Finding the Best Cricket Bats for a Junior – Age Group 5-15 Years

It’s always tough finding the perfect cricket bat for your child as the process gets exhausting and leaves you in confusion. This often happens when you are unaware of what you are looking for exactly. This also has to do with the fact that cricket bats are a tad bit expensive and you would always want your investment to benefit you positively.

Nevertheless, we have you covered. Keeping all the factors in mind, we have listed out some of the best junior cricket bats which are suitable for junior cricketers. Have a look at the mentioned choices below:

1. Sareen Sports Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat – Size 4,5,6

SS, also known as Sareen Sports, are one of the most trustworthy and credible sports manufacturers across the world. It has one of the best cricket equipment available on the market, especially its children’s cricket bat available for young players.

These particular SS kids ‘ cricket bats are made of selected Kashmir willow to provide junior players with a long-lasting existence on the pitch. The available sizes in this particular bat are 4,5,6 and come with a very premium carry bag to keep it together in place and to avoid any kind of external damage to it. It has the latest shape with massive edges and a very light pickup. This allows the batsman a good swing of the bat while he plays his strokes freely.

The lightweight nature of the bat allows you to play all kinds of shots without any hesitation. Helps certainly during running between the wickets. It has superb grips put on it to provide a comfortable grasp on the handle so the bat doesn’t slide out of your hand while playing. With a huge playing area with perfect weight & well balanced, this is an affordable and classy pick for your budding cricketer.

2. CA Junior Cricket Starter Bat with Ball, Stumps, Pads and Gloves

  • Set Size: 4
  • Age: 7-11 Years

CA, as we know, is among one of the top cricket equipment manufacturers, widely known for their cricket bats. Unlike others, for a good purchasing price, the brand has a lot to offer with its cricket bat.

In this bundle, you acquire a bunch of things, precisely for the age group between 7-11 years old as this is the perfect setting for children who are just starting in cricket. For starters, you get a Size 4 bat, a ball, a set of stumps, batting pads, and gloves. To find all these all together for a mind-boggling price is astonishing. The stumps and ball in addition to the protective gear can certainly save you money and come in handy when you go out for training.

The stumps help the young players practice their batting shots from the crease itself and the handy ball can be used by one of your parents to give their child throwdowns and practice. This is a stellar bargain and if one is looking for these things altogether, they should get their hands on it.

3. Adidas Incurza Junior Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Adidas cricket is among the top manufacturers in the whole world and is rather trusted by most of the professional cricketers of today’s modern era. The reason behind the credibility and trust players have in Adidas is the astonishing manufacturing of good quality cricket equipment. One of their magnificent outcomes is the production of the Adidas cricket Incurza Junior Series, which designs cricket bats for Junior cricketers.

This Incurza series is delicately and specifically made of hand-selected Kashmir willow which provides a lot of strength and durability to the bat to give it a long-lasting touch while taken on the pitch. The series includes bats with an oval handle, lightweight for lifting the bat and playing shots comfortably, and a curved face profile.

This bat has found the perfect balance with high performance and is good for players who go for the big hits. This bat is made up of a 7-piece cane handle having a grip that provides better control on attacking shots with this process being done by hand. The Adidas Incurza series cricket bats are majorly supported by England’s Sam Curran and Stuart Broad, designed for the type of young player who likes to bat long, whilst playing both front and back foot shots.

4. CW Mark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Junior

CW Mark has specially designed Size 3 junior cricket bats for young players. It is a tennis cricket bat and is only recommended to be played with a tennis cricket ball and not a leather ball. The bat can be used by young players from the age group 5-6 years old.

The bat is made of hand-crafted wood with the handle is reinforced with firmly wound string and a rubber sleeve for increased durability. The handle has a comfortable rubber grip which allows comfort to the child while gripping the bat. It also allows the handle to last longer in one session after the other.

For consistent results, the bat boasts a unique shape that allows super pickup while batting in the middle. The bat is light weight which provides better control while swinging the bat to play shots. This masterpiece is graded by BAS itself and also comes with a free carry case which helps you carry the bat comfortably and to keep the bat safe from any damage.

