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Who is Ben Stokes’ Wife? Meet Clare Stokes

Ben Stokes: The Cricket Sensation

Ben Stokes, the English all-rounder, is known for his excellent cricketing skills and contributions to the England cricket team.

He was born in New Zealand, on June 4th, 1991. Stokes has been instrumental in England’s success, including their memorable win at the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

ben stokes
Ben Stokes (Source: Instagram)

Clare Stokes: Ben Stokes’ Wife

Ben Stokes’ wife, Clare Stokes, was born on October 7th, 1996 in East Brent, Somerset, United Kingdom.

ben stokes wife
Clare Stokes (Source: Instagram)

She grew up with her mother, Jane, who she shares a close bond with. This is evident from the frequent celebration of significant occasions shared on her social media. Clare always takes to social media to wish her mother a happy birthday, and Happy Mother’s Day.

clare stokes
Clare and her mother Jane (Source: Instagram)

Despite the absence of her father, Clare extends warm wishes to him on Father’s Day through her social media platform.

Ben Stokes’ Wife Known Facts

Full Name: Clare Stokes (Ratcliffe)

Nickname: Clary

Date of Birth: October 7th, 1996

Place of Birth: East Brent, Somerset, United Kingdom

Job: Former Primary Teacher

Nationality: British

Hobbies: Traveling, Shopping, Dancing

Husband: Ben Stokes

Husband Job: Cricketer

Children: Layton and Libby

Social Media: @clarey11

Clare Stokes Career

Clare pursued a career in primary education. She dedicated herself to nurturing young minds as a primary school teacher. It is evident that she has a passion for making a difference in the lives of children.

Currently, Clare has a role as a homemaker, taking care of her husband and children.

Ben Stokes and Clare Stokes Love Story

The love story of Ben Stokes and Clare Stokes began with a chance encounter in August 2010 during a cricket match. Their relationship blossomed over social media and long-distance communication, eventually leading to their marriage on October 14th, 2017.

ben stokes wedding
Ben and Clare’s wedding (Source: Instagram)

This lovely ceremony was attended by friends, family, and cricket luminaries, was a celebration of their journey together.

Clare’s support for her husband, both in his professional challenges and personal victories, highlights the importance of partnership and mutual respect in achieving life’s goals.

Building a Joyful Family

Ben and Clare are proud parents to two children, Layton and Libby. Specific details about their birthdates are not publicized.

The presence of Layton and Libby adds a joyful dimension to their family life.

ben stokes family
The lovely Stokes family (Source: Instagram)

The couple’s dedication to their children is evident in their public appearances and social media platforms, where they often share moments of their family life.

Clare also actively participates in a cheer and dance group, forming a mother-daughter team with her daughter Libby. Together, they show their synchronized moves, strengthen their bond, and contribute to the positive and uplifting spirit of the entire team.

ben stokes children
Clare and Libby (Source: Instagram)

Clare’s transition from a primary school teacher to a homemaker role reflects her commitment to ensuring a nurturing environment for their children.

Ben’s Biggest Support

The couple’s ability to maintain a balanced life despite the demands of Stokes’ cricketing career is very impressive.

Clare’s hobbies, including traveling, shopping, and dancing, reflect her lively personality and her maintaining a healthy and balanced life.

Their story is not just of a cricketer and his wife, but of a partnership that thrives on support, understanding, and mutual respect.

As Ben Stokes continues to leave his mark in the cricketing world, his wife Clare stands by him, in the role of his biggest supporter.

clare stokes
Ben Stokes wife supporting him (Source: Instagram)