the globe. England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland are the 12 who have been granted full status by the ICC.

Throughout the cricketing seasons, teams will play series and, on occasions, one-off tests against each other. The ICC have also introduced a World Test Championship and the first edition was won by New Zealand in 2021.

Played over five days, these series attract lots of interest on the markets. Remember that test cricket has its own rules when it comes to top batsman and top bowler betting with returns being based on first innings only.

While limited overs cricket is the most popular on a domestic level, it’s great to see packed crowds at every test match all over the world. It’s the pinnacle of cricket for many supporters and the betting markets are always busy when a test match approaches.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League debuted in 2008 and it has since grown to become the biggest T20 domestic tournament in the world. The IPL format and the roster of teams has changed in over ten years and from 2022, there are two additional franchises added into the mix.

That leaves us with ten teams in contention from this point onwards. Traditionally, the competition will begin at the start of April and run right through to early June so this is another busy time for the sportsbooks.

The best T20 players in the game join up with their Indian teams ahead of the tournament. Mumbai Indians have been the most successful team in the history of the competition while the Chennai Super Kings are close behind.

The remaining six teams in 2021 were the Royal Challengers Bangalore, the Sunrisers Hyderabad, the Delhi Daredevils, the Kolkata Knight Riders, the Punjab Kings and the Rajasthan Royals.

The two new franchises have yet to be confirmed but they will come along to contribute to the biggest T20 domestic competition of all.

The Ashes

This is a test series played between England and Australia who were the first countries to ever play each other at official international level. That first test match took place in Melbourne in 1877 and The Ashes was devised as a trophy a few years later.

At present, England and Australia will play each other every two years and they will take turns to host the Ashes. Five tests are usually played and there will be busy markets for series winner, match winners and all of the main cricket betting markets that we’ve listed above.

Cricket Betting Markets FAQs

Do all Betting Sites Offer the same Cricket Betting Markets?

Some betting sites take cricket far more seriously than others. All bookmakers will have some form of cricket betting coverage and most will include the markets that are listed above.

Others, however, will be far more comprehensive with a number of ‘niche’ markets added to that main list.

Can We Bet on any Cricket Markets During the Match?

It is possible to bet on cricket games once they have started. Recommended bookmakers have in-play, live betting platforms where the majority of those markets will be available until the result has been decided.

Closing Thoughts

This is a boom period for cricket: The sport has seen the expansion of the T20 format with countries from all over the world taking part. It’s popularity is spreading right across the world and that trend is set to continue in the years to come.

Cricket has also seen a new format in the shape of The Hundred. The inaugural competition took place in England in 2021 and it could be developed in other countries too.

At the same time, the betting community has also grown and we’re seeing more cricket betting markets than ever before. If you’re looking to get involved, take some time to read through this list of available markets before doing your research into likely winners and outcomes in each of those options.