How to Stop Cricket Pads Squeaking?

Having a brand-new piece of kit is a great feeling but that new pad squeak is really annoying. A bit of sledging around it is not what you need at the start of your innings, but there are ways to stop the squeaking before it happens.

Things You Can Do to Stop Cricket Pads Squeaking

1. Wear Them In

Much like a pair of new shoes, a new pair of pads need wearing in. Using them in a couple of training sessions prior to a game will help this. You could even wear them around the house to help wear them in to help lose the squeak. This also makes them more comfortable to wear as they begin to mould themselves to the shape of your legs.


2. Check for Any Possible Faults

This is unlikely as most cricket pads are well made and must meet certain criteria during manufacturing. Even lower end cricket pads must meet a minimum standard. It is worth checking the pads for any obvious faults. If you have purchased online, it is worth doing this anyway before you use them. Shop purchases allow you to check of faults before leaving the store.

3. Reattach Loose Parts

One possible fault could be a loose part that simply needs tightening up or reattaching more securely. Loose or untied parts can rub against each other which would cause an annoying squeaking noise. This is a quick fix with maximum impact.

4. Sprinkle Baby Powder, Talcum Powder or Baking Powder

There is logic in using one of the powders listed above. They absorb moisture which could be the reason your pads are squeaking. Applying some powder to the squeaking area could solve your problem. Simply applying the powder, leave for a period of time and then brush it away. These powders are white so won’t make a noticeable mark on your pads. It might be wise to do this carefully with coloured pads as the white powder could affect the colour of the pad.

5. Use a Dryer

This has the same concept as using powders. Drying the pads will remove moisture which could be causing squeaking. This should only be done after careful consideration. Obviously, if the pad doesn’t fit in the dryer, then don’t force it or you risk damaging the pads completely. Also, check the cleaning instructions of the pads as using a dryer may be against the manufacturer’s recommendations. Again, this could cause permanent damage to your pads and lead to you needing to buy a new pair.


6. WD-40 or a Silicone Spray

These can be very effective in removing an annoying squeak but use carefully. Using too much of these sprays can cause other problems with your pads. If you decide to use a spray such as WD-40, use it extremely sparingly and only on the area which is squeaking.

7. Add Petroleum Jelly or Leather Conditioner

The use of such jellies is most commonly used on dry skin or in hair products to help prevent moisture loss. These can be quite oily which makes them a good choice for tackling an annoying squeak in leather products. Only use this after you have checked that the cricket pad material won’t be adversely affected though. Similarly, check that a leather conditioner isn’t going to damage your cricket pads with excessive use.

8. Visit a Shoe Repair Shop

If all of your home remedies haven’t solved the problem, then it is time to contact an expert. Most shoe repair shops will have someone who can offer advice to you. They might not be cricket experts per say, but they do work with leather-based products daily and will have encountered a squeak or two along the way.

9. Return the Pads

If there is a valid warranty for them and the squeak won’t go away, then you can return them. Be careful with the condition you send them back in. Pads smelling of WD-40 or feelings greasy won’t be accepted.


It can be seen as boring but, always read cricket pad manufacturer instructions first. Do this with all new equipment and check warranty details before using them. A squeak can be annoying, but these do tend to disappear after the pads have been used a couple of times.