What is the Normal Weight of a Cricket Bat?

We’ve looked at cricket bats in a number of ways. The laws relating to minimum and maximum weights and dimensions have been discussed here but what is a normal weight?

What is the Normal Weight of a Cricket Bat?

Cricket bats can be split into three weight categories – light, medium and heavy.

Lightweight cricket bats vary between around 2lb 8oz to 2lb 9oz. Medium weight bats can range between 2lb 10oz to 2lb 11oz. These two categories are recommended for most players.

Anything from 2lb 12oz is classed as a heavyweight bat. They are generally used by bulkier batters although there are exceptions.

Heavyweight Cricket Bats

Not every player can handle a heavyweight bat. They will most likely be used by bulky players who rely more on their power hitting. There are exceptions. Sachin Tendulkar used a heavy bat and he certainly didn’t have a big frame.

From around 2lb 12oz to an upper limit of 13lb 3oz, heavier bats also have bigger edges. The ball can, therefore, travel further even when it isn’t hit out of the middle.

They’ll certainly deliver more power but be sure that you can handle this type of weight before making a purchase.

Lightweight Cricket Bats

Junior players should certainly look to start out with a lighter bat. Playing with a heavy bat when you’re not quite ready could have a detrimental effect on your game and it may even lead to injury.

Another benefit for young players is the fact that a lighter bat helps them to develop their technique. At this early stage of your playing career, a lightweight cricket bat allows you to learn all of the shots more effectively. It’s more difficult to play some of the ‘touch’ shots with a heavier bat.

As an adult, many of us also use a lightweight bat. Unless we’re heavily built, this is the best option.

Like all cricket bats, the lightweight versions can also be preferable depending on our style of play. With less weight in the blade, a batter has to rely more on touch and timing. They also impart more speed on the ball so, as long as that timing is good, the ball can still travel a long way.

Lightweight cricket bats tend to range between 2lb 7oz to 2lb 9oz. They will certainly be below 1.3kg for those who prefer metric measurements.

Bat Weights Used by Famous Cricketers

Each player will have their own personal preference. A bat will suit their individual style of play, but their build can also have a bearing on the weight that they choose.

Lance Klusener

South Africa’s Lance Klusener used a very heavy bat indeed. He was known as a powerful hitter and the bat that he used came in at a mighty 3.375 pounds. It’s quite possibly the heaviest bat used by an international cricketer.

In the days before T20, Klusener was one of those batters who helped to increase the pace of 50-Over cricket. He finished with an average of 41.10 in the ODI format so clearly the heavy bat suited him.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar was such an elegant player that many are surprised to learn that he used one of the more heavyweight bats. Typically, the little master walked to the crease with a 3.25lb (1.47kg) bat in his hand.

As we all know, he used it to great effect, making exactly 100 international centuries in his career. He was a touch player primarily, but the heavier cricket bat allowed him to propel the ball a long way when the situation dictated.

Chris Gayle

The Universe Boss, Chris Gayle is well known for his ‘no nonsense’ approach to batting. The powerful left handed stands deep in his crease and swings through the ball, usually to great effect.

The heavy bat that Gayle uses suits that style of play. It will generally weigh in at 1.36kg which translates to exactly three pounds. It may not be the heaviest bat on the circuit but it’s still in the heavyweight class and only a player of Chris Gayle’s strength would be able to use it effectively.

Virender Sehwag

A long time teammate of Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag relied more on power hitting than his colleague. He opened the batting for India in all formats and played in the same way for test cricket as he did in T20s.

The cricket bats that he used were heavy ones, coming in at 1.35 kgs which is 2.97lbs. Once again, this is a classic example of a bat suiting a cricketer’s style of play.

Virender Sehwag
Virender Sehwag

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is a multi-purpose player. He can score quickly in the death overs, and he can also accumulate runs with more watchful shots. Dhoni uses a lighter bat that comes in at 2lb 8oz (1.27kg).

It’s light enough to play with great timing but it also offers the speed needed to play those ‘helicopter’ shots which Dhoni is renowned for.

MS Dhoni batting
MS Dhoni batting

David Warner

Australian left hander David Warner uses a Gray Nicolls bat which is a medium heavy bat at 2lbs 11oz. He’s another player who is well known for the power that he puts through the ball.

Warner drives and pulls strongly so he needs a good balance. This weight of bat allows him to play those power shots while putting a little more speed through the ball.

Virat Kohli

India’s Virat Kohli could be described as a similar player to MS Dhoni. He can play the power shots, but he is also an impressive touch batter with incredible timing.

Kohli’s equipment includes a lightweight cricket bat at 2lb 8oz (1.13kg) It allows a balance but it mostly rewards timing at that kind of weight.

Kane Williamson

A fine player in all three formats, New Zealand’s Kane Williamson uses the same weight of cricket bat as Virat Kohli. His is also a lightweight bat coming in at 2lb 8oz (1.13kg).

Williamson is known for his exquisite timing. If he does hit the ball in the air, it’s usually via a ‘proper’ cricket shot such as a lofted drive. The lower weight of bat helps him to carry out his style of play.


There are advantages and disadvantages to every weight of cricket bat. The key for any player is to find one that best suits their stature and style of play.

It is, however, interesting to look at those players and the weights of their own cricket bats. There is a pattern here with the power hitters generally choosing a heavy bat while the touch players go for a lighter version.