Top Cricket Magazines in the UK, SA. Australia and India

We all like to read up on our favourite game and there are many cricket magazines available right across the world. Here are some of the best.

Best Cricket Magazines You Should Subscribe To

The Cricketer

The Cricketer was the first cricket magazine I remember reading and I still subscribe to it today. It is a UK based publication but it covers the game comprehensively from all over the world – from county cricket to international matches in all formats. In fact, it proudly claims to be the best selling cricket magazine of them all so there’s plenty to read, no matter where you are based. It also has one of the best club cricket coverage from all the papers on the list.

The magazine was founded way back in 1921 by former England test cricketer Sir Pelham Warner and it’s been notable for having many highly regarded former players among its contributors.

While it may have that long tradition, The Cricketer doesn’t deserve a reputation for being stuffy. It definitely has moved with the times and has empathetically covered the new forms of limited overs cricket.


Wisden Cricket Monthly

Bearing the name of the great Almanack, Wisden Cricket Monthly is a serious monthly magazine. It’s also considered to be the biggest rival to the Cricketer in the UK and I often purchase both publications.

The first issue of Wisden Cricket Monthly appeared in 1979 and it ran on that initial basis until 2003. For a time, it was known as the Wisden Cricketer until reverting back to its original name in the mid-2000s. Like The Cricketer, Wisden Cricket Monthly covers the sport from all over the world but it may have a heavier bias on English County Cricket.

It is, perhaps, a little more modern in its approach to the game and you may see younger writers and current players contributing here.


The Cricket Paper

For those that don’t want to wait a month to read about their favourite sport, the Cricket Paper is the answer. This is a weekly issue and is part of a wider series that also covers rugby and football.

It is printed on paper and is less durable as a result but it’s much more convenient if you want a cricket publication to read when you are travelling.

It isn’t as extensive as the two monthly publications listed above but, because it appears weekly, the Cricket Paper’s news is far more up to date.


The Nightwatchman

The Nightwatchman appears on a quarterly basis and is part of the wider Wisden Group. It comprises a collection of essays and articles from cricket writers that may not have been given a chance to see their work appear elsewhere. Current players may also appear as they look at a future career away from the field.

Because of the way it works, the writing that appears in the Nightwatchman can be a little more irreverent than other publications but it is highly entertaining.


ABC Cricket

The first Australian magazine on this list, ABC Cricket is the best publication if you want to follow all the news Down Under. As part of the wider ABC set up, you can guarantee that it will feature some of the best-known writers and commentators from around the country.

ABC Cricket is very focused on player profiles and it’s perfect for the statisticians amongst us. Its coverage is heavily Australian as you would expect but there’s plenty for all global readers to enjoy.

Inside Cricket

Another publication from Australia, Inside Cricket magazine is probably the better option for those who want to follow news stories from around the world. Aussie cricket gets plenty of column inches but there’s more here for readers in India, the UK, South Africa and beyond.

It still retains expert commentators and well known names and is a thoroughly entertaining read.


ESPNcricinfo’s The Cricket Monthly

ESPN is the best online website for those who want to trace historical statistics while getting the latest scores from cricket matches around the world. Its monthly publication is also heavy in terms of statistics and there are very thorough reports on recent international games.

There is more of an emphasis on Indian cricket in these pages and it’s a must read whenever the IPL comes along. Like all of the great publications on this list, ESPNcricinfo’s The Cricket Monthly carries articles from some of the most respected names in the game. Readers in Asia will be very familiar with its staff list but those contributors will be known all over the world.

SA Cricket Magazine

South Africa’s primary cricket magazine is the perfect publication for those who want to keep up to speed with cricket in this country. There is coverage of international games from around the world but South Africa gets the majority of column inches.

SA Cricket Magazine was established in 1994, shortly after the country was readmitted to international sport. There are some good nostalgia articles from those early days and many of the players who were involved in the 1990s will contribute here.

There isn’t much to read for anyone who wants to take in cricket from other parts of the world but, for something with a South African focus, this is the first choice.


Cricket Today

Cricket Today claims to offer an ode to the wider cricketing world but it’s fair to say that there is a heavy concentration on the Indian game. Every cover picture of every issue that we have picked up has an Indian international player on it.

Despite that, it’s a really entertaining read and there should be something for everyone to enjoy. For those based in India or for anyone who follows the game here, Cricket Today gets very close to those top players and there are key interviews with the likes of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.

Whenever India are playing a national game or if the IPL is taking place, this is the go to publication. Beyond India, there is good reporting on the game in other parts of the world although internationals take precedence over any domestic tournament.