Bangladesh Cricket Stadiums – Biggest International Grounds in Bangladesh

They are a relatively new entry into the list of test playing nations, but they’ve already made an impact on the international stage. Bangladesh play their cricket at some impressive venues and there’s always a lively atmosphere, so let’s take a look at the best stadiums in the country.

How Many International Cricket Stadiums are there in Bangladesh?

As of 2023, there are currently eight cricket stadiums in Bangladesh. This is a fluid number as there may be new additions to the list, while other grounds may be overlooked as the country moves forward.

For now, those eight stadiums share hosting duties around the country.

Which is the Biggest Cricket Stadium in Bangladesh?

The Bangabandhu National Stadium is currently the biggest cricket ground in the whole of Bangladesh. It was originally opened in 1959 and has a current capacity of 36,000.

The National Stadium is the most common hosting ground for touring sides and that higher capacity means that it is also the most popular venue here


Popular Cricket Grounds in Bangladesh

Bangabandhu National Stadium

Capacity: 36,000

As we now know, the Bangabandhu National Stadium is the biggest cricket stadium in Bangladesh and many would agree that it’s also the most popular. Cricket is the most popular sport to be played here, but it’s a multi-purpose venue and one that famously hosted an international football friendly between Argentina and Nigeria in 2011.

In cricketing terms, the first international match took place here in 2005. The Bangabandhu National Stadium was also used for the opening ceremony of the 2011 World Cup, Prior to the renovation that took place ahead of that tournament, the capacity here was 55,000, but that has since been reduced to 36,000.

Bangabandhu National Stadium
Bangabandhu National Stadium

M.A. Aziz Stadium

Capacity: 30,000

Opened in 1988, the M.A. Aziz Stadium also became one of the most familiar grounds for cricket teams touring Bangladesh. It has a healthy capacity of 30,000 and its first international game was an ODI against India in October 1988.

Test cricket followed when Bangladesh hosted Zimbabwe in 2001. The M.A. Aziz Stadium has also hosted games in the Bangladesh Premier League, but the availability of more modern venues nearby means that it has fallen off the international radar for the time being.

Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium

This stadium is located in Fatullah and it’s another venue that has hosted just a handful of international matches in Bangladesh. The Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium has been used since 2006 and it has a relatively high capacity of 25,000.

After holding some games at the 2004 Under 19 World Cup, the first senior international took place here when home side Bangladesh went up against Australia in a test match. The Khan Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium has also seen ODis and T20is, but it’s another venue that is currently quiet in international terms.

Sher-e Bangla Stadium

Capacity: 26,000

If you’ve watched more than one game of cricket from Bangladesh via the live TV broadcasters, you will have almost certainly seen the Sher-e Bangla Stadium in action. With its capacity of 26,000, it is probably the most consistent venue for the senior national men’s side and that’s been the case since 2006, when the first One Day International took place here.

Bangladesh took on Zimbabwe in that inaugural ODI. A year later, test match cricket arrived at the Sher-e Bangla Stadium when India were the visitors. The venue continues to host games in all formats and it’s among the first choice locations for cricket’s governing body in the country.

Sher-e Bangla Stadium
Sher-e Bangla Stadium

Shaheed Chandu Stadium

Capacity: 18,000

With a record of just one test match and five One Day Internationals behind it, the Shaheed Chandu Stadium in Bogra is another cricket ground that continues to be overlooked by the authorities. With a capacity of 18,000, it could offer more options moving forward, but it remains dormant for now.

The venue gained wider notoriety as it hosted games at the Under 19 World Cup in 2004. Following on from that tournament, the Shaheed Chandu Stadium got its first taste of senior international cricket when Bangladesh hosted Sri Lanka in a One Day International in February 2006.

A test match between the two countries followed less than a month later but, by the end of 2009, it was finished as an international venue. Apparently, transportation is an issue and, if those problems are fixed, the Shaheed Chandu Stadium might just return to the international circuit.

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

Capacity: 18,500

Opened in 2007, the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium slots in on this list with a healthy overall capacity of 18,500. It’s an attractive ground, but it’s another venue that is used less frequently in the present day.

The stadium has, to date, hosted just one test match which saw Bangladesh take on Zimbabwe in 2018. There have been more games in the ODI and T20 international formats, but the Sylhet International Stadium remains on the periphery of cricket in Bangladesh and it may be some time before we see it host another international game.

Sylhet International Cricket Stadium
Sylhet International Cricket Stadium

Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium

Capacity: 15,000

Located in Khulna, the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium was established in 2004 and it has a capacity of 15,000. It’s one of five stadiums that were specially built for the 2004 Under 19 World Cup and it went on to host international cricket at senior level.

It was two years before the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium saw its first major game. In 2006, Bangladesh took on Kenya in a One Day International and there have been tests, ODIs and Women’s ODIs since.

Bangladesh Premier League matches have also been held at this venue and the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium has been home to the Khulna Titans.

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium

Capacity: 22,000

An impressive capacity of 22,000 helps to make the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium one of the most regular locations for international cricket in Bangladesh. This is another venue opened in 2004 with a view to hosting games at the Under 19 World Cup and it continues to be used at senior level.

The first major game to take place here was a one day international between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in 2006. Since then, senior matches in all three formats have been held here. The Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium is based in Chittagong and it is one of the more modern developments among Bangladesh cricket stadiums. You’ll continue to see the ground at the BPL where the Chittagong Vikings are its tenants.

Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium
Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium

New Stadium in Bangladesh – Under Construction

Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium

Bangladesh already has some impressive cricket stadiums, but there is a new venue in the pipeline. The Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium is named after the country’s President and it is scheduled to open in 2026.

Also known as The Boat due to an architectural design, it promises to be the most stunning venue for cricket in Bangladesh, and it’s also set to be the biggest. The capacity of the ground is expected to be 50,000, but there is the possibility of extending this to 70,000.

Once complete, the structure will dwarf all other stadiums in the country and it will boost Bangladesh’s chances of hosting major international tournaments in the future.

Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium
The Boat – Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium

Final Thoughts

Cricket Stadiums in Bangladesh always appear impressive on television and it’s been good to learn a little more about them. The Sher-e Bangla is the one I’m most familiar with, but there is obviously a much wider choice of grounds in the country and now we know what options are available to the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

The plans for the new Sheikh Hasina International Cricket Stadium are exciting and it will be great to see this ground open and in place for major games and tournaments. Hopefully, it will attract the levels of support that will match its significant capacity of 50,000.

They are passionate about their cricket here and Bangladesh fans deserve such a fabulous new stadium to go with their impressive existing grounds.