Deepak Hooda's wife

Meet Saweety Boora: Deepak Hooda’s Wife

Deepak Hooda is a talented Indian cricketer known for his excellent skills and performance on the field. He is one of the rising stars of Indian cricket and has a bright future ahead of him.

Deepak Hooda and his wife
Deepak Hooda and his wife (Source: Instagram)

Deepak Niwas Hooda recently got engaged to Saweety Boora, a well-known Indian boxer. In this article, we will explore Saweety Boora’s life, including her childhood, love life, education, career, and more.

About Saweety Boora

  • Name – Saweety Boora
  • Age – 30
  • Date of birth – April 2, 1993
  • Place of birth – Hisar, Haryana, India
  • Nationality – Indian
  • Profession – Boxer
  • Mother’s name – Suman Devi Boora
  • Father’s name – Mahender Singh Boora
  • Siblings – 2 brothers: Mandeep Boora and Naveen Boora; 1 sister: Siwi Boora
  • Husband – Deepak Hooda
  • Zodiac sign – Aries
  • Social Media presence – Instagram: @saweetyboora; Twitter: @saweetyboora; Facebook: Saweety Boora
Saweety Boora
Saweety Boora (Source: Instagram)

The Love Story of Deepak Hooda and Saweety Boora

Deepak Niwas Hooda, the star kabaddi player, got engaged to Indian boxer Saweety Boora on June 29th, 2022. Saweety shared the video of their engagement on her Instagram account and wrote in the caption, “My whole heart for my whole life.”

Saweety Boora at her engagement
Saweety Boora at her engagement (Source: Instagram)

Many kabaddi players took to social media to congratulate the couple, and some attended the ceremony, including Parvesh Bhainswal and Naveen Kumar. According to reports, the couple tied the knot on July 7th, 2022, in a resort near Hisar’s south bypass.

Deepak Hooda and Saweety Boora
Deepak Hooda and Saweety Boora (Source: Instagram)

Before their wedding, Saweety had her Mehendi ceremony at her home. Deepak and Saweety reportedly met during a marathon in 2015 and became friends. After some time, they fell in love, and Deepak invited Saweety to watch him in action during the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) games.

Deepak Hooda's wife
Deepak Hooda and his wife (Source: Instagram)

Saweety revealed that after one year of being Deepak Hooda’s girlfriend, he proposed to her, but she insisted that he should focus on his career first. That’s why they decided to wait before getting married.

The Childhood of Deepak Hooda’s Wife, Saweety Boora

Saweety Boora was born on January 10, 1993, in a small village in Hisar, Haryana. Her father, Mahender Singh, was a national-level basketball player, and he encouraged his daughter to take up sports at a young age.

Saweety Boora and her mother
Saweety Boora and her mother (Source: Instagram)

Boora initially played kabaddi at the state level, but her father convinced her to switch to boxing in 2009.Boora’s family has been supportive of her athletic pursuits throughout her career. Her younger sister, Siwi Boora, is also a boxer, and the two sisters share a close bond.

Saweety Boora with her sister
Saweety Boora with her sister (Source: Instagram)

Boora’s father has been instrumental in her success, and his encouragement has helped her overcome several challenges.

Saweety Boora’s Academic Journey

Boora received her early education in a small village in Haryana. She was a dedicated student and focused on her studies even as she pursued her athletic dreams.

Deepak Hooda's wife
(Source: Instagram)

Boora later enrolled in college, where she continued to train and compete in boxing. Despite facing several obstacles, including the lack of proper training facilities, Boora remained determined to succeed in both academics and athletics.

Saweety Boora’s Career in Boxing

Boora’s boxing career began in 2009 when she switched from kabaddi to boxing. She initially trained in the farmlands near Chaudhary Charan Singh Haryana Agricultural University but eventually had to relocate to pursue her dream of becoming a professional boxer.

Saweety Boora
(Source: Instagram)

Boora’s hard work and dedication paid off in 2014 when she won the silver medal in the light heavyweight category at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. She reached the final but lost to Chinese boxer Yang Xiaoli.

Saweety Boora - Gold Medal
Saweety Boora – Gold Medal (Source: Instagram)

Boora continued to train and compete, and in 2015, she reached the final of the Asian Women’s Amateur Boxing Championships but lost to the same opponent.

Saweety Boora - National Champion
Saweety Boora – National Champion (Source: Instagram)

In 2017, Boora received the Bhim Award from the Government of Haryana for her sporting achievements in the 2015-16 season. The following year, she changed her weight class from light heavyweight to middleweight to compete in the Summer Olympics.

Saweety Boora - World Champion
Saweety Boora – World Champion (Source: Instagram)

Boora’s most significant accomplishment came in 2023 when she won the gold medal in the middleweight category at the IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships. She defeated Wang Lina of China in the final, becoming the seventh Indian boxer, male or female, to win a world championship.

Deepak Hooda’s Previous Relationships

There were many rumors circulating about Deepak dating a girl named Sneha, but no official confirmation was ever provided by Deepak himself.

It’s unclear whether the rumors were true or not, and the matter remained unresolved. However, since then, Deepak has moved on and is now married to Saweety Boora.

Deepak Hooda
Deepak Hooda (Source: Instagram)

The rumors about his relationship with Sneha are now just a distant memory, and it’s likely that Deepak and Saweety are enjoying their life together. Despite the speculation that once surrounded Deepak’s personal life, it’s clear that he has found happiness and moved on to a new chapter in his life.