Finding the Best Linseed Oil for Cricket Bats

There is a variety of oil that can be used for oiling and maintaining cricket bats, but linseed oil is the best and most recommended type of oil for cricket bats. Various manufacturers across the globe make and sell linseed oil.

In this article we will talk about the types of linseed oil and some of the best linseed oils in the market.

Best Linseed Oils

There are three kinds of commonly used linseed oil.

Raw Linseed Oil

The raw linseed oil is extracted from flax seeds. When used in its raw form, linseed oil gives the best results after oiling a cricket bat, as it has the capability to penetrate deep into the bat surface which helps in maintaining the moisture level of the bat. The more the moisture, the fewer the chances of bat breaking or cracking under the impact of high-speed leather ball or hard knocking with mallets.


Boiled Linseed Oil

Some people use boiled linseed oil to polish and shine the cricket bat. Boiled oil is also used when people don’t have enough time to apply the raw linseed oil and wait for drying it up. The boiled linseed oil dries up quickly compared to the raw linseed oil, however, it does not seep deep into the wood which almost negates the advantage of the raw room temperature linseed oil. Thus, although boiled linseed oil is preferred for furniture, it is not ideal for maintaining cricket bats.

Tung Oil

Also known as China oil, the Tung oil is made from seeds from the nut of the Tung tree. Tung oil is mainly used for finishing and protecting wood and it can also be used to oil your cricket bat. Tung oil is better at penetrating the wood surface. Additionally, it provides some water resistance, which is beneficial for the durability of a cricket bat.

Reviews of the Best Linseed Oils for Cricket Bats

Let’s review some of the best linseed oils for cricket bat maintenance.

Gunn & Moore GM Cricket Bat Essential Accessories

Gunn & Moore GM Cricket Bat Repair Kit, Linseed Oil, Cloth, Sand Paper, Glue, Toe Guards, Carry Case
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One can get Gunn & Moore branded linseed oil easily on Amazon and other websites. GM linseed oil is one of the best options available, and you can use it to maintain moisture levels within the blade and reduce the chances of cracking. In GM Cricket Bat Essential Accessories, they provide the linseed oil in a 100 ml bottle along with 1 bat care cloth, 1 sheet of sandpaper, 1 tube of glue, 2 toe guards with 1 Handy neat carrying case. Just 100 ml of oil is sufficient and can last for years as only a small amount of oil is needed per application. This is a must-have, comprehensive kit for every cricketer. Compact in size, it is easy to carry along with your cricket kit bag. If you don’t need other accessories that come along with the Essential kit, you can also get GM Linseed oil as a standalone product.

  • KIT INCLUDES - 1 x Linseed bat Oil, 100ml. 1 x Bat care cloth. 1 x Sheet of sandpaper. 1 x Tube of glue. 2 x Toe Guards. 1 x Handy neat carrying case
  • GREAT FOR - The GM Bat Repair Kit is a must-have for every cricketer. Essential equipment for any cricketer wanting to keep their bat in tiptop condition …

ND Sports Traditional Cricket Bat Protection Linseed Oil

Traditional Cricket Bat Protection Linseed Oil Bat Preparation 125ml Bottle Single Or Pack Of 3 (1)
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The nest in line is the ND Sports’ raw linseed oil. It is available as a single bottle of 125 ml bottle or a pack of 3 – though you might not need 3 bottles ever, not in a single go anyway. ND Sports’ linseed oil is a quality product, and it is very effective in prolonging the life of cricket bats. Unlike GM linseed oil, ND sports provide the oil as a standalone bottle, without any bag or case. Its packaging is plain, with the tagline of “The Choice of Champions”. There are no associated accessories sold with ND sports linseed oil. When it comes to comparing the quality of oil with the GM branded oil, the ND sports traditional linseed oil is almost at par, and very much effective.

  • Sold as single or pack of 3, Seperately
  • Quality linseed oil
  • Essential for prolonging the life and protecting new cricket bats
  • Size: 125ml

Linseed Oil Pure – 200 ml Pack

Linseed Oil Pure - 200 ml Pack (Bat Oil) by PLAZA Used for Wood Polishing and Wood Strength, Used for Cricket Bats, Used for Mixing in Paints for Enhanced Gloss, Good Massaging Oil.
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The third in this list is Linseed Oil Pure, manufactured by PLAZA Chemical Industries based in North India. This is an export quality oil, and it comes in a 200 ml bottle which is more than enough and will last for years. This product is known for its quality. As per the name, it is pure cold-pressed linseed oil, without any chemicals or solvents. Suitable for all types of wood, the Linseed Oil Pure is very much effective in terms of penetration and protection. Hence, it is one of the finest choices of oil for your cricket bat maintenance. There is no cloth or cotton provided along with the oil, so you need to keep a dedicated cloth to be used with the oil.

  • 100% Pure Cold Pressed Linseed Oil. 100% Chemical/Solvent free. Export Quality.
  • Pale Yellow Color and Transparent Appearance
  • Used for coating on bare woods. Penetrates and protects wood. Suitable for all types of wood. Used for Sports Goods made of wood like Cricket bats.
  • Used for mixing in paints for enhanced Gloss. Used for mixing with wall putty for enhanced strength …

KOOKABURRA Bat Oil – 100ml

KOOKABURRA Bat Oil - 100ml, One Size, GK230
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Australian sports equipment company, Kookaburra also provide raw linseed oil. It comes in one size only, that is, in the bottle of 100 ml. It comes without any case and has a simple packaging style. As it is also raw linseed oil, that too from a very good brand – Kookaburra. It is an ideal choice for maintaining your cricket bat. Its quality is amazing and it is a highly recommended linseed oil to maintain and protect your bat. It is perfect for bat preparation, mainly for natural willow bats to prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle.

  • Linseed oil to protect your bat.
  • 100ml.
  • Good quality product
  • Item package quantity: 1


Among various available oils, Raw Linseed oil or Tung Oil are the best options for maintaining a cricket bat and prolonging its life. Remember, boiled linseed oil is never a good choice. You can pick any of the oil listed in this article, like GM’s linseed oil Kookaburra oil, but it is important to oil and maintain your bat regularly to avoid the chances of cracking and splitting.