How Much Does it Cost to Play Cricket? Cricket Kit Price and More

In previous articles I’ve looked at the cost of specific items of equipment but what about the whole picture? How much does it actually cost to play cricket?

How Much Does it Cost to Play Cricket?

Cricket Kit Price

This is the biggest expense that you are likely to incur as a cricketer. To play effectively, you will need gloves, boots, a bat and all the necessary clothing.

Let’s start with the feet upwards. The lowest price for a pair of boots is likely to come in at £20 while prices can climb up to £150 at the top end of the scale.

Gloves may be slightly cheaper although £100 can be paid for the most expensive pairs.

Cricket Kit cost

Clothing costs will also vary but you may typically expect to pay around £100 for a pair of socks, shirts and trousers. Sweaters and caps can add to the expense, and you may also want to carry around spares at all times.

Now we come onto what is likely to be your most expensive piece of equipment. A bat can cost many hundreds of pounds at the very top of the scale. Some club cricketers are happy with that type of budget and they will see it as an investment.

Others may not have the funds to cover that kind of expense. At the lower cost end, you may pay just £50 for a new Kashmir willow bat. Remember, however, that you tend to get what you pay for, and my advice is simply to buy the best quality cricket bat that your budget will allow.

Cricket Coaching Cost

You can’t play cricket without your essential kit but there can be associated costs which need to be taken into account. If you’re a young player and are serious about developing your game, you may want to consider getting some professional coaching.

This is another area where costs can vary: A single, one off session may set you back just a few pounds while a full on season of coaching can cost hundreds of pounds.

Club Membership Fee

Cricket clubs that offer a place to play also need funds in order to survive. Unless you’re still at school, it’s very unlikely that you will be able to play for free. Club fees will naturally vary but you might typically pay a one off charge of £100 for the season plus maybe £10 for every game.

The upside of joining a club is that they will cover the cost of associated equipment such as balls, stumps and bails. If you are just starting out, they may even have club bats that you can try out before committing to a purchase of your own.

Is Cricket an Expensive Sport?

In comparison with other sports, it’s fair to say that cricket can be quite expensive. If we take football as an example, all you really need to pay for is a good quality pair of boots.

One tip, if you are not sure about committing yourself to the game, is to look at the possibility of acquiring secondhand equipment. This would bring the cost down in the initial stages but, as a full time sport, new kit is desirable.

Ultimately, it can all come down to individual budgets but the set of costs related to cricket can range between around £100 and £1,000.