5. CW Smasher Blue Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat with Cover

After having witnessed a magnificent tennis bat, CW brings to you another beautiful creation in cricket bats, the CW smasher blue cricket bat. It is expertly crafted with Kashmir willow which brings a lot of strength to the bat and also allows a long-lasting experience for all the young players purchasing this masterpiece. The natural wood construction gives the bat long-term strength and endurance for the powerful shots coming its way. It is light in weight and features thick edges on the sides.

The unique ship delivers a superb pick up which makes the bat feel lighter than it is and makes it easier to control when swinging the bat to hit the ball around the park. The bat is outfitted with a high-quality rubber sleeve for extra comfort and makes it easy for the batter to grip the bat for lengthy periods. The comfortable handle allows longer training sessions and the extra comfort with the grip is the icing on the top. This bat also includes a bat cover free to carry around the bat without it being an inconvenience on your travel journey.

6. ND Junior Cricket Starter Set with Carry Bag

  • Set Size: 4
  • Age: 7-11 Years

This ND Junior Cricket Starter kit is the ideal choice for junior players ages 7-11 years. The kit comprises a junior cricket bat and plenty of other additional items which makes this a budget-friendly option as compared to buying just a normal junior cricket bat for your child.

The bundle comprises a pair of batting gloves which comes in handy for the young players who will get used to the feel of a batting glove when they go to bat. Allowing them exposure to these types of equipment from the right age will be pretty helpful for them in their journey. Apart from that, it also includes one hard tennis ball, one wind ball for different conditions of batting practice, and a junior cricket bat with a cover to keep it safe. It has a strong grip which provides comfort while lifting and swinging the bat. The additional balls come in very handy during practicing different weather conditions as the wind ball swings more than a normal ball.

7. Newbery N-Series Junior Cricket Bat

As elegant as a bat can be, it can’t beat the classy look of the Newberry N-series junior cricket bat for junior cricket players. Playing cricket just got more fun and exciting as not only does this Size 2 junior cricket bat has a classy look but offers 11 colors to choose from. That is what attracts a lot of children and helps them buy the color of their own choice.

Not the color, but it has several marvelous features that help it stand out from other cricket bats. It has a full Spine which distributes the weight to allow a superior feel and pick up quite comfortably. This assures a lot of endurance while swinging the bat and playing your shots freely. It also has slight incurves for weight control and provides maximum balance and feel as you lift the bat or swing it. It makes it feel lighter than it already is.

If you have an elder as well as a young player at home, Newberry has you covered. The senior cricket bat is also available in one grade which allows you to purchase from a single and trustworthy place itself. To top it all off, the low sweet spot is the one to look out for as it makes playing shots look too easy on the eye.

8. Gunn & Moore GM Opener Cricket Set

Gunn & Moore is yet another cricket equipment manufacturer which has gathered a mountain of trust from professional cricket across the globe; especially overseas players. This cricket set is an ideal choice for children who are just getting started and learning about cricket as a sport.

The Gunn & Moore opener cricket set doesn’t have a lot to offer but provides you with plenty of quality in its all-weather stumps, an all-weather rubber ball, and one molded cricket bat which is an appropriate size for all the young players. These types of equipment can be used in summers and even in monsoons, so you don’t have to miss any training sessions on your path to mastering the art of batting. These types of equipment don’t get spoiled during the monsoon and can be used out in the open without any hesitation.

The material that they are made of allows you to freely practice as it doesn’t wear out too easily and has a long-lasting approach to it. This comes in handy for coaches as well as children who don’t have the ideal practice surface in their surroundings.


These were some of the top junior cricket bats available in the market for purchase. These have been made by some of the most trustworthy manufacturers and brands and are quite reasonable as compared to the overpriced ones. With this article, we hope we helped you make your perfect investment in a junior cricket bat for your young player at home and benefited you in every possible aspect.