The 10 Best Female Cricket Commentators

Women’s cricket is really starting to attract a huge audience. Female commentators are involved and they also appear in the men’s game too which is great to see. Here are ten of the best.

Top 9+1 Female Cricket Commentators

Isa Guha

Isa Guha is a former England international and she now commentates on the game for broadcasters all over the world. The fact that she’s in demand globally tells us that she’s a seriously good commentator.

Isa Guha is very fair and measured in her commentary and offers great insight when she’s on the microphone.

Charlotte Edwards

England’s captain for many years, Charlotte Edwards can be heard commentating when she’s not working in a coaching role. All that experience of leading a team at the highest level pays off with her insightful views on the games as they develop.

Alison Mitchell

Alison Mitchell did not play cricket at the highest level but you wouldn’t know that when you listen to her. She’s exceptionally knowledgeable and she’s especially good at describing the game when she’s on the radio.

Mitchell has achieved some notable ‘firsts’ in her career. She was the first female commentator to appear on BBC’s Test Match Special and the first to commentate ball by ball on a men’s game when she worked for ABC Radio Grandstand in Australia.

Marina Iqbal

A relatively new entry into the world of cricket commentary, Marina Iqbal appeared in international games for Pakistan. She can now be heard at the Pakistan Super League, and it’s hoped that her work starts to extend into other parts of the world.

Iqbal has great enthusiasm for the game and that really shines through in her expert commentary.

The 10 Best Female Cricket Commentators
Marina Iqbal

Urooj Mumtaz

Another Pakistan international cricketer who appeared in 48 matches for her country, Urooj Mumtaz can also be heard commentating on the PSL. She doesn’t tend to get much exposure outside of Pakistan and that’s a great shame.

She has other work outside of the commentary box and is part of an international selection panel, but it’s hoped that her measured and insightful views can start to be heard more widely.

Lisa Sthalekar

Another former international cricketer turned commentator, Lisa Sthalekar appeared in an impressive 187 matches for Australia. She’s now one of the more regular female commentators and she can be heard in both the women’s and the men’s games.

Because she had such a long career, she comes across as one of the most knowledgeable speakers on the game. Although she’s mainly heard in her native Australia, Lisa Sthalekar is getting more broadcasting work elsewhere and that’s good news.

Melanie Jones

While she was born in England, Mel Jones became one of Australia’s most experienced international cricketers. She appeared in 66 games and, following her retirement, she became one of the most respected commentators in women’s cricket.

She is contracted to Fox Sports, but Mel Jones can be heard all over the world. She combines that in depth knowledge with a clear passion for the game and is one of the best all-round commentators.

Melanie Jones Commentator
Melanie Jones

Anjum Chopra

Anjum Chopra can be heard as a regular member of the commentary team at the IPL. She’s something of a lone female voice in the competition and I like it when she comes on the mic.

She’s very forthright and sensible and offers a good balance against some of her more excitable male colleagues. Her reading of the game is excellent, and I hope Anjum Chopra can get more bookings in other forms of cricket around the world.

Ebony-Rainford Brent

Another England cricketer who played under Charlotte Edwards, Ebony Rainford-Brent features quite consistently across the English season. She also has other roles in coaching and in developing the game for youngsters of all backgrounds.

Rainford-Brent combines the knowledge gained as a cricketer with that passion for diversity in cricket and that really shines through when she’s on commentary.

The 10 Best Female Cricket Commentators
Ebony Rainford Brent

Donna Symonds

One of the first female voices that I heard was that of West Indies’ Donna Symonds. She was commentating on radio over the course of England’s tour of the Caribbean in 1990.

She started by covering tennis and was so good that she was quickly persuaded to join some cricket broadcasts. She isn’t heard a great deal outside of the West Indies but she’s seriously knowledgeable and I recommend checking Donna Symonds out.

+1 – Who was the First Female Cricket Commentator?

Chandra Nayudu is widely regarded as being the first ever female cricket commentator. She was also one of the first to play cricket for India internationally.

When she retired from playing she began her commentary career in the 1970s. Nayudu worked on both men’s and women’s games while commentating on the England men’s team’s tour of India in 1979/80. In that respect she was a groundbreaker and laid a path for others to follow.

Female Cricket Commentator FAQ

Why are there so many Female Cricket Commentators?

It’s certainly not a bad thing and this is a development that is somewhat overdue. The rise in popularity of women’s cricket is partly responsible. With more women’s games being broadcast, viewers want to hear from those who know and who may have actually played with those who are on the field.

It’s also refreshing to hear those female voices in the men’s game. In the modern age, cricket is looking for more diversity and to put some of the antiquated ideas behind it. Those are the reasons behind the rise in female commentators and it’s great for all aspects of the game.