Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman's love

Who is Vini Raman? Glenn Maxwell’s Wife in the Spotlight

Glenn Maxwell, the renowned Australian cricket sensation, has been hitting headlines for his outstanding performance on the field and his stunning partner, Vini Raman. Vini, a Melbourne-based pharmacist, has been in a loving relationship with Maxwell since 2017.

Vini raman
Vini Raman (Source: Instagram)

Their inspiring love story has been the talk of the town, drawing attention to Vini’s admirable qualities and achievements. Learn more about Vini Raman, the beloved partner of Glenn Maxwell, and their journey together.

Personal details | Vini Raman

Name Vini Raman
Age 30
Date of birth March 3, 1993
Place of birth Melbourne, Australia
Nationality Indian
Profession Pharmacist
Father’s name Venkat Raman
Mother’s name Vijay Laxmi Raman
Siblings Sister: Madhu Raman
Husband’s name Glenn Maxwell
Zodiac sign Pisces
Social Media presence Instagram: @vini.raman

Twitter: @vini_raman


Glenn Maxwell’s Wife: How Glenn Maxwell’s Girlfriend Became His Wife?

Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman’s love story started in Melbourne, where the couple first met at a Melbourne Stars event in 2013. It was Glenn who took the first step towards Vini, and they hit it off right away.

Vini Raman and Glenn Maxwell
Vini Raman and Glenn Maxwell (Source: Instagram)

The duo started dating in 2017 and was together for three years before getting engaged in March 2020 in a traditional Indian ceremony in Melbourne. They got married in March 2022, first in a Christian ceremony and then in a traditional Tamil-style wedding.

Wedding photo of Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman
Wedding photo of Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman (Source: Instagram)

Vini and Glenn’s love for each other is evident in their social media posts, where they often share adorable pictures and videos of each other.

Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman on their wedding
Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman on their wedding (Source: Instagram)

The couple loves to travel together, and they have been to several countries, including Paris, London, Dublin, and New Zealand. They also share a love for cricket, and Vini is often seen cheering for Glenn from the stands.

Glenn and Vini on a Back to school night event
Glenn and Vini on a “Back to school night” event (Source: Instagram)

The Early Life of Vini Raman: Family, Education and More

Vini Raman was born on March 3, 1993 and was raised in Melbourne, Australia, where she spent most of her childhood. She is the daughter of South Indian immigrants who settled in Australia many years ago. Vini has an older sister and comes from a close-knit family.

Vini Raman and her sister
Vini Raman and her sister (Source: Instagram)

Venkat Raman is the name of Vini’s father, and Vijay Laxmi Raman is her mother’s name. In addition to her parents, Vini has an older sister named Madhu Raman who works as a nurse.

Vini Raman: The Professional Journey of Glenn Maxwell’s Wife

Vini Raman is a highly qualified and accomplished pharmacist by profession. She graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and has been working in the field for several years.

Glenn Maxwell's wife
Glenn Maxwell’s wife (Source: Instagram)

She attended Mentone Girls Secondary College in Victoria and completed her studies in Medical Science. Vini was always a bright student and excelled in academics. She was also a keen sportsperson and loved playing basketball and swimming.

Vini Raman
Vini Raman (Source: Instagram)

Vini has a strong passion for healthcare and is dedicated to improving the lives of her patients. She currently works as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital, where she provides expert advice on medications and treatments.

Glenn Maxwell’s Previous Relationships

Glenn Maxwell, the Australian cricketer, has had a couple of high-profile relationships in the public eye. His first public relationship was with senior Australian journalist Candice Wyatt. The two dated for a short period before splitting up privately.

Glenn Maxwell and Candice Wyatt
Glenn Maxwell and Candice Wyatt (Source: Facebook)

Maxwell’s second public relationship was with Jayne Egeberg, whom he dated for a while. Jayne Egeberg, born and raised in Australia, is a well-known personality on social media, where she regularly engages with her fans worldwide.

Glenn Maxwell and Jayne Egeberg
Glenn Maxwell and Jayne Egeberg (Source: Facebook)

Although not much is known about her educational background, it is believed that she graduated from an Australian university. However, despite their strong bond, their relationship ended, and Jayne Egeberg is now known as an ex-girlfriend of Glenn Maxwell.

How Glenn Maxwell and Vini Raman Turned an Embarrassing Moment into a Cherished Memory

The Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell and his partner Vini Raman have been the subject of an interesting news story making waves on social media. Vini shared a heartwarming anecdote from the early days of their relationship on her Instagram story.

Glenn and Vini in their early days of the relationship
Glenn and Vini in their early days of the relationship (Source: Instagram)

“When/what was that defining moment when you realised that you were in love with Glenn?” Vini Raman was asked in an Instagram Q&A. She responded with a story that described a moment of embarrassment turned into a display of love:

Early on in our relationship Glenn took me to the Royal Melbourne Show as I’d never been before. In the excitement, I went on too many rides too quickly, got extremely nauseous & as a result threw up on Glenn mid-ride. We had to sit in my vomit for a few minutes until the ride finished… it was gross. I was so embarrassed and had already started crying, but Glenn told me one day it will be a funny story we can tell our kids! Fast forward a few years later we have successfully been to Disneyland with no incidents and are now married.”


Glenn and Vini in Paris
Glenn and Vini in Paris (Source: Instagram)

This story shows the strength of their relationship and the ability to turn a potentially disastrous situation into a moment of bonding and laughter.