Prithvi Shaw Girlfriend: Cricketer’s Love Story

Prithvi Shaw, the talented cricketer, was born in Thane, Maharashtra, in 1999. His parents had moved from Gaya, Bihar, in search of better job opportunities. In 2001, a company called AAP Entertainment gave him a contract, which allowed Prithvi and his father to move to Mumbai. This contract also helped him pursue his cricket dreams. Prithvi received sponsorship from Indian Oil, which supported his cricket journey.

His personal life has strange path, now he is allegedly in relationship with Nidhhi Tapadiaa. Lets take a deeper look at Prithvi Shaw GF.

prithvi shaw
Prithvi Shaw (Source: Instagram)

About Prithvi Shaw GF Nidhhi Tapadiaa

  • Name –  Nidhhi Tapadiaa
  • Age – 25
  • Date of birth –13 September 1997
  • Place of birth – Mumbai, India
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Religion – Hinduism
  • Profession – Model, Actress
  • Zodiac sign – Virgo
  • Education – Bachelor of Commerce
  • Father’s name – Ravi Tapadiaa
  • Siblings – Nikhil Tapadiaa (Brother)
  • Boyfriend – Prithvi Shaw (rumored)
  • Social Media presence – Instagram: @nidhhitapadiaa
prithvi shaw gf
Nidhhi Ravi Tapadiaa (Source: Instagram)

Where Does Prithvi Shaw Girlfriend Come From

Nidhhi Tapadiaa, known as Tappu, is an Indian talent who has been making waves in the world of modeling and acting. Born on 13th September 1997 in Mumbai, Nidhhi is a Hindu and primarily speaks Marathi, in addition to being proficient in Hindi and English. She is a versatile artist with experience in both modeling and acting.

Despite her young age, Nidhhi’s career is on the upswing, and she is quickly becoming a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With her dedication and skill, Nidhhi Tapadiaa is a rising star worth watching out for in the world of Indian entertainment.

prithvi shaw wife
Beautiful model Nidhhi (Source: Instagram)

Nidhhi Tapadiaa: Balancing Education and Glory in the Entertainment Industry

Nidhhi Tapadiaa went to Kilbil St Joseph’s High School in Nashik, Maharashtra, for her schooling. It’s been mentioned that she completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree in the past, showing she’s not only talented in her career but also dedicated to her studies. Nidhhi’s story is a great example of how you can do well in both education and your dreams, inspiring many young people in India. Her success in both school and the entertainment industry proves that hard work and determination can take you far.

prithvi shaw girlfriend
Prithvi Shaw Girlfriend (Source: Instagram)

Nidhhi Tapadiaa’s Fast Career Escalation

Prithvi Shaw girlfriend Nidhhi Tapadiaa’s career is truly inspiring. She began as a model and actress, and her charm didn’t go unnoticed. Her early roles in shows like ‘CID’ laid the foundation for her success.

However, it was her part in the Punjabi hit ‘Jatta Koka’ in 2019 that made her a household name. Nidhhi’s talent and hard work are evident in her rapid rise. She’s a rising star in the entertainment industry, proving that dreams can come true with dedication and talent.

nidhhi tapadiaa
Nidhhi Tapadiaa for IIFA 2023 (Source: Instagram)

Love Story: Prithvi Shaw Girlfriend Makes The Cricketer Jealous

Prithvi Shaw’s recent comment on Nidhhi’s Instagram post has stirred quite a buzz online. Nidhhi shared a photo with the caption “Pyaar se log mujhe Laila bulate hain” (People affectionately call me Laila). Indian cricket opener, Prithvi Shaw, couldn’t resist but playfully asked, “kon hai yeh dost log” (Who are these friends?) while adding some angry emojis to tease her admirers.

Nidhhi had a witty comeback, replying with, “jo yeh comment likh raha hai” (The one who’s writing this comment), suggesting that Prithvi was the one playfully expressing jealousy.

On Valentine’s Day, Prithvi Shaw and Nidhhi Tapadiaa made their relationship official by sharing a romantic picture together on Instagram, making their love story public. This adorable couple’s first public appearance together has since gone viral across social media platforms, leaving fans delighted and celebrating their newfound happiness.

prithvi shaw girlfriend
Prithvi Shaw and girlfriend first appearance (Source: Google)

Prithvi Shaw and Nidhhi Tapadiaa’s Relationship Up’s and Down’s

In a surprising turn of events, the couple has unfollowed each other on social media, igniting rumors about the state of their relationship. This development left fans bewildered, especially because they were recently seen together at the IIFA events, even posing happily for the media.

prithvi shaw wife
Prithvi Shaw and Nidhhi (Source: Google)

This isn’t the first time Prithvi Shaw and Nidhhi Tapadiaa have made headlines due to relationship issues. Earlier this year, they both posted cryptic messages on Instagram, hinting at a possible breakup, although they were still following each other on social media at that time. Intriguingly, this happened shortly after Prithvi posted a Valentine’s Day story referring to Nidhhi as his wife, adding a layer of mystery to their relationship’s ups and downs.

Some speculate that this recent rift may be linked to Prithvi Shaw’s alleged involvement in the Sapna Gill case. Sapna Gill, an influencer, had accused Shaw of misconduct in a bar. However, it’s important to note that the police have testified in court that Gill’s claims are untrue and false. This situation adds another layer of complexity to the couple’s already tumultuous relationship. We wish them all the best for their relationship, hoping things get better between them, and Nidhhi becomes Prithvi Shaw wife.