How Do You Fix a Cricket Bat Grip? – Why it Sliding Up?

As a batsman you are always particular about the grip on the handle of your bat. The most bothersome thing while you bat is when the grip of your bat slides up. It is way worse when the grip slides up in the middle of your batting in a match, you are unaware of how to bring it back to normal and there’s nothing much you can do about it.

Let’s take a look at how to fix the cricket bat grip properly.

To fix a cricket bat grip, you can apply a PVC insulating tape under the bat grip, with the sticky side towards the grip. That should help avoid slipping of the grip. Another option is to use a special GripGrip Pro taper to avoid slipping which can be a really convenient option.

Checking the Cricket Bat Grip Sliding Up

Whenever a bat grip slides up, it makes batting more uncomfortable and difficult. It can often make sounds while batting and also harm the leather of the gloves resulting in excess damage. Unfortunately, the noise from the grip can also judge you out when the bowler calls for an appeal and the umpire can easily misjudge it for a nick. In order to find a stable and effective solution, you must begin with checking the reasons behind why the cricket bat grip is sliding up constantly.

Check the Grip Condition

Always check the condition of your grip before heading into practice or entering the ground for an all-important match day. If the grip is torn or has become sticky, throw it out immediately and replace it with a new grip in order to make your practice more effective. The torn grip is always difficult to bat with and can distract you from focusing on your upcoming deliveries.

Check Bat Handle Thread Winding

One of the few things the batsmen should check before getting on with their practice is checking the thread winding on the bat under your existing grip. If there’s a problem with thread winding, for instance, the winding is not in place or the thread is broken, it’s more difficult to use the grip for batting purposes.

Improper threads on the bat will always be an inconvenience to the players who bat on a regular basis. If you don’t have proper threads under the grips of your bats, the grips may keep sliding up even if you have followed the process properly. In conclusion, checking the bat handle and fixing the thread winding is a must in order to enjoy an efficient session of batting practice.

How to Stop a Cricket Bat Grip from Sliding Up?

Cricket bats have always proven to be a product of high maintenance and in order to make sure to get the best usage out of it, one must know how to maintain the bat in the best possible way. One such issue which needs a lot of attention is the bat grip sliding up and creating a nuisance for the batsman.

Mentioned below are some of the ways that will lead you in helping stop your cricket bat grip from sliding up.

Use an Insulation Tape

One of the first few methods to fix your bat grip situation is using an insulation tape. A lot of us usually have insulation tape at home which makes it quite easier to be present for use. Preferably, one must put the insulation tape at the bottom end of the grip; around the shoulder of the cricket bat.

In layman’s terms, you need to roll back the grip and apply an insulation tape under the grip to keep it from moving. However, as good as the method is to prevent it from moving, it is just a temporary solution. In order to attain perfection, roll the grip to about 3-4 inches and make sure if the threading is in good condition.

Wind the insulation tape around the threading; above two inches from the shoulder of the bat. The important thing is the sticky side of the tape should be on the outer side. Hold the grip once you’ve rolled down the grip and apply another set of tape around the shoulder of the bat and do the same for the top of the handle; inside the grip.

Apply GripGrip Pro

Using a dedicated GripGrip Pro product on the grip which is one of the best solutions to the issue at hand. The grip grip tape is made of vulcanised rubber and is advantageous because the grip of the bat is also made of rubber. The best part about using this material is because when two rubbers come against each other it makes movement difficult, thus disabling the grip from sliding up.

The product is available on available on amazon for a couple of bucks more than the traditional PVC tape but saves a massive amount of time and energy by preventing problems to the maximum.

Why Is a Cricket Bat Grip Moving Up?

A cricket bat grip is usually used for the comfort of a batsman while he bats around. The cricket bat grip helps avoid slipping of the bat from the batsman’s hand and allows him to play his shots freely. In that particular process, the batsman’s movement is away from the batsman which results in the grip to slowly keep sliding up.

The process of the grip sliding up is fastened by the usage of a top-handed grip by batsmen, i.e., the hand near the top handle of the bat is the dominant hand of the batsman. In this process of batting, the batter plays aggressive shots which keeps the grip sliding towards him and hence causing the trouble to constantly fix the grip back to its normal place. This is the reason behind the cricket bat grip moving from its original place.


Fixing a sliding cricket bat grip ensures batting comfort and allows the batsman to play his variety of shots freely and focus more on the incoming delivery rather than focusing on the condition and placement of the grip. A grip plays a vital role in the life of a batsman and allows a lot of help when it comes to batting, be it nets or a match. In this article, we have mentioned the ways through which you can solve your problem of the bat grip sliding up and resume batting freely and enjoy your comfort. We hope this article helps you find your right match.