ICC Trophies – Top Teams with Most ICC Trophies

We all know about the cricket world cups, but what other trophies are made available by the International Cricket Council (ICC)? Here is a list.

International ICC Trophies

ICC Champions Trophy

This is a tournament with a curious history. It’s played in the 50-Over format and was often squeezed into the schedule in years when a World Cup wasn’t being played. It seemed to have been abandoned after the most recent event in 2017, but the ICC Champions Trophy is set to return.

The ICC came up with the idea for a shorter tournament than the World Cup. It was devised with a view to raising much needed revenue for the developing, non-test playing countries around the globe. That’s why the first two events were held in Kenya and Bangladesh respectively.

That initial ICC Champions Trophy took place in Bangladesh in 1998. Subsequent events switched to test playing nations and this became a popular tournament. There were eight editions of the ICC Champions Trophy up to and including the competition in England in 2017.

With so much cricket being played, it was felt that the 2017 tournament would be the last one. However, the ICC have confirmed plans to reinstate the Champions Trophy from 2025 onwards.

Of those eight tournaments, India and Australia won twice. South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies and Pakistan all have one win each.

ICC Cricket World Cup

For anyone who follows cricket, this will be the most famous of all the ICC trophies. The Cricket World Cup was first held in 1975 with eight countries taking part, and the West Indies beat Australia in the final.

Clive Lloyd with the 1975 Cricket World Cup Trophy
Clive Lloyd with the 1975 Cricket World Cup Trophy

There have been changes to the format since. In theory, the tournament should be played every four years, but this isn’t always the case, and there have been adjustments made to the number of teams taking part.

The tournament now adheres to the ODI standard of 50 Overs a side. Prior to the 2023 competition, Australia were the most successful side in the history of the World Cup with five wins. Other multiple champions are India and West Indies who have both won it twice, while Pakistan, Sri Lanka and England have each lifted the trophy on one occasion.

ICC T20 World Cup

This tournament is referred to as the T20 World Cup in order to differentiate itself from the older, 50-over version. With T20 cricket becoming more popular among cricket playing nations, there was a clear need for a global tournament in this format and the inaugural edition came along in 2007.

In theory, the competition should take place every two years, but this hasn’t always been the case as the ICC tried to squeeze the event into a busy schedule. Since that 2007 tournament, there have been eight T20 World Cups, up to and including the 2022 edition.

To date, England and the West Indies are the most successful teams in the history of the T20 World Cup with two wins each. The winners of the other four editions are India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia.

ICC World Test Championship

This is the most recent addition to the list and one that is intended to recognise the best test match team over a two year period. It’s a subject that has been discussed for some time and the ICC eventually found a space on the schedules at the start of 2019.

Nine of the current test teams take part with points awarded for each of the main series that they play. At the end of the league section, the two best performing teams meet in a one-off final.

The first ever World Test Championship was won by New Zealand who beat India in the final. Issues with Covid have affected the scheduling of this competition and this has been the only completed tournament at the time of writing.

ICC Women’s World Cup

The first ever Women’s World Cup predates the men’s version. This tournament was first held in England in 1973 and there has been a total of twelve editions, up to and including the 2022 World Cup in New Zealand.

The schedule is supposed to allow for a women’s World Cup every four years and that tends to be the case where possible. England were the first country to win the tournament, back in 1973, and the country has lifted the trophy on four occasions overall.

Australia are the most successful nation with seven wins, starting from their first victory in 1978. England lifted the trophy on four occasions between 1973 and 2017 while New Zealand, with their success in 2000, are the only other team to have won the Women’s World Cup in its first twelve editions.

Top Teams with Most ICC Trophies

We’ve looked at the history of each event, but who are the most successful teams in the history of ICC competitions?

Who has Won the Most ICC trophies?

The team with the most ICC trophy wins is Australia. They are the most successful team in the history of the 50-Over World Cup and they’ve also won additional ICC titles. They have also dominated the women’s version of the World Cup.

Other teams with multiple victories across all ICC competitions include India, England, Pakistan and New Zealand.

ICC trophies won by Countries

  • ICC trophies won by Australia: Women’s World Cups: 8. Men’s World Cups: 5. Men’s T20 World Cups: 1. ICC Champions Trophy: 2
  • ICC trophies won by India: Men’s World Cups 2, Men’s T20 World Cup: 1, ICC Champions Trophy: 1
  • ICC trophies won by England: Women’s World Cups: 4, Men’s T20 World Cups: 2. Men’s World Cups: 1.
  • ICC trophies won by New Zealand: World Test Championships: 1. Women’s World Cup: 1. ICC Champions Trophy: 1
  • ICC trophies won by Pakistan: ICC Men’s World Cup: 1. ICC T20 World Cup: 1, ICC Champions Trophy: 1
  • ICC trophies won by West Indies: ICC Men’s World Cup 2: ICC Men’s T20 World Cup: 2. ICC Champions Trophy: 1

Final Thoughts

The figures clearly point to the fact that Australia are the most successful team in the history of ICC trophies. It’s worth pointing out, however, that the vast majority of competitions that the International Cricket Council have put in place have been for limited overs matches.

It’s always been easier to have World Cups for 50-Over and T20 cricket. The games are completed in a day and there isn’t the need for complicated and lengthy scheduling. Maybe the introduction of the ICC World Test Championship will help to level things out in the future.

Other cricket playing countries have also enjoyed success in these competitions and their achievements have been noted here. Can they build on those trophy wins or will newer, less established nations start to make an impact?