Who Makes Cricket Helmets? – Cricket Helmet Brands

A cricket helmet is now a key part of cricket equipment and is a life saver. When looking to buy a cricket helmet there are dozens of brands to consider. Trying different brands will allow you to find the one that offers best comfort and best fit. Most cricket helmets look very similar and are designed to reduce the risk of a head injury.

There are some brands which specialise in cricket helmets and others which offer them in addition to their other cricket gear. There are price increases depending on the quality of the materials used.

Some of the best cricket helmet brands available for cricket players are Masuri, Shrey, Albion, Forma, SS, Kookaburra, DP, Gunn and Moore and CA. Other great cricket suppliers offering great products for playing cricket are Kingsgrove Sports, Morrant Cricket, Owzat Cricket, and Pro Direct Cricket.

The List of Best Cricket Helmet Brands

The following list introduces each brand of the best cricket helmets in detail.

Masuri Cricket Helmets

As a company, Masuri specialise in helmets and were at the forefront of improving the quality of helmets. In particular, the use of titanium grills. Formed in 1991, there sole purpose is to protect cricketers from young amateurs to international cricketers whose every intention is to play cricket.

Currently, Masuri are the official suppliers of helmets to Cricket Australia, Cricket Ireland, Cricket West Indies, New Zealand Cricket and Sri Lanka Cricket. Although they are one of the leading brands in the cricket helmet field with great shock absorption, they also offer other cricket gear and clothing too. This worldwide supplier is based in Hampshire, UK.


Shrey Cricket Helmets

Shrey as a company offer light weight cricket helmets for batters and wicketkeepers with better comfort and excellent protection. This is a part of their product range which covers clothing and other sports equipment such as rugby.

Launched in 2013, Shrey has risen to become a worldwide name and is competing with other leading brands in the sector. Their biggest coupe to date was Cricket South Africa who wore pink, Shrey helmets to raise awareness of breast cancer. This UK based company is at the forefront of technology development in helmets due to its knowledgeable founder and owner Mr R C Kohli.


Albion Cricket Helmets

Albion began its journey in sports wear back in 1941 on Little Albion Street in New South Wales. Since then, it has progressed from sportswear into making excellent protection. Albion’s claim to fame in the late 1970’s came when they pioneered the first ever cricket specific helmet.

Their helmets offered better comfort due to them listening to the people wearing their helmets. In 2016 the company was bought by Albion Sports technology and is now seeking to push the boundaries of technology and innovation in elite sports. Albion helmets promise a perfect fit due to their adjustable, inner padding.


Forma Cricket Helmets

Forma cricket helmets is a standalone brand within the company Protech Sports and Safety Products. There tag line is ‘safety with style’ and thanks to them being very customer centric, they achieve this. Protech Sports and Safety Products was formed in India in 1994 and has worked tirelessly to increase shock absorption in its helmets. They export their products to a range of cricketing nations including Australia, New Zealand and the UK.


SS Cricket Helmets

Sareen Sports (SS) first began trading in 1969 and entered the highly competitive Indian market. The SS trademark was registered in 1979 and the company began exporting cricket bats to the UK and Australian from its Indian base. In recent years, SS equipment is used by high profile players such as Ganguly, Tendulkar and Laxman. SS is a big exporter of cricket gear and is at the forefront of new improvements.


Kookaburra Cricket Helmets

Kookaburra is a well-known and well-established brand within cricket. They were formed in 1890 by Alfred Grace and has remained a family-owned business ever since. It employs over 200 people and has remained based in Melbourne, Australia despite expanding to other countries. Their helmets are of high quality and provide padding on the inside to help prevent serious head injuries.


DP Cricket Helmets

A South African based company which was formed in 1999. It is South Africa’s leading cricket brand and is always looking to expand and grow. Owner Paul Borst travels twice a year to study new innovations and then feeds this back to his team. Because of this, and their ability to listen to customers, they are in the top 4 for cricket brands in South Africa. Their helmets in particular offer great protection to reduce head injuries.

dp logo

Gunn and Moore Cricket Helmets

Gunn and Moore, or GM for short, has over 130 years of experience in the cricket equipment world. The company was formed by international batter William Gunn (England) and a local businessman Thomas James Moore way back in 1885. Its factory is based in Nottingham, England and supplies equipment around the world including Australia, Bangladesh and India.

Many high-profile players have and do endorse the GM products including Ben Stokes (England), Quintin de Kock (South Africa) and Ross Taylor (New Zealand). Mainly known for their high-quality bats, GM produce the whole range of equipment including helmets. Their geodesic grills ensure high quality impact resistance from any front on impact.


CA Cricket Helmets

CA sports have both manufactured and exported cricket gear since 1958. They began as cricket bat specialists in Pakistan and have since grown into a brand that delivers the full range of equipment including cricket helmets. They have formed a UK base in Bedford which increases their distributions. Their helmets offer better comfort due to their ergonomic design and contoured jaw straps.


Cricket Suppliers

There are often deals to be had with suppliers of different brands rather than dealing directly with the manufacturer. Often, suppliers offer discounts at the start or end of a season or have a price match guarantee to encourage repeat orders.


Kingsgrove Sports

Founded in 1976, this New South Wales based company has grown in stature thanks to the hard work of owner and founder, Harold Solomon. Their leading contract is the Symonds brand which they have promoted extensively.

They also stock a whole range of helmets and accessories by Gray Nicholls, Shrey, Kookaburra and Masuri. Not an extensive choice but well worth checking them out if you are purchasing other equipment.

Morrant Cricket

Since 1973, the Morrant Family Group have been at the forefront of mail order sports equipment. From their London, England base they work tirelessly with leading brands to offer customers the best possible prices on cricket equipment. They also offer a price match promise so it is worth checking them out. They stock all of the leading brands to make sure you get the best possible cricket helmet.

Owzat Cricket

Owzat cricket is the largest supplier in the Midlands of England and has a showroom which is open all year round. Unlike some stockists, Owzat specialise in cricket equipment so there are people in the showroom who are experts. One big plus with Owzat is the amount of physical stock they have available, including helmets. You can try lots of options before making a decision.

Pro Direct Cricket

This London based company has over 25 years of experience. They distribute both in the UK and around the world. Their site offers huge range of brands to choose from including those who make high quality cricket helmets. Some of the lesser-known brands such as MRF are available to order and will save a lot of money on travelling.

As this business has grown as a unit over the years, the team’s knowledge has increased with it. Any customer who needs advice is actively encouraged to telephone and ask to speak to someone.

Final Thoughts on Finding the Best Cricket Helmet Brand

Cricket helmets need to be a carefully worked out purchase as they have the critical function of preventing a dangerous and unwanted head injury. Check for comfort and closeness of fit and your helmet will serve you well. When investing in a cricket helmet, you will often have to reach a compromise in terms of what you want, and the cost involved.

Hope our guide has been helpful to you, and that you find the cricket helmet you need.