What Are Different Cricket Helmet Accessories?

Owning a cricket helmet doesn’t stop at the purchase. Yes, you need to look after it and hopefully never be struck on it, but there are some additional purchases to be aware of. Like a bat might need the rubber handle grip replacing, or boots need new studs, helmets need replacements or accessories to keep them in top condition. Checking over your helmet on a regular basis means you will be more aware of any potential issues and stop issues occurring.

List of Cricket Helmet Accessories

There are some parts of the helmet which can be replaced quite simply and quickly. For major or multiple replacements, it is sometimes wise to purchase a new helmet entirely. This judgement is down to the user but it is always useful to speak to experts as well. Their knowledge could save you the hassle of replacing something or from the expense of a new helmet.

Cricket Helmet Cover Bag

Helmets do not always come supplied with one of these. Higher end models do, but the helmets used by your average club cricketer do not. These are a useful accessory as they help to protect the condition of your helmet. Preventing minor blemishes from scuff marks are easily avoided with a cricket helmet cover bag.


Cricket Helmet Foam Inserts or Inner Paddings

These will need replacing. These are not helmet accessories, rather key components. They are what keeps the helmet in place and provides comfort. They can wear down over time and need replacing. If they are not replaced, the helmet will start to move around more and not be as comfortable to wear.

Different manufacturers offer differences in quality so check what you can afford compared to what you want. Also, check that the replacement you are buying actually fits your helmet. There may be different places to attach the new padding which doesn’t match up with the purchase.

Cricket Helmet Sweatband

An optional extra. These are sometimes worn to help a helmet fit more securely. It may be slightly too large in size, but the smaller sized helmet is too small. Obviously, sweatbands are there to absorb sweat away from your body and improve your comfort. As you are wearing a helmet, you do become sweaty, so some cricketers opt for sweatbands under their helmets. As with the foam inserts, sweatbands can become misshapen and lose their elasticity. When this happens, new ones are needed.


Cricket Helmet Nuts

Not a massively expensive accessory to replace but one that is critically important. These nuts are there to secure the grille to the shell of the helmet. The position of the grille can be altered with the nuts. These are quite small in size and are easily lost. Fortunately, they are easy to replace. Manufacturers like to have a plastic casing around the nut with their logo on it. When looking for replacements it is worth searching by price as not matching nuts will not affect the safety of your helmet.

Cricket Helmet Grill Only

The job of the grille is to prevent facial injuries. If the grille is struck and becomes damaged it must be replaced. There are two options with grilles related to material: steel or titanium. The choice varies in price. You may opt to upgrade to titanium or downgrade to steel. Both materials have been tested to strict standards, so safety is not a consideration. What you must do it make sure the grille is the same brand as the shell. There is a chance that different grilles will not fit properly with other manufacturers.


Cricket Helmet Stemguard or Neckguard

These clever little cricket helmet accessories were introduced in the wake of the tragic death of Phil Hughes (Australia). In a freak incident he was struck on the back of his head, in an area not covered by his helmet. These neck guards are plastic clips which attach to the rear of the helmet. Fit these before using the helmet. It is worth considering these if you play at a standard where fast bowling is common. Also, many elite cricketers found adjusting to them as a challenge but persevered due to the fact they literally save lives.


It is worth investing in your cricket helmet and maintaining it to the best of your ability. This doesn’t need to be an expensive deal and can be done by generally looking after your helmet properly. Throwing it into the boot of your car is going to damage it and will lead to repairs or a full replacement. Think about what accessories you will actually need rather than buying everything straight away. Losing the nuts to secure the helmet is extremely unlikely because once the helmet is secured, the nuts need a quick twist just before the helmet is used.