Best Cricket Games for Symbian

Cricket gamers are well aware of their preferences when it comes to their go-to gaming consoles and which game to purchase. However, there is one more mobile operating system unlike your regular Android or iOS or your console like Xbox or Playstation, that allows you to play your favourite cricket game with just a click of a button. It’s the Symbian OS.

What is Symbian?

Symbian is a discontinued mobile operating system and computing platform designed for smartphones and was widely used by brands like Samsung, Motorola, Sony, Nokia etc. The foundation disintegrated in late 2010 by Nokia and the system gradually wound down.

However, there are still some cricket games available for the fans of the platform. They can go and enjoy their favourite cricket game with the help of Symbian OS. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top five games below that are available for fans to play on Symbian OS.

Cricket 2011

The name speaks for itself as the cricket game is a sheer resemblance to the 2011 Cricket World Cup that happened in India. Relive the memories of an astonishing Indian team winning the esteemed tournament by playing the game. If you have it in you then recreate the match winning scenario and enjoy the experience.

Cricket 2011

You have the opportunity to play against the best of the world and a scintillating chance to beat them at your own turf in your route to glory. Unleash the most advanced cricketing experience now by going over and downloading the cricket game.

IPL Twenty-20

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a beloved tournament of the game, not only in India but all across the globe. As the name suggests, the game has been built after the exhilarating tournament. You are allowed to play as your favourite IPL team and participate in several competitive contests. It’s time to pick up the bat and hammer the bowlers all over the park or knock some stumps over if you are a regular bowling fanatic.

It is time to break some records by playing in one of the fastest formats the game has ever seen.


Cricket Fever T20

Cricket Fever T20 is for all the Twenty20 fans out there who are crazy about the shortest format of the game. From a twenty overs game to playing as low as three overs a game, developers have done a commendable job at making the fifteen minute game breaks a possibility. The game allows you to set up your team and venue of the game or directly play a quick game if you are eager to check out the game mechanics and graphics, which are absolutely splendid.

There is a hawkeye camera that helps you track the pace and line of the delivery and also tracks edges, shot accuracy, etc. while you’re batting. This advanced feature allows you to pick out the smallest of errors and the best of your creativity on the pitch.


One of the best things about the game is the in-built tutorial for beginners so you are made aware of how to bat and bowl. So, do wait to get on with this Cricket fever and start your journey today with this exciting game.

Best Cricket T20 Game

This is another masterpiece that is available on Symbian OS for cricket lovers and fans who want to enjoy a nice cricket game. This game doesn’t have the best graphics as compared to the others available out there but does make up for it in the explosive T20 cricketing action of the top international teams as they compete to become the world’s best.

The game revolves around mastering the skill of batting and bowling as fielding is already taken care of. You are allotted a tutorial in case you are unaware of the dynamics of the game. You can play a quick match or a tournament and play with your favourite players or teams at whichever venue you like. Playing cricket just got exciting with the Best Cricket T20 Game.

T20 WC

Not everyone realises the importance of a World Cup and if it’s a fast paced format like Twenty20, you have to have the best in the business to get you over the line in order to help your nation lift the trophy. If you are looking for a nerve wrecking cricketing experience, the T20 World Cup is your game.

It brings to you an exhilarating contest amongst the top international teams who battle it out in the field to obtain the highest of honours of the tournament. You get to bat and bowl in a game where you can smash the bowlers out of the park to set up a big score and knock their stumps down and restrict them to a low total with the ball in hand.

The game keeps you entertained with commentary as the players perform in the field. You can play with your favourite team and players and keep a track of your progress as you play the game. The deeper you go into the game, the more exciting the competition gets for you.


These were a few of the available cricket games on Symbian OS for the fans of the platform to go and check it out for yourself. This article provides you with an overview of the game and the likes of it and we hope this helps you make your pick from the lot.