Which is the Best Cricket Bag with Wheels?

Choosing new equipment can be a time-consuming process due to the number of brands, styles, designs, and price ranges. Choosing the right bag should take just as much time and thought as choosing your bat and helmet. Due to cricketers having to own a lot of bulky kit, choosing a bat with wheels is often the best option.

Reviews of the 6 Best Cricket Bags with Wheels

Below we review six of the best wheelie cricket bags on the market.

Gunn & Moore GM 707 Premium Cricket Kit Bag, Full Size

Gunn & Moore GM Cricket Duffle Bag Rucksack, Select, Small - 55 Litres, Blue
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Like most Gunn and Moore products, the appearance is excellent. The navy is really smart against the brightly coloured Gunn and Moore graphics. The first thing to note is that there is a lot of storage space for all of your kit including your bat. This is a pleasant surprise as it is listed as a medium sized cricket bag.

The material feels very strong, and the wheelie option makes moving it around really easy. The wheels are good quality and can cope with bumpy carparks and being dragged up pavilion steps. What is good about the wheel system is that they work when being pulled across quite long grass around the ground. Some bags cannot cope with this, and you end up carrying the bag. This makes the wheels pointless, but not with this Gunn and Moore bag.

The base of the bag is strengthened to support both the wheels and the cricket gear in the bag, so there is no fear of the bottom breaking. The zips are of good quality and also allow the bag to be opened wide enough to make packing and unpacking cricket equipment very easy.

There is a lack of additional storage spaces with this bag so all of your equipment goes in the bag. This can be a problem in terms of damage to equipment such as spikes going into bats or leg guards. It’s a good idea to have your boots in a separate bag to protect your other equipment. Although there is space for your cricket bat in the bag, most people carry theirs to avoid it becoming damaged. This is a shame as the bag itself is such high quality.

SG Combopak Kit Bag

SG Combopak Bag with Wheels
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A lesser-known brand in the world of cricket which has produced a nice-looking bag. The colour scheme and graphics look good and certainly would encourage people to buy this bag. The quality of the material is ok and is more than strong enough to support the equipment in it. However, this is only suitable for junior players who use smaller sized equipment.

A nice feature is the separate compartment for cricket boots to be stored in. This keeps any dirt away from clothing or equipment and also stops stud causing damage. The base is nicely reinforced to make dragging the trolley style cricket bag around. The rubber supports underneath make the bag sturdier when laid down too. The wheels are ok in terms of quality but do become scratched and dented quite quickly compared to other bags.

The zips are very good, and the bag opens completely to make packing and unpacking very easy and very quick. There is no bat section so people either carry the bat separately or buy a bat sleeve. The motivational message ‘believe, become’ is a nice touch to encourage younger players to work hard.

A feature that is impressive is the nylon handle at the end of the bag. It is secure and is flexible enough to make dragging the bag very easy without fear of it breaking or becoming detached. This bag is great for junior players but is not for adults due to the dimensions and storage capacity.

  • Made from premium PU coated material

SS Glory Cricket Kit Bag

Ss Unisex's Ton Glory Kit Bag, Multicolour, 28 Inch
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This is an eye-catching bag because of its camouflage design against a black background. The orange details add to overall appearance. This bag has great access to it due to the large surface area of the zipper. Some larger bags don’t do this so finding a bag that opens completely is great.

There are side panels which offer additional storage, we used them for cricket boots mainly. At a training session they are ideal for a wallet or set of keys. The wheels are very robust and can withstand carparks and being bumped up sets of stairs. The carry handles are of a high quality so loading and unloading the bag from a car is relatively straightforward.

It is described as a large storage cricket bag, and this is certainly the case. It would make a good kit bag although it is not as big as some other wheelie bags such as the SG Extremepak Cricket Kit Bag with Wheels. The bag still offers ample storage space for all your cricketing equipment.

The base of the bag is very strong, and this helps to protect the shape of the bag when filled with equipment. Some bags have a much weaker base which drags on the floor when the bag is being moved around. This wears a hole in the bag and damages equipment inside of it. This is a very good bag to own, especially for wicketkeepers, and is one that feels like it is built to last.

  • Size: 28"
  • Package Contents: 1 x ton glory duffle Kit Bag
  • Brand: SS
  • Material: Other
  • In-box Contents: 1 x ton glory duffle Kit Bag

SG Extremepak Cricket Kit Bag with Wheels

This is a very striking bag in terms of appearance with the bright red and blue design. The bag is described as a large team bag, and it certainly lives up to the name. Multiple pairs of pads and gloves fit more than comfortably, with space for other equipment too. One draw back is that this bag doesn’t open completely which can make it awkward to pack and unpack.

One noticeable positive is the separate section for cricket boots to be stored in. In terms of stability, this bag definitely delivers. The wheels are solid and have a bevelled finish which makes them great for being dragged along carparks and upstairs. Although bats will fit in this bag, it is not advisable to pack more than one into the bag.

The back of the bag where the wheels are is not as solid as it could be and the weight of bats buckles the bag. Carrying them separately is advisable rather than packing them into this trolley style cricket bag. Obviously, having all of your equipment in one bag is the ideal scenario, but carrying a bat separately is far better than risking breaking the bag.

This is a bag that is designed to be laid down rather than stood up, so it does take up a fair bit of space in the changing room compared to bags which stand up. The massive plus for this bag is the volume of storage which makes it perfect for junior teams where players don’t own their own cricket gear yet.


SS Elite Wheel Cricket Bag

A very professional looking bag with its red and black design. The SS emblem is clear to see and is something to be proud of in this product. The quality is very high, and it is certainly a leading wheelie bag. There is more than enough storage space inside this bag for equipment, kit, and spare kit.

In fact, this bag would be ideal for a wicketkeeper who obviously has additional equipment compared to other members of the team. Ample storage is the claim if we talk about SS, and it certainly delivers. One feature that is almost a non-negotiable is a pouch or pocket for boots to be stored. This bag has one and it appears to be a part of the bag rather than an add on. Some bags don’t get this right in terms of design, but SS have nailed it.

The bag opens very wide which makes it easy to pack and unpack. There is no need to empty the whole bag as there is more than enough volume to move things around instead. A separate bat compartment would be a nice addition to the bag but due to its size, bats fit in no problem at all. The wheels are of high quality and transporting it around is very easy.

The handle is durable and of a good size to make holding it comfortable. The straps on the sides make it easy to lift in and out of the car and up the pavilion stairs. The base is also reinforced and rigid so that nothing drags on the floor whilst the bag is being moved around. This is an impressive bag to own and use.


SS Cricket Kit Bag Professional Wheel Bag

This is a smart looking wheelie cricket bag and is also very practical. There is lots of storage space inside and a very sturdy base which keeps the bag in shape. The bag offers two side pouches which appear to be a great addition until you realise that they don’t offer much storage. They merely fit a handful of personal belonging which isn’t ideal when thinking about security.

There is just enough space in each compartment for a cricket boot so storing them away from clothing and equipment is a good option. Had there been one long storage compartment along the side of the bag, there would have been space to hold a bat. One massive plus for this bag is that it has 3 wheels compared to two.

There is a trend developing in terms of three wheels over two. There is added stability with a third wheel, and this is obvious when moving the bag around. The handle on the end of the bag is of good quality and certainly doesn’t feel like it will break or come loose. Opening and closing the bag is very straight forward as you would expect from a high-quality zip. It would be better if the section that opens was larger as this is a large bag which encourages you to carry more equipment.

A larger opening would make it easier to find things rather than removing everything. This would make a good kit bag due to its larger size or for a wicket keeper.



Having read our reviews of the best 6 wheelie bags, you are now in a much better position to buy a great wheelie bag. Remember, other slightly lesser-known brands are producing some excellent bags and are worth investigating. Shop around for the best bag for you and your needs and you won’t be far off the mark.

One part of the bag to check over is the base. This is what will keep the bag in shape and help to protect your equipment when the bag is laid down flat. PVC bases offer both protection and stability. No matter what your requirements in terms of storage there is a bag available for you.