Cricket Bat Toe Guard – How to Apply Toe Guard on Bat?

As well as the player themselves, cricket bats also need a bit of protection too. One common piece of protection is a toe guard. This is a piece of kit which prevents damage very bottom of the bat – the toe.

How to Apply Toe Guard on Bat?

There are some toe guards which are made of rubber and slip on and off between uses. The problem here is that they can fall off during use and can also hold water which is very harmful to a cricket bat. Better toe guards are fixed to the toe of the bat using a special type of glue.

Fitting a toe guard is straight forward but must be done carefully and methodically. Firstly, the toe of the bat needs to be roughed up with sandpaper to create a better surface for the glue to bond with. Then, a layer of evenly spread glue is applied to the bat and the smooth side of the toe guard. You will notice that the toe guard is larger than the bottom of the bat, this is normal. At this point, leave the glue for 15 minutes before applying another layer of the glue adhesive. After this, it is time to attach the toe guard to the bat. Press them together with even pressure to get a secure fit. These needs leaving to dry for a couple of hours. Some people use a strong tape to hold the toe guard and bat together – this is optional. Once this is complete, trim the toe guard with a sharp knife or a pair of scissors. Cutting once the guard is dry allows for a perfect finish to the job.

cricket bat toe guard

Best Glue for Cricket Bat Toe Guard

There are specific adhesives to be used with cricket bats and toe guards. Bull Shoe or Selleys Shoe Goo are two great products but there are others which can be searched for online.

Cricket Bat Toe Guard Replacement Glue

This glue sets firmly well and holds the toe guard securely in place. It is great to use when fitting the guard for the first time or when replacing an old one. It does need to be used correctly as too much glue doesn’t provide a secure fit.

Opttiuuq FrontFoot Cricket Bat Toe Guard Set

This set is great value as it comes with 2 toe guards and an ample supply of adhesive. It is also available in different colours so you can blend it in with the existing stickers on your bat or with your club colours. The toe guards are good quality and last for a few seasons before needing to be replaced.

  • Cricket bat rubber toe guard.
  • Includes fixing instructions.
  • Protects the toe from water damage.
  • Helps prevent damage from digging out yorkers.
  • Available in a huge range of colours.

How to Remove a Toe Guard from a Cricket Bat?

Your toe guard will need removing once it shows signs of wear or if there are holes appearing in it. Once this happens, moisture can enter the wood and cause damage. Removing one it simple. Use a knife to loosen away the edges and gradually peel it off. Do not be tempted to rip the guard off quickly as this will only mean you have lots of bits to remove and you could damage the bat. Sand away the remaining glue and replace the guard following the earlier steps. Using solvents to remove the glue and guard are not recommended as this can damage the bat.

Protecting your bat as much as possible will prolong its life span and mean you can keep using your favourite bat for more seasons. No one wants to part with a bat that scores them runs!