5 Best Cricket Arm Sleeves and 3 Reasons You Should Use Them

You may have seen players with arm sleeves under their shirt but why do cricketers wear arm sleeves? Those sleeves serve more purposes than you may think.

5 Best Arm Sleeves for Cricket

1. Adidas Unisex Compression Arm Sleeves

adidas Compression Arm Sleeves - Grey - L/XL

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Adidas are a respected name in the sports industry and we’ve already seen their products in other categories. Like most, if not all producers, these particular arm sleeves can come in a range of colours and sizes.

What we’re looking for in a sleeve is a perfect mix of comfort and performance and these rank very highly in both cases. What I and other users have found is that the Adidas arm sleeve helps to keep you cool, even in the warmest of conditions. Guarding against sweat is an important role for a performance sleeve. This hits the mark but the sleeve also scores highly for compression and a comfortable fit.

  • PERFORMANCE: Combining performance and comfort, adidas Compression Sleeves are designed for stronger training sessions
  • PAIR OF SLEEVES - Supplied as a pair, the tight-fitting design delivers top performance mile after mile
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Fit for machine washing, the Compression Sleeves are easily cleaned and made to last …

2. Mizuno Arm Sleeves

Mizuno Arm Sleeves, Navy, OSFM

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The Mizuno arm sleeves carry a higher price but they should be more durable. Therefore, if you play a lot of cricket and want a performance sleeve that’s going to last for a longer period of time, this may be the one to consider.

This is made from thicker material and this good quality arm sleeve is an excellent fit – staying in place for longer without the need for readjustment. Reviews also state that they tend to keep you dry for longer periods so sweating should be reduced, along with any subsequent rash that can develop with cheaper sleeves.

  • Used by US National teams
  • Decreases the sting of the impact of the ball
  • Extends from biceps to forearm
  • Mizuno Runbird logo
  • Sold as a pair

3. CEP – Arm Sleeve 2.0 Unisex

CEP - ARM SLEEVE 2.0 unisex | Long sleeves for lightweight forearms in white/black, size II, L1

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This is a compression sleeve which has been specifically designed for those with lightweight forearms. They aim to offer a deep massage for the arm muscles while playing which can really help with accelerated blood flow and the regeneration of tissue.

Players seem to like the lightweight design of the CEP Arm Sleeve and will quickly get used to wearing them. Those that have pre-existing conditions really seem to benefit. Minor injuries such as swelling or tennis elbow could be alleviated by this performance sleeve.

  • PERFORMANCE - Thanks to proven medi compression, these sleeves deliver more performance, protect against overloading, and accelerate tissue regeneration through better blood circulation of the arms
  • STABILISATION - our arm sleeve stabilises your arm muscles and joints Targeted medi compression and specially designed elbow protectors work to prevent injuries …

4. Kookaburra Padded Scuff Sleeve for Fielding

Kookaburra Padded Scuff Sleeve (2020) - Small

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It’s interesting to see that an arm sleeve has been made especially for fielding. When sliding around a dry outfield, I always tend to scuff my elbows which leaves nasty cuts which can potentially become infected.

Conceivably, these could also be worn to protect the knees which are also vulnerable on those dry outfields. Ratings indicate that these won’t necessarily provide the same sort of compression levels as other items on the list but that’s not really their job. As an outfielder who likes to dive and slide around, I’d highly recommend this Kookaburra fielding sleeve.

5. SG Cricket Arm Sleeves

Sg Cricket Arm Sleeves Century Men Size with Fast Delivery

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SG are a newer manufacturer who are developing some stunning cricket products. The arm sleeve here is quite plain but that helps to keep the price down and within the budgets of everyone.

The SG arm sleeves are made from lightweight material and the comfort element really comes out in reviews. Players quickly get used to the product and hardly feel that they are wearing it during the game. For bowlers who get through greater wear across a game, a more durable product could be a better option but this is a good entry level compression arm sleeves.

  • Premium quality knitted lightweight material
  • Knitted fabric made from a blend of cotton and spandex
  • All new drimaxx technology (Moisture management) for keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Excellent stretch and comfort protects from sun burns and field bruises, Knitted fabric made from a blend of cotton and spandex …

Why do Cricketers Wear Arm Sleeves?

1. Acts as a Compression Aid

Compression is the main reason why players wear an arm sleeve out on the field. If they are carrying any sort of niggle in the upper or lower arms, these can really help. The elastics in the performance sleeve help to relax the muscles and they will also regulate blood flow and improve bad blood circulation.

These can prevent any injury and, when a player is not quite at 100%, compression sleeves can help them through it. Obviously, bowlers can really benefit from this type of equipment and that’s why you’ll see many seamers with an elbow sleeve that extends down the arm.

Naturally, you should seek medical advice if there is an ongoing injury. An elbow sleeve such as those listed here can alleviate and prevent minor problems but they aren’t a ‘cure all’ and they won’t allow you to bowl, bat or throw if there is a significant medical condition.

2. Protects Against the Sun

I’ve already discussed the dangers of the direct sunlight and how zinc oxide cream protects against harmful UV rays. It’s also important to make sure that the whole body is covered and this is where a cricket arm sleeve can step in.

If you are wearing a short sleeve shirt, an arm sleeve can extend to cover the lower arm and protect you against harmful UV rays. Remember that it should be the same colour as that shirt. Most arm sleeves are produced in white while many manufacturers release a range of colours for limited overs cricket.

Of course, you can simply wear a long sleeved shirt or use sunscreen but there are many other benefits that come with a performance sleeve and it’s well worth considering this additional piece of equipment.


3. Prevents Muscle Fatigue

This is another clear benefit of the arm sleeve. Muscle fatigue can be a real problem for anyone involved in the game for an extended period of time. Whether you’re bowling long spells, batting through the innings or even sending in regular long throws from the outfield, an elbow sleeve can really help.

The increase in blood flow aids performance and it also helps to reduce that fatigue over time. Soreness and general tired muscles can be reduced so investing in arm sleeve is worth considering for so many reasons